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  1. Looks really nice Kevin, this kit clearly has lots of potential beyond the box. Maybe you’ll inspire Tom to offer or include the lower decks. JJ
  2. Looks really sharp Chuck! Amazing work! I need to uncrate my Winnie and get back to work soon. Sorry about your abduction, can you order a new mini you?
  3. That looks really nice Fred! Your hinges worked well and they look good opened.. I had similar issues with mine and they just required some gentle persuasion. Your guns look wonderfully executed! I will definitely be referencing your log when I get to this point. JJ
  4. Have you used sketchup for hull design at all? I’ve never tried it. I do have a hull developing and hydrostatics plug in for rhino that really streamlines this process.
  5. Matt, I actually elected to stay with my current owner, I’ll probably end up on another boat. Problem is I may not have the same size cushy workshop again. There may be plans to temporarily invade the kitchen table soon.
  6. That looks awesome Chuck! out of curiosity, even though the forward gunports are typically closed, would there have been guns up there or did the ports serve another use? Same with the aft most ones?
  7. Thanks Rusty and Glenn. looking forward to some more updates on your Winnie, Rusty. Glenn, your cheerful is a delight on the eyes, can’t wait to see your Winnie get going. I finished up chapter 5 last week, took care of the rest of the gun ports and the small stuff which is a convenient stopping point as my mobile shipyard has sold to new owners so my tools and supplies are packed and my Winnie is crated up in a wonderful smelling custom pine box. Hopefully I’ll get back to her soon, but In the meantime I’m working on developing another project for the future, HMS Portland 1770, a 50 gun 4th rate at 1:48. I’m aiming for the Joseph marshal painting, similar to how the Winnie is built. I’m hoping to get the hull surfaced soon and the basic structure and framing built. JJ
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