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  1. Hi Oliver feel free to add anything you would like, but may I suggest you start a log of your own, we would all be interested in seeing your Aglis
  2. Thanks Denis...your right there any longer and I think it really would have been petrified wood! I'll definitely be watching your builds, have you started the second log yet?
  3. Thanks Tom...that's a good question, I still have the Pinta to complete, Hummmmm
  4. Thanks much Ed, glad you enjoyed the build, was great to have you support
  5. A couple shots of the ratlines in process nothing to exciting just a bunch of cow and clove hitches And for the moment you've all been waiting for... my I present for your viewing enjoyment... JUMBO THE CLIPPER... I must say for all trouble early on I think this turned out to be a fairly good looking model, . I'm happy with the overall look and glad I decided to change the rigging, both the style and the dimensions. Though I will say I don't think I'll be looking for any more 50+ year old kits anytime soon! I
  6. Whatever the admiral finds on sale...fixed income ya know Port side ratlines are done and stbd side about 1/3 of the way up, shouldn't be long now
  7. I've found that's usually on the way out before you get there...I would of thought two Jumbos would be enough for you while I was building the Hannah a friend kept hinting around that he would like to have it...well they're getting Jumbo
  8. I been on eggshells for the last month I keep tellin' she'll be incarcerated for elder abuse (she's 3 yrs my junior) Nice job on the boom collars the portalls look good too I'm pushin to get Jumbo done this week, as I said early on it's gonna be gifted and I'd like to do that Saturday
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