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  1. After this, I started gluing all the cannons on the lower deck. I also went a bit further and added some thread to simulate the ropes that hold the cannons in place in real life. This is something Constructo doesn't say in their instructions but I recently saw it in a build log and I liked the idea so I tried it and the result is pretty neat. I have also glued the "false" cannons. I still have to glue the thread to the walls of the gunports. I also have glued the grating and I made some holes to glue eye bolts in order to attach some rope to hold the lifeboat which sti
  2. Hello everyone! I am still making progress on my Flore. Now the rudder is already glued with its brass hinges. Here you can see some photos.
  3. Thank you very much Bill, gthey were a lot of work but at the end it pays off!!
  4. I am now closer to finish the hull. I have glued the stern, the sternpost and I have cut and glued the keel. I had to sand down the sternpost a little. After this, I also glued 3 whales on each side of the ship. I thought they were too many as they were 4cm width, but now I have placed them, it looks great. The next and almost last step is to make and put the rudder blade. I think that with this, I would have finished the hull and I could start populating the lower deck with the canons and so on, and also the upper deck.
  5. Here you can see that I drilled all the gunports. 15 on each side. Pretty easy task but has to be made carefully. The most tedious part is sanding them to be a perfect rectangle. Here you can see the process. I used painters' tape to draw where each one should go, then I drilled them and with the Exacto knife I cut the hole and with the file I sanded it to make a perfect rectangle. Once I did this, I drilled holes to hold the small cannons that don't have carriages.
  6. At the same time, I started making various decorations that go on the deck for example this cabin. Also the cannons. I made the gun carriages and then added the canons and the brass wheels. Then I varnished the canons that go in the gunports. I didn't go into much detail as these aren't going to be very visible.
  7. Hello everyone. It has been a while and a lot of progress has been made. I have completely planked the hull with the Sapelly strips. Here are some photos of the progress.
  8. Very nice build! I am also building this model and I have the same problem with the plans. Could you please send me the .pdf plans? I would download it from Artesania Latina's webpage but sadly, it has closed down. Thanks! Stay safe.
  9. Hello! I have finished sanding the wood parts in the bow and now it is smooth and ready. I also sanded all the hull ready to plank it this time with sapelly strips. Here you can see it. I also planked the stern Here I started planking the hull with the Sapelly strips. I also put the stern with tape to know where the strips should go. Once I finish I will glue it.
  10. Hello everyone! Some advances have been made and now the first hull planking is complete (well almost)! I still have to sand down the wooden planks that are going to form the bow. But as you can see I made some progress.
  11. Here I started planking the hull. I started from the gun line. Before this, I sanded the decks and also the two blocks at the back. These still need to be sanded to fit at the front. I will do it when I finish all the hull planking. Now I have started planking the hull. Here is the thing with Constructo. Constructo's kits do not come with double planking (which I like because, in my opinion, it is easier although some experts or purists may disagree). So the kits come with 2x5mm Sapelly strips. I have already made other Constructo kit (Carmen) and I planked the hu
  12. Hello everyone. In this thread, I am going to attempt to document the building of my latest model La Flore by Constructo. I bought this kit last year although I really hadn't had the time to build it until now, during the lockdown I have plenty of time and I work on it about 5 hours a day! I won't be writing many of the parts' names and forgive me if I make any mistake as English is not my first language and I don't even know some of the parts' names in Spanish! I am open to all the advice you can give me so come on!! I hope you like it!!! First some pho
  13. Hi! Thank you very much! It really makes sense! It can be easily seen that you sanded all the corners and the strips look really rounded which also gives them a really good look and thus, it changes the measurements a bit. So now I have the correct ones to make an order This explanation along with the photos makes a really good tutorial to make my own stand just like yours. I really appreciate your fast response and the time you took opening the case and everything! Thanks and take care.
  14. Hello!! This one really amazing build of the Virginia Schooner!!! I am currently building the same model and I would also like to make the same stand as you. I guess that the majority of the strips (those at the corners and crossing the boat) are the ones supplied with the kit, 2x5mm. So I would like to know what the measure of those holding the keel of the boat is please. If I am mistaken or it is easier for you, just tell me a bunch of measures and I am sure I will work out which one is which. Thanks!
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