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  1. Here is the ship just finished, the plan was quite flawed
  2. Dear I'm making the same model. I'm currently in the phase of making masts and sails. If you can have some help around the deployment of the yacht rope. A few more detailed pictures. Thank you
  3. Leut is one of the oldest sailboats on the Croatian coast sail It has no speed, but is extremely resistant to strong winds and waves.
  4. Beautiful work full of fantastic details. I learned a lot from your pictures. Thank you for sharing unselfishly.
  5. A fishing boat for hunting sardines at the time when there was no petroleum fire was already burning in front of the bow
  6. Hi Very nice work donrobinson. Last year building same ship, Trabakul from scratch. http://www.upslike.net/image/9FLqV http://www.upslike.net/image/9FxmW http://www.upslike.net/image/9FySU
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