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  1. She’s looking good Fred, so much learned on chapters 1-2. What are you going to do with W1? JJ
  2. Thanks Fred, I actually couldn’t resist in a few places and it caused me some trouble, namely the stern post area, I got them too thin in some areas and I had to actually separate them from the former and space them out a pinch to prevent them from hiding too far behind the stern post. I found the temptation came from the uncertainly of how the planks would look and if they required replacing it would be much easier to do without planks surrounding it. just about wrapped up and ready to start chapter three, but it’s vacation time now! I feel good about my stopping point. JJ
  3. Thank you Chuck and Mike I’m happy with how she turned out but I also learned a lot this first go around and will do a few things Differently the next time. Definitely going to take the next step and line off the hull next time. Got her flipped over today and built a stand using the ply from the bulkheads. Did some clean up on the top sides, fitted the figure head and added some poly to the top sides. Wrapping up the loose ends from chapters one and two and looking forward to starting chapter three very much. JJ
  4. Thanks Chuck and Rusty. i started a mad sanding storm today and managed to get one coat of WOP on her below the wales, I’ll let it dry overnight and sand again the spots I missed then go over with 400 grit before flipping her over and finishing the top sides, stem and stern post.
  5. Thanks Chuck and Rusty! The Winnie is definitely a Turning point in my model building career, I won’t be looking back again. Quite the step up In all aspects from building regular kits. Very excited to flip her over and start on chapter 3. JJ
  6. Thanks for the comments guys. Matt, there was no real reasoning behind the last strake, I just planked the first two belts down and then started from the garboard up. I did plank one more down from the upper belts (2nd belt) to set up a smooth run for the last two strakes, I Then double checked my tick marks again to make sure nothing would look too funky with the last strake. I just had to spend a lot of time on the last strake, slowly sanding and test fitting several times until each piece fit perfectly, once the piece fit well I just charred the edges and glued it down, it actual
  7. Today was a milestone, I finally finished the stbd side planking. It’s still in its raw state and will require much sanding before I can treat it and get it looking tidy. Quite a learning curve from previous planking jobs but the results are infinitely better. Onto the port side and hopefully chapter 3 soon. JJ
  8. Tough call Rusty, can you place all three samples on your deck to give a better idea? JJ
  9. Wow! What cnc machine are you using? Outstanding work! JJ
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