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  1. i dry fit some stuff before, these honestly are poorly made by occre, i don't understand why they don't end on the ribs, how hard it would have been to make all those end on top of the ribs instead of just hanging between ribs...
  2. So, i'm still alive had some issues with the phone and didn't like the footage on the replacement phone then i decided i needed a new work bench... wich somehow led to me remodeling, repainting, re-furnituring the whole floor with all that out of the way, here's a update video, assembling the gunports, all this was done a few months ago i still have footage fo a couple more videos that i will be trying to edit soon and sorry for the lack of pictures...
  3. It's a bit more work, but it's not harder, just a few more steps just remmber to test before, saves you some wood, and saves you a lot of sanding
  4. The final look of the deck, here are a few pictures, video will follow in a bit
  5. quick question, these areas should have treenails? thanks in advance for the help
  6. Trial and error as usual, until i got what i was looking for, this is the final look of the deck, planks and treenails missing the caulking, i didn't bother with it on the tests Quite curious to see this on a big surface
  7. Keel and ribs, everything was very straight, no major issues with warping or anything like that, very good fit of every piece Any suggestions regarding the videos are appreciated Also, would it be preferable if i just link the video and post just pictures on the thread?
  8. does anyone know, considering a 1/90 scale, how long should the boards for the decks be?
  9. Nothing much, just the rest of the unpacking Now the build starts...
  10. The time has come to start a new project, while building Robert E Lee i've purchased the Santissima Trinidad from Occre, Occre sells the full kit and the kit divided in 6 packs, wich is what i have aqquired. I also got the Santissima Trinidad cross section kit that i intend to display together at the end and that i will include on this build log. At the moment the idea/goal is to make it heavy weathered, painted, and copper the hull, although plans are always subject to change, and i did considered several other approaches, this is at the moment the plan. As for the kit itself, the quality of the materials is overall good, but we all know that it is lacking in certain aspects, particularly the stern is really quite bad, and overall, it lacks details/decorations, as i go i'll try to adress some of this and hopefully improve on the kit a bit I've also decided to try something new, and i will try to make videos of the construction, here is my 1st attempt Unboxing packs 1 and 2 Hope you enjoy and give me some time to improve my video editing skills Hope you join me on this journey (loooooong journey)
  11. And the finished product, it needs a couple coats of varnish, and i'm working on a simple display case I will take proper and better pictures once this is completed, but here are a few pictures of the final result Thanks for everyone that liked and commented. This one is over, i'll see you guys soon on a new thread.

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