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  1. Wow! Stunning work Chuck. I can’t plank my deck fast enough now. I think I’ll go for the extra credit on the jeer bits! Lol
  2. Back on the wagon again with my Winnie, it’s been too long. Got all the coamings completed along with gratings. Everything is in place and I’m almost ready to start lining off for planks. I’m not too happy with my stove base, its finish turned out ok but it warped really bad when I glued it down, I think I’m going to have to remove it and start over again. Somehow I messed up with the forward subdecks and had to deviate outside of the etched lines increasingly as I worked forward, I used a tight line to constantly check my centerline when glueing parts down, I ended up being about 1-1.5mm off
  3. There are no 3-D models of the Olympic class available commercially. Titanic honor and glory probably owns/developed the most accurate version in existence but they are not going to just hand that over and probably wont even sell rights to it. Building a 3D model will require detailed 2D drawings of the ship and a powerful 3D program to produce it with many many hours of modeling. JJ
  4. Looks good Ron! I think I need that saw blade for mine. Cuts look really clean! JJ
  5. Beautiful model Matt! Your choice of wood and finish is stunning! regards, JJ
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