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  1. Thanks guys, appreciate it. having a slight regression on the model currently, should work out ok though. JJ
  2. Very nice! I think I need one of those. Looks like you assembled it? DIY cnc table? JJ
  3. Thanks guys, but most of the credit needs to go to the University of Chuck! I’m just following directions. JJ
  4. Thanks for the likes and comments guys. Moving onto the transom tonight, have a few corrections to make back there before I can proceed, should smooth afterwards. JJ
  5. The stbd side was indeed a struggle, I won’t get into it too much but there was a lot of printing going on and some additional scraping and possibly some vocabulary, but it all worked out. Starting the transom this week and hoping to finish up chapter three within a couple weeks. JJ
  6. Sent an email Thursday, just waiting for a reply of some sort. I guess I’m ok with the two month plan, I’ll probably stay productive that way.
  7. Yes, sand right To where they intersect. Otherwise the outer shell Won’t fit right.
  8. It took me forever to get through the gunports, it’s worth it though. Go slow and just redo anything you don’t like. JJ
  9. I can’t remember which covers get painted, the inside or the outside but check before you replace any. JJ
  10. Thanks Chuck, I probably will wait longer then. Seems there’s always some kind of sanding going on nearby the model. She’s going to get a case right away.
  11. Thanks Matt. no actually they are not installed on the q-galleys yet but I plan to do it very soon. The roof tops are also still loose. I won’t glue those on or the windows probably until I finish fairing the insides, that way I can clean the q-galleys out prior to sealing up. JJ
  12. Thanks for the Likes and comments guys! Hoping to get started on the stbd side tonight, I always Find the second side harder to do as you have to replicate everything as close as possible so a lot more measuring/worrying/double checking goes on. JJ
  13. So I pretty much finished up the port side tonight aside from a few minor details. Scraped and fit the lower moldings and Added some WOP, that stuff really brings out a pretty color on the boxwood that looks great with the cedar. I’ve had constant anxiety for the last week thinking about how to get these mouldings on perfectly parallel and keeping with the sheer line and it just dawned on me about two hours ago to just clamp on a plank that perfectly follows the middle moulding and simply glue on from there. Seemed to work pretty well. Hope someone else can find it useful when they a
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