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  1. I have a selection of the larger tools. The course ones take stuff off pretty quickly and enthusiasm must be curbed. The fine ones wear-out quicker than I hoped . Also the corners, such as gunports , are round and require knife or regular file. They save time but sometimes this is undone by repairs for excessive removal
  2. Silly question- how do you insert those t-shaped pins. I have them and even with drilled holes they dont lend themselves to a knock with a hammer or simple push
  3. Really work to a high standard. Had my eye on this kit many years ago but others took priority.
  4. such talent. such beautiful work. thank you for sharing
  5. This looks really useful, but my head is at busting point trying to handle a band saw. Booked marked for later- at least post corona.
  6. Apropos prison and other closed communities and our hobby, there used to be a commonly used expression when I was a child "worse things happen at sea". Maybe not anymore. Again the mantra - hygiene and space and don't drive yourselves mad with miracle cures or latest rumors. Be well and have a good weekend
  7. I hope that us older guys will be around to look back and see the historical effect of all this. For the present, appreciate what is really important, follow the OFFICIAL medical advice, and pray.
  8. I know the feeling about lack of patience but you have done pretty well. I'm a 70year old ADD (my wife just says its childishness). May I suggest that the problem of colour run can be mitigated when you put on the bands (the proper word escapes me) of wrapped thread or simulated iron bands. Also attachment of various rigging may hide this. I hope this assuages some anxiety because I have been known to obsess about such things.( PS. count 10 before reacting to a nonbuilder saying its "only a model!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  9. Beautiful work but where were you when I needed you when I struggled with my Oneida 6 years ago and wasn't even aware of this site. You inspire and will help others
  10. For my part, I am a 70year old doctor.I decided today to stop seeing patients (I can, as I work in partnership with my daughter, and can do most work online and digitally) . Nobody really knows the future, but probably 60-80% of public will be effected. The young are OK (unless otherwise unhealthy) but over 70's possibly have a mortality of 10% plus. The possibility of infection rises exponentially with the number of cases in the area and level of contact. Its almost impossible to diagnose clinically especially in earl stages or with the mild,younger cases. Therefore its common sense to severely restrict potential contacts including physical surfaces. This is not to scare you but to minimise risks and at the end of the day get to finish those projects already underway and planned. That's right- remember what's important in life. It is also to be noted how a common interest such as our hobby, transcends differences and division on our tiny planet. Keep well, don't be overly distracted especially while using a sharp blade or powertool .
  11. Just to rub salt into the wound, we pay a tax (vat)-17%, on personal imports over $75 INCLUDING postage!!!!! I need to import kits,wood,electric tools etc. Its lucky my wife doesn't ask the cost of these. BUT, the hobby is worth every penny (cent). So please reduce the temptations. May you all keep well in this Virus situation.
  12. Thank you but please no more!! I have no self control and even though the book is obviously cheap. postage costs me 35$ !!!!. Of course I bought it.
  13. Thanks for input. I have decided against the proxxon . BUT decision now between Wen 3939 or Skill 3386!! (difficult to believe I bought in last year proxxon milling and thicknesser tools with relatively little anguish)
  14. I thank you all but i'm finding that "a little learning is a dangerous thing". Each article, tip, internet reference bounces me between options. I know that whatever the choice- it will be the wrong on. At the risk of irritating you further, let me say that it falls between the proxxon with a smaller table and lack of fence, and the 9in. Wen with fixed speed, ? weaker motor and alleged difficulty in setting-up. I welcome comments and advice. (p.s. the educational videos are really good)

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