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  1. I wasn’t going to paint my panels white but that really pushed me in the other direction after seeing yours. Wow! JJ
  2. Seeing you and Chris develop models with your cutters shows how valuable they are. It would be nearly impossible to move a prototype through that quick without one.
  3. Thanks Chuck, Ron and Matt for the comments and all the likes. Matt, I find that If there is sandpaper, glue and sticks laying around I make sanding tools on the fly, I end up having hundreds of these little things laying around. I guess it’s easier to make them rather than keep track of them. But it’s very easy to tailor them to nooks and crannies that conventional tools can’t reach.
  4. I’ve just decided that sanding the outer hull is much more enjoyable than the inner. With that being said I’ve completed 80% of the port side with a rough sanding. The planks went down as Chuck prescribed, the only deviation I made aside from the month long lighting project was to glue the plank under the gunports down first to establish the correct run for the other three rows, the lowest 7/32 plank went in last which was a little bit harder to accomplish, the second layer will go down much easier. I Also got to poke around with the laser panels to see how much work I have ahead of me a
  5. Thanks Guys, started the spirketting yesterday. Hopefully churn out some Planking this week! JJ
  6. Looking good Kevin. I built Dorade about 10 years ago and what a fantastic kit it is. Dorade is one of my favorite yachts. She still races to this day and is still quite a competitive boat for her class. I’ve seen her several times and even raced against her in a classics regatta. Enjoy the build. JJ
  7. I think I need one of these... should be able to work it in next to my Winnie.
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