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  1. Hi Jim, I experienced the same issue with mine, I just ran the planks over and attached them to the counter, which I know is correct now and then filled in the gaps with some scrap wood. The problem went away once I rounded to the side of the hull. JJ
  2. Alright guys, back on track. redid the counter planking and finished the first layer of whales. Happy with the results so far, crisis averted. A few fairing issues to sort in the back but that shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks Rusty for your assistance with the counter and Chuck for supplying me with another set of planks. I will start sawing some more wood next week and begin moving forward with the upper planking. JJ
  3. Hi Fred, I work as an engineer on a private motor yacht so I’m building in the engine room, I have a vac always running when I’m cutting or sanding to keep the dust down. Im just not as good as other folks on here at planking so I want to take necessary precautions, I’m also cutting my planks a bit thicker to allow a bit more sanding than average. JJ
  4. Thanks Rusty, I really dropped the ball on this one. I’m going to redo the counter planking and start over. Your counter is actually where I spotted my error, I need to throw away anything I have under 200 grit at this point as I only get myself in trouble with it. JJ
  5. Thanks Ben, that’s kind of what I’m thinking as well. I will have to order some additional stern planks as redo this area. JJ
  6. Before I get too carried away on a planking binge, I’m slightly concerned with the landing of the planks at the stern. Chuck, you or anyone else’s thoughts? I’m happy with the rest of the run so far. I’m concerned I may have to do the transom again? Thanks, JJ
  7. Thanks Rusty, I have a feeling that’s going to be a massive help. That actually looks like a commercially available product? thanks, JJ
  8. Thanks Chuck. What exactly do you mean by feather board? Just something to hold the plank that’s being cut, down? It seems as you get close to the end of the cut the large board wants to dive into the blade and then it screws up the next cut. By the way, what blade are you all cutting with? Thanks, JJ
  9. Finally got some lumber nailed to the side of this thing. Good thing this is going to have another layer over the top, there’s going to be just a little filling at the bow. How are you guys ripping your planks? Are you setting the rip fence once and just pushing the block through or are you moving the fence each time? I need to perfect ripping yesterday! JJ
  10. Thank you Jim, much appreciated. I’ve been stalling for bit but plan to get some planks on this week. JJ
  11. I got the stern planking in today, it turned out pretty decent, ive sanded it and it’s ready for WOP, speaking of which, what’s the popular choice for WOP? Also has anyone had this much planking hang over the frames? Is this indicative of taking too much material off? JJ
  12. Thanks Chuck, I’m happy with how it’s coming along, really enjoying this build.

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