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  1. I'll post a pic of my 1/35 military miniatures collection as well so we can compare...! When I got my first wooden model ship kit, my wife was like..." another hobby?!?" LOL!!!
  2. Hello! Quick question... do you assemble masts/sails/rigging off the hull, or install on the hull and then the rest of the work? Pros/Cons of each appreciated. Also, any good rigging tool kit available? Or what tools do your recommend for a very nice rigging tool kit? Thanks! Jorge
  3. So, the Proxxon mini lathe has arrived... here's my 5am test first impression: Unit is compact, but the feedthrough will definitely help with masts and larger spars Tested it with a 6mm diameter dowel, which will be a small mast; will be reduced to 5mm at bottom of mast and at the top turned down to to 2.5mm diameter. Use the 3-Jax chuck, with the live tailstock (which spins very nicely). Cutting performed with the Proxxon turning tool set, whih performed nicely. My only REAL gripe, however, is the tool rest surface... short, and badly finished, as the to
  4. Small improvements always help as well. For what I purchased tHe unit, I can do a couple Fixes/improvements, and still be under the new price. Got it from a widow that can’t stand to see her husband’s hobby stuff in the house. New, in the box, for $100. Seems he never got to use it, as all the manuals are there, and the chuck in the original package as well. Got a kit as well during the visit.
  5. Found it and ordered, so will be waiting for the same later in July/August (out of stock, and ordered from Germany). Thanks! jorge
  6. I did notice that there is an extension available, but I have only seen it in Australia; I have searched multiple time/ways, but I havent been able to find it anywhere in US... Thanks! Jorge
  7. Hello Gents! Got a sweet deal on a Proxxon DB250 wood lathe, so I pulled the trigger on this unit with the 3 jaw chuck while I save up for a Sherline (which you guys really sold me!). Are there any tips/tricks/mods that can be performed to improve function/added value? Would love to see what you guys can come up with... already saw a stainless steel mod for the tool rest, so this one seems a no brainer to perform... bugger, more stable tool rest. Please, let me know what can be done to improve the unit. Thanks! Jorge
  8. I was jut about to ask if I can saw 1mm or 2mm planks with the saw... any good ripping plank tutorials using your saw out there that you know of? Thanks again! Jorge
  9. DAMN, that looks NICE! Where was I when this showed up??? I am the technical type... why do I have to send the table top? I would've assumed that the top, if bolt off/bolt on, that I could do at home. How much is the extended top? Thanks, Jim! Jorge
  10. Just ordered all of the products for the blackening process as well; will post results plus any observations during the process. Thanks! Jorge
  11. Hello! What is the link for the tutorial? Thanks! EDIT - Never mind... just found it. Thanks again! Jorge
  12. Got the Alert book from Abe Books... used but EXCELLENT conditions; only detail is a sunbleached jacket spine. Other than that, book is basically new; seems to be one of the originals, as the jacket does not have the plans inside... cant beat it for $57 delivered, when compared to new prices. Thanks for the search tips! Regards, Jorge
  13. I was looking at this package... any opinions? Sherline 4410: https://www.sherline.com/product/4400a-dro4410a-dro-package/ And this tool rest for manual work: https://www.sherline.com/product/extended-wood-tool-rest-set/ Now, is there any lever action quick release cutting tool holder? I have seen these on YouTube videos, but can't find it in the Sherline page; maybe a competitor's compatible accessory? Is it a nice to have item, or would it really help? Thank you all! Jorge
  14. Hello Pat! Are those units Central Machine (or Machinery)? I believe I have seen these in Habor Freight or Northern Tool...
  15. Thank you all for your great feedback, and taking the time to provide detailed information. Will definitely keep reading, and asking if it comes to that. And when about to pull the trigger, will advise, with the reason, and see what your feedback is once again. Appreciate it tons! Jorge
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