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  1. 5 hours ago, nikbud said:

    Hi Alexis

    I have just measured the strips and you are right; the thin strips are 2mm x 5mm from the kit. the square strips are 5mm x 5mm, although they all have been very well sanded to get them very smooth so the measurements are more like 1.5 x 4.5 and 4.5x4.5.


    so the strips either side of the keel are 5x5 with a 3x3 small strip between them at either end. If i remember rightly i had to do a little sanding in the inside edge of the two long strips - after they had been glued together - to make the keel fit snugly. 

    I hope this made sense???

    Cheers n be safe,





    Thank you very much!


    It really makes sense! It can be easily seen that you sanded all the corners and the strips look really rounded which also gives them a really good look and thus, it changes the measurements a bit. So now I have the correct ones to make an order 


    This explanation along with the photos makes a really good tutorial to make my own stand just like yours. 


    I really appreciate your fast response and the time you took opening the case and everything! 


    Thanks and take care. 

  2. 18 hours ago, nikbud said:

    Hi alexis, sorry I missed your question, I'm not on here as often as I should be.....


    I'm not sure about the measurements of the strips for the stand, but I will open up the case in the morning and take some measurements for you.




    Don't worry I'm not in a hurry.


    Thank you very much!! I'll wait! 


    Thanks again!

  3. Hello!!


    This one really amazing build of the Virginia Schooner!!!


    I am currently building the same model and I would also like to make the same stand as you. I guess that the majority of the strips (those at the corners and crossing the boat) are the ones supplied with the kit, 2x5mm.  So I would like to know what the measure of those holding the keel of the boat is please. 


    If I am mistaken or it is easier for you, just tell me a bunch of measures and I am sure I will work out which one is which. 



  4. Good morning everyone! I am very glad to form part of this forum. My name is Alexis and I am from Almazora, a small town in the Mediterranean coast. I started modeling when I was about 12 years old. I didn't start with ship models but with house models. As time passed, I began to acquire interest in wooden ships. My first build was Artesania Latina's H.M.S Bounty's Jolly Boat, the "ideal" beginner kit. It was a very fun build and, although it has its flaws due to lack of tools and skills, I am very proud I finished it and encouraged me to continue with this amazing hobby.


    My second build was Constructo's Carmen, a slightly bigger than the first but still a "small" boat. This one was more interesting to build as its deck had lots of details compared to the Jolly Boat's. 


    Two years ago, I bought Artesania Latina's San Francisco Cross-Section for a really good price and managed to finish it in 6 and half months. This model is an important milestone for me as I made it very carefully and with lots of details as the skills, tools and resources were  very different from those I had when building the two previous kits.


    This Christmas I finally got my dream model, Constructo's La Flore (also known as La Flore Ex Vestale). This will be my first "big" model and I am enjoying every step of it. I think I will make a buildlog for all of you to enjoy and for me to learn and listen all the practical advices you want to give me! I feel a bit nervous because there aren't many buildlogs of this ship. But I'm sure that with determination and help everything can be possible.


    I hope to be around here for a long time and learn a lot. 


    Have a good day, 



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