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  1. I can buy different formulations- time to setting being the main difference. Also age has a significant effect (? evaporation or concentration or contact with air- I don't know). I usually buy 1 litre at a time (a couple of years worth) and transfer it to 100 ml squeezey bottles. There is a significant "thickening" of the glue and shortening of "catch" time within a couple of months.
  2. The author of the fantastic "Hornblower " naval novels, set against the Napoleonic wars
  3. You've taught me a lot. But I'm greedy. Please keep posting whenever possible. (That fluting- stupid of me not to have thought of it )
  4. Just watched "Greyhound" - a new movie about the atlantic convoy 1942. Superb. Must see.
  5. Many thanks for the above lesson. I bought my Proxxon less than a year ago, but the learning curve (by myself) is slow. Other illustrated tips would be very welcome. Meanwhile, another problem. When using this head vertically, that is the piece is horizontal, even minimal pressure from the milling bit causes the piece to "dip" and results in an oval rather than a round effect. I could use a lathe but I have a very crude one and milling a rotating part can be useful. I thought to support the free end but can't think how. Any help appreciated.
  6. I'm disappointed with the 3 jaw dividing attachment as I have not found a way to central a non round piece. Can anyone advise? Also I checked these on these accusize vices and the advantage isn't obvious to me if I use an X-Y-Z table- please could you explain
  7. I've used mine for over 8 years . As Jim says, mount with jig, ruler and stop, and repetitive cuts, deck planks for example, can be reproduced 6 or 7 at a time . Single cuts can be produced quickly and accurately. Those in the USA should appreciate how cheap they can obtain such tools, (Good luck to them). Even at 3 times the price (I paid) very worthwhile.
  8. Judging by the size, when you add the bowsprit etc. you will need a building "island"to work from, as well as a high chair, long arms and nerves of steel. Sincerely, the best of luck.
  9. So tempting, but I estimate would need at least 3 years for this. With 4 projects already on list, I think this would be a build too far. But who knows.
  10. I agree, but there are places that model paints are not always available. I use acrylic craft diluted with Windolene or medical alcohol (as opposed to medicinal alcohol)as a substitute. An orbital sander works as a great mixer/agitator.
  11. Some of us (non americans) will find the the hand gesture inappropriate- was it really like this?
  12. beautifull. Decision not to copper so right with such superb planking. Almost a pity I made Diane and Agamemnon and present Bow section, because this kit is now so tempting seeing the great job you are doing.

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