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  1. Although I still have some way to go on the second planking, I have been continuing on the gun ports. One side is now finished and looking good. I have also attached the Transom Stern. I am rather pleased with the look. I am still debating whether to attach dummy canons in the gun ports on the Stern. I still have the whole port side to do, but I am pleased with my progress so far. I know I should definitely have finished the second planking before progressing this far - I am hoping to get to a point where I cannot continue without finishing the planking, and therefore force myself to get it done!! Perhaps if I ban myself from anything else till the planking is done I will get on with it - but I recon I would just put the model down for a month instead - HAHA. I will finish it - I wont be able to stand it not being done to perfection! anyway, here she is so far. I plan to plank at least some of the port side next since I cannot really do the canon holes (windows) until it is done. hopefully I will have an update for you soon.
  2. I have done so, much work on the ship since my last post and apologise for not having written anything in such a long time. Cathead: your advice was great. I finished the first layer of planking and then attached my newly made (with my newly acquired band saw - a steal from ebay). It fitted well and I am pleased with the final result. I am now about a third of the way through the second layer of planking which is going much better than the first, giving me hope that I wont need any filler and can varnish, or wax the hull keeping it natural. I have also made my first canon hole (or port). I couldn't resist. Again I am really happy with the finished look - especially the contrast between light and dark wood. I still have a long way to go, but it is exhilarating to have made it this far. what you said about treating each plank as its own mini project really helped me celebrate the achievement of each piece added, rather than despair that one piece had managed to take so long to do. it is a very encouraging way to approach the project as a whole. There is still a long way to go, and I now have about 3 separate mini projects on the go, but I am loving the experience and the journey.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I am afraid I didn't take any photos early on. I didn't realise how much help I would need, or how helpful progress photo's would turn out to be. I also didn't dry fit the stem before planking which also doesn't help. It is a lesson learned and certainly something I will take into any future build - as well as 'slow down', I jumped in head first and am now reaping the fruits of my impatience. I think the only real solution is for me to follow your advice and fashion a new stem. I will make a scrap stem first from off cuts and then, once happy with the shape, make the final piece. I have started the second planking - the planking strips are essentially a veneer, measuring less then 1mm thick, but it should hide my mistakes and make the hull look much nicer. I am also taking much more time on each strip trying to ensure tight 'seams', 'joins'...? Hopefully in a couple of weeks or so it will be done and I can put the stem on - so I have plenty of time to make one I am happy with and if need be order some nice wood to cut the final piece out of. I will show you some pics once I have done some more on the build.
  4. The plans do not seem to be that detailed .... It basically just say to glue it but doesn't address the fact that it wasn't ever going to fit since it is a different curve to the 'frame'. the picture on the next page is also a little useless. It shows the finished look, but no information on how to get there.
  5. I have been trying to plan ahead so as not to make any dumb mistakes as I go along and I was looking at attaching the keel - I have been wondering whether to attach the keel before I do the second planking or after and I discovered that the keel doesn't seem to fit the shape of the hull. I assumed the fault was mine but as you can see in the picture below it was never going to fit. If I remove the excess wood along the line I drew below the keel will be too weak and flimsy I was wondering about cutting into the planking and insetting the keel - I wasn't sure id this was the way it was supposed to be done anyway or if this was just an ok fix? I have also been debating making a new one but cannot even begin to start that process until I figure out how I am going to install it. In the videos I have seen online the keel is already on the model when they start planking so I cannot get inspiration from them.
  6. Thank you for the advice 'Cathead' - I will certainly look into "spile"ing? the planks. It is a shame I didn't know to do this when I started. I guess I was so excited I just jumped straight in and then realised there is a lot of planning involved!
  7. I have decided to take a little break from Planking. I have not even finished the first layer of planking, which makes it seem like the task will never finish - I have decided instead to switch to making the canons - ensuring that the task will not be finished anytime soon. A mini break form planking will be welcome break but I don't want to put off the rest of the planking for too long or I might never return to it. Here I am with my tools and bits all set up..... and here is the finished product... 1 down, 13 to go. I wont lie - it took much longer than I thought to make just one canon but I love the finished product. Hopefully with practice I will become more proficient at making them. I had been trying to decide whether to leave them as brass or whether to paint them. In the end I decided that since I am not painting the boat but am varnishing the natural wood, it would look somewhat out of place to paint the brass in the canons. I am already thinking ahead to my next build saying to myself that I will paint the canons in that ship to be period specific but for now the look I am going for is natural wood and 'natural' brass. I have tried to make sure the barrel remains movable so that I can adjust the height of the canons depending on the height of the canon ports. I was also wondering about buying 2 brass Dummy Barrels to place in the rear of the ship. There are 2 gun ports which I could keep open and have the dummy's coming out of. I haven't seen any photo's of modellers who have done this with this particular ship which could mean I do it and get an original and distinctive look - or it could mean that there is a reason this hasn't been done!
  8. I have been trying different methods of bending the wooden planks. I have use an iron and clamps to try and get an upward bend/curve on the planks, and then the heating iron to curve it around the hull. Not sure it is the correct way but it seems to be getting the job done. I am also not sure the hull is supposed to bend upwards - not sure how that happened and looking at it, I am not sure whether there is any way I can fix it. This ship may end up looking really odd but it is a fun learning curve. I also discovered that the table melts a little when you leave an iron on it for too long...
  9. I was hoping to leave it as real wood and to varnish it - but that will depend heavily on the quality of the second planking. It is comforting to know that in the worst case scenario I can hide my mistakes under a layer of paint
  10. I went to the shed to do some work on the ship and have just realised I am a plank short of a picnic. One plank short 😔. I went to order some more but I cannot seem to buy Sapele anywhere in the UK. I did some research and Sapele is also known as "African Mahogany", would I be able to use a strip of mahogany instead??? Is this a reasonable substitute? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi guys, I was advised to create a build log and so here goes... I am kinda happy with the deck - although I kind of wish you could make out the individual planks more: I snapped the bit off the front which I will need to fix but that should be simple enough - i just hope the glue I use is strong enough to allow the planks to be attached to it without it snapping again. I have completed the first layer of planking and have sanded down - although I want to give it another good sanding before I move on. Then I will start building up the Bulwarks. I thought I would get away with only a very little filler but it seems more white than red. Non the less I am pleased and relieved to have done as well as I have....
  12. PietFriet - that is exactly the look I was hoping to achieve - thank you - Matt finish water based it is. Thank you
  13. Thank you all for replying - I will start a build log, but it's not going to be anything like some of the truly impressive logs I have already seen on this site. To call myself a novice is offensive to novices but I hope to have some pictures soon.
  14. Forgive me if this question seems really dumb. I am building my first ever model ship. I thought it might keep me occupied during lockdown. I have finally finished planking the "lower" hull (before the next lighter wooden planks are added). my question is, should I stain the darker wood now, before adding the lighter wood? in fact, should I stain it at all? What happens if I just leave it as natural Sapele and then varnish the whole thing. I just have no idea at all what I am doing. But its fun... and there are so many things I would do differently so its a great and steep learning curve. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  15. Firstly the build look great. I am replying to your post hoping that somehow you read it. I have just brought the same ship kit - USS Enterprise, and I also don't have the instruction booklet. I have tried buying it from ebay, and everywhere else and while searching the web I stumbled upon this thread and I was hoping perhaps you could help me?
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