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  1. Hi all, thanks for the likes...another installment Spent the last couple days focusing on the chainplates and the anchors also finished mounting the ship's boat added some strips to the anchor stocks to simulate banding then painted them out and added rings the ring alone was too thin so some puddening was called for just wrapping in black cotton thread and reinstalled still need to touch-up the paint thanks for looking in that's all for today
  2. Thanks for the likes... This weeks update, still working on little odds and ends First I reattached the billboards the ships boat was cut down and a new stern fashioned...it was way too long, a rudder was constructed and a cradle fashioned for mounting on the deck all painted out and test fit lines will be added to secure it to the deck later Started scratching out the anchors for the arms I first cut small pieces from some curved stock I had in the spares box...not sure of the species and added pins for the shank and shaped them a bit the shanks were made by chucking square walnut in a dremel and turning against sandpaper, I left the top square to mount the stock the stocks are shaped pieces of basswood and the flukes were cut from heavy watercolor paper still have a bit of shaping and sanding to do... also worked on the lower deadeyes for the shrouds this "fixture" allows the deadeye to be held in place with a couple pins while blacked wire is wrapped around it and the pins the pins leave spaces so they can be tacked to the hull when installed Well that's all for now, thanks for looking in
  3. An update of sorts...I'll be away from the table for a week or so, home for fathers day an our anniversary. It wasn't till I posted the pic below in the last update that I noticed the sacrificial anchor rub boards (not sure of the exact nomenclature) were facing the wrong direction...the sweep should face fore not aft...so they have been removed and will be reinstalled going the right direction. I may take the opportunity to weather them a bit prior to the reinstall too. That's it for now...
  4. today's update... mounted the swivel guns the bits of tape you see in the photos are holding the outside edge of each respective chain plate in position so they don]t get mixed up until I can get them mounted...probably next week I decided to mount the main guns...I originally rigged them with blocks but the smallest I had was 2 mm which looked way out of scale, so I stripped then off and just went with the run out tackle and holding lines, may add a few dark spots to simulate blocks...not sure yet rope coils for gun tackle rigged guns. you can start to see some of the light weathering I'm applying as I go in the second shot overall shot of all the deck furniture to this point the for all the likes later
  5. Well done Jack, your use of artists oils has me integrated...may I ask how you prepared them to paint on plastic? Did you have to prep the styrene in any way to get them to lay properly...how did you apply them?
  6. THX for the likes... worked on the swivel guns started with some rolled paper...added some pva to hold the tube together and added bent wire to represent the stock tied on some light line to represent the strengthening rings and added them to the prepared stanchions and added paint stanchions need painted...not yet sure what color though
  7. Finally got a connection...promised pics Chain plates mast cheeks mast tops and booms
  8. Got all the mast and booms tapered, mast tops squared, chain plates are made and mounted... sorry can’t post pics... no internet at all this week. Hopefully latter, and as always thx for the likes

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