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  1. Model Expo has always been my go-to. I'm in need of several diameters of black line/cording, however Model Expo has theirs on back order. Can someone recommend where to go? TIA
  2. I'm a furniture refinisher by trade. I've tried them all and found DAP Plastic wood filler to be my go to. I've used it to fill gaps in the first planking. It dries quickly and sands baby's butt smooth.
  3. Ahhh lower slower. Fertile breeding grounds for the De state bird, mosquitoes.
  4. Thanks for the welcome. Like I said, I'm not new to this. My completed builds are AS's Swift, Scottish Maid, Constellation, and Mamoli's 1:64 HMS Bounty. I'm easing myself back into this by building the Scottish Maid again. A former cat destroyed the last one. BTW, I love cats. They're delicious!
  5. After a more than 20 year hiatus from building ships, I was asking myself if I wanted to get back into it or start a new photography hobby. Santa made it easy for me by bringing me AL Scottish Maid and a Canon Powershot to chronicle the progress. I haven't touched a kit for a long time, but it should come back to me like riding a bike. Hope y'all had a great Christmas!
  6. I'm new to the group and I come with a question/dilemma. I began building ship models in kit form back in the early 90's. I managed to complete five and have three more under construction. When I retired from the Air Force in '96, I put my hobby away to pursue my new career; furniture refinishing. Here it is 20 some years later and I want to get back into it and finish the models I started. One model in particular is the Rattlesnake by Mamoli. I have all of the fittings etc to finish it, but I can't find the instructions nor the full size plates. John at Model Expo was kind enough to send me t
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