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  1. Hello All! All sails stitched, and 1st sail completed with bolt rope, if I recall the term correctly. Pics below... please feel free to comment/critique... suggestions always welcome.
  2. Hello All! After much trial and error, first sail build completed! See pics below... feel free to critique. Already removed the ter-away fabric, and looks nice enough... can’t complain much for this first one. now, as soon as it dries, will apply the no-fray liquid, and basically Don, and ready for sewing to the spar. question, though... what type of paint do you use to paint crosses on the sails? again, thank you all for your support and comments!
  3. Well, first formal sail test run performed. Used a Singer "Simple" Sew 3327 in the smallest stitch setting, and a cotton cloth, sort of creamish colored (definitely not white) in order to simulate the aging better when "tinted" with coffee or tea. Used a tear-away fabric with pva (white) glue, placed the sail cloth, and "squeegeed" (sic?) the glue... set aside for drying, and had a nice, flat surface semisolid but flexible material, and great backing for the machine. Gave it the required pases, and the machine performed flawlessly... I was the cuplprit, in
  4. Beautiful build so far; I have this kit in turn for assembly as soon as I finish what I am working on. Regards, Jorge
  5. Success! Played around with top thread tension, and fianlly got the expected results. A little adjustment, and we should be done. Top thread is the beige colored, bottom is the white on the bobbin. I will use the smallest stitch for this particular build, and the thread color will be the camel color. Left the sail cloth material drying on a tear-away fabric with white pva glue so I have a better material feed through the machine. Thanks for all you replies! Regards, Jorge
  6. It can be always looked as a showcase of techniques....!
  7. Hello Allan! Is that a frame you prepared to maintain the cloth taut while the acrylic medium dries? Thanks for your feedback! Jorge
  8. Thank you all for your feedback. Got some tear-away fabric, and glued the sail cloth on it with white (pva) glue, and have it drying nicely on a flat surface... will keep you posted with the results after sewing. Thanks again, Jorge
  9. Hello All! Hope you are all doing well. Quick question... please see image below. Pretty sure I will get the hang of stitching straight lines soon, but for the life of me, I can't get one thing right. I am unable to get a line going on the sali borders, like a hem-type stitch. My question is, should I set/pin the sail on a tear-away fabric of a bigger size, so I can properly run the sail and stitch (pass) thru the machine? NOt sure if I am explaining myself... I am pretty sure that the issue is that the cut sail is too small, and I cannot hol
  10. I'll post a pic of my 1/35 military miniatures collection as well so we can compare...! When I got my first wooden model ship kit, my wife was like..." another hobby?!?" LOL!!!
  11. Hello! Quick question... do you assemble masts/sails/rigging off the hull, or install on the hull and then the rest of the work? Pros/Cons of each appreciated. Also, any good rigging tool kit available? Or what tools do your recommend for a very nice rigging tool kit? Thanks! Jorge
  12. So, the Proxxon mini lathe has arrived... here's my 5am test first impression: Unit is compact, but the feedthrough will definitely help with masts and larger spars Tested it with a 6mm diameter dowel, which will be a small mast; will be reduced to 5mm at bottom of mast and at the top turned down to to 2.5mm diameter. Use the 3-Jax chuck, with the live tailstock (which spins very nicely). Cutting performed with the Proxxon turning tool set, whih performed nicely. My only REAL gripe, however, is the tool rest surface... short, and badly finished, as the to
  13. Small improvements always help as well. For what I purchased tHe unit, I can do a couple Fixes/improvements, and still be under the new price. Got it from a widow that can’t stand to see her husband’s hobby stuff in the house. New, in the box, for $100. Seems he never got to use it, as all the manuals are there, and the chuck in the original package as well. Got a kit as well during the visit.
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