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  1. stuglo


    Built with full use of Bob Hunt's Practicum
  2. Excellent work. Thanks for the many helpful tips and inspiration
  3. This is a masterclass. For oldies like me who have no ability/knowledge of CAD, does anyone know of a source/way of obtaining plans that have used this and can go straight to printing and applying to the wood?
  4. I used the self adhesive copper tape on the Charles Morgan 1/2X1/4 in. with overlaps on all 4 sides -with I think, good results and no need for "dimples". The tape can be purchased in variety widths and colours. I used copper plates on the Diane and Agamemnon, more difficult ,gluing and cutting, but felt the larger scale needed it. It requires careful cleaning up to avoid patchy "ageing" . The Dane I left to age by itself, the Aggie ( after much research) I decided to treat with urine applied carefully by brush. After 3 years the result looks the same (ps luckily MY urine because once I forgot not to lick the brush)
  5. for very fine brushes, try the local beauty/cosmetic supply stores. Here at least they are very cheap, useful and for practical purposes as good as specialist modelling brushes at a fraction of the cost.
  6. something else - see to the end and marvel
  7. I think this may be of interest and widen horizons- I am in awe at the skill and patience
  8. Amazingly good, truly professional work and so kind to share with us. An Inspiration.
  9. just found your building log. Very impressive diligence and skill. Obviously a natural and I will keep an eye out so that I can learn from you as I do from many others on this site. Keep at it. current - Hannah scratch build
  10. As a man married for 45 years who built a (plastic kit) Bentley on his honeymoon, may I suggest that the wife doesn't need to know the cost of a kit, just let her see the therapeutic effects of the building process.
  11. I would go for the San Felipe,Panart. It was my 3rd build (after the the Corel Victory). The smaller boats are often more difficult and though cheaper, the materials are often inferior and difficult to work. Also, the preformed wooden parts are often more trouble due to their inaccuracies. The many blogs on this site for similar ships can guide you as well as the technical articles published.Also The Period Ship Handbook 3 by Keith Julier deals with this (I only bought the book after the build) The finished model is good on the eye and will teach you many techniques for use in subsequent builds. Not cheap, but in terms of hours of satisfaction, if not pleasure, its value for money. Power tools can wait, research, thought and asking for help will get you there. Good luck
  12. I would very much like some extra details to build a similar device ( I like your steamer but cowardice leads me to continue with a kettle with occasional hair drier -for which I no longer need for its proper use!)
  13. What a wonderful "community" where a newbie feels free to ask and others give of their time and experience to help .( and when we all can learn alternate ways to do things). Two small points- my current build, Hanna, is the first I used "wipe-on poly" / I find it very good for larger, simple areas, but not so successful with a brush. Previously I used teak oil . Incidentally I was never happy with imitating caulking, but by oiling both hull and deck planking, the effect was obtained. PS your do-it-yourself tools are clever and I certainly will try and copy the flexible vice.

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