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  1. I am a little lost.... I have been trying to make the Foremast according to the plans. This is what I have so far. I know it doesn't look like it but it is actually the same length as the plan. It just wasn't on a flat surface when I took the photo. what I don't get is which blocks need to be attached to it and where and how. Do I use hoop pins and thread, and drill it in, or do I wrap around the mast. What are the circles I keep seeing. The instructions seem to assume I understand the plan - unfortunately I neither understand the plan or how sailing ships work. I have taken photos of the plans and will include them in this post what I assume are rope lines don't attach to anything. They draw half the line and leave the rest to my imagination - which is a dangerous thing to do! here are some close ups - although that didn't seem to help my understanding at all. I am sorry for the orientation of the images. I did rotate them on my pc before posting but they seems to have rotated back and I cant seem to change it. I know this may be obvious to some but I cannot seem to make head or tails of this and I want to make sure I have made the mast correctly before I start to install it since adding blocks and hoops and stuff to the mast will be really hard once I get started on the rigging. here is what the instructions say to do Forgive me If I am being really dim, I just want to make sure I know what I am doing before I progress. Thank you and sorry this is yet another mammoth post.
  2. I have been ploughing ahead with the build and have completed the Bowsprit. I saw the someone had used an electric drill and sand paper to paper their masts and so I tried this approach and was really impressed with the results.... and also surprised at just how hot the sand paper got. It felt like it would burst into flames at points and I decided to take regular breaks to let it cool down. I have seen some logs for the USS Enterprise where they have added a lot of detail to the bowsprit and masts which are not in the plans or instructions, and although this makes the model look seriously impressive, I am not yet confident enough to start deviating from the instructions just yet. Perhaps in future builds. I read in a different log about a guy using a "helping hand" thing while doing the rigging and so I brought one. It has been a real help... I completed the bowsprit and it looked odd. Turns out I had done the rigging all wrong and so I dismantled it, added some eyes to the hull and re did all the rigging. I don't have any photo's of the failed attempt but here is the completed bowsprit. Hopefully I wont find any more problems that I need to redo. I took "GrandpaPhil's" advice and ran the thread through beeswax and the effect is great. It was also so much easier to thread and work with. I used some furniture bees wax I had in the cupboard but I have a tailors device arriving tomorrow which will be even easier to apply. My next task is to start work on tapering the masts. I saw a cool idea for a jig allowing you to file the square bits of the mast with relative ease and so I think I will construct one.
  3. Thank you this is really very informative and a fantastic resource. It is great how much you can learn about sailing ships through the process of building a model.
  4. Thank you. I was at Sam's house today helping Michele clear out the shed and I found 2 pieces of Mahogany which he had saved for something. I have taken them and I plan to make a stand for Sam's ship out of Sam's wood. It seems very fitting indeed.
  5. I have been working on the anchors. Having painted and assembled them I temporarily attached them to the cathead as shown below, I know there is meant to be another brass hoop, which has the anchor rope attached to it and I will get to that in a minute... My first question is, when the anchor is tied to the side of the ship, what type of know should I use and how should it look. Do I tie the rest of the rope to a belaying pin, or does it hang loose. The photo in the instruction's isn't particularly clear and I have tried to google it - and to search specifically for the answer on this forum, but haven't found it yet. I was pleased with the way I attached the rope from the cathead to the belay pin. I know the rope coil should somehow be in front of the pin, but that confused me too. And lastly - this is turning into a mammoth post - the thread provided in the kit looks terrible, it is frayed and ugly. I was wondering about trying to run it through a wax candle or something - I tried a lighter but I just set it on fire 😞 . I have some wood wax if that would work. Or is it a lost cause and I just need to buy some new thread. If so what type so that I don't end up with the same problem? Thank you in advance
  6. Thank you all for your support. It has been greatly appreciated. I wasn't sure whether I would want to, or be able to finish her and so I went into the garage the other night to clear her away and tidy up. My plan was to put her safely into a cupboard so that she didn't get damaged. Many hours later the canons were safely on the deck... it seemed the safest place for them.... . I know Sam would have wanted me to finish her and it will be lovely to remember him with it. Once again Thank you
  7. I had been rushing through this project a little, desperate to finish it in time.... It was bought in part to give me something to do during lockdown (and I had always wanted to build a ship), and in part to be a gift for a very good friend of mine. I took my time to choose the ship - although I missed the part about researching the instructions and company. Instead I focused on where the ship was from and the significance it would have from my friend (Sam). A few months ago Sam was diagnosed with leukaemia and told he wouldn't make it till Christmas. I began to race through the build, still wanting it to be as good as possible for him and resenting any mistake I made since it postponed the final completion. This afternoon Sam died, and with him my momentum and passion for the build. I was speaking to him just yesterday questioning whether I should show him a photo of the build or wait until all the canons and grates were on the deck. I made the mistake of waiting and so Sam will never see the ship I started for him. I am not sure how to return to the build after this... I don't even know if I want to. The ship was always his in my mind. Thank you all for your support over the past few months. I don't know when I will post again.
  8. I am very much in awe of your achievement. It is stunning. I cannot understand anyone would be "trolling" you for it. It is certainly an achievement worth being proud of. I cannot wait to see her when she is finished.
  9. well, after a couple of hours (watching a fascinating documentary on Pirates on Netflix in the background) Here is the first canon in place. I am sure I would have gotten it in place much sooner but the documentary was really very interesting. only 13 more to go
  10. Thank you for the advice. I have get what your saying about the blocks and have turned them around. I have only made 14 so far but that is enough for tonight. I have a comparison photo below and the space saved will make the overall effect much better. Sorry for the whitewashed photo - I didn't even have a flash on but for some reason it came out looking like this. Thank you also for the advice about kit review threads - I will start researching ready for my next acquisition 🙂
  11. I have started working installing the canons onto the deck. I have seen a method of attaching the pulleys but am hopeless at soldering and so I have adapted it. Here is my trial run Although I class it as a success I later discovered that because the gap between the single and double block and the hoop was so long it meant that the 2 blocks (the one one hull and the one on the canon) were almost touching each other and therefore I lost the effect I was trying to create. I am going to give it another go to try and get the authentic look I am hoping for. I know that it should really have a metal hook on the block attached by rope, as shown in the image below - but I feel this would only exacerbate the issue I already have and increase the distance between the 2. I am already using smaller blocks then were provided with the ship (the plans call for a 5mm and a 3mm block to be used) but this would look ridiculous! I think the method is sound and hopefully my next try will yield a better result as I aim to make it a few millimetres smaller.... and then repeat 56 times 😉
  12. Cathead - for my next ship (whenever I get to it) could you suggest a manufacturer who's instructions are good and easier to follow. I intend to finish this ship to the best of my abilities, but am already planning ahead to my next. I am hoping to have a fleet built to the same scale of 3 or 4 ships of different sizes and styles. I was thinking of something like the HMS fly or similar - working my way up to a frigate
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