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  1. Amazing job on the deadeyes Patrick! Your detailing is so thorough that people who are not into model ship building probably won't even notice it or value the amount of work put into it. Keep it up!
  2. Hi again So I made a mockup of the structure of the captains cabin at the stern. I used 2 mm thick foamboard and cut out the window openings and glued the foamboard onto 4 mm balsa wood. At first I tried to cut the window openings out of the balsa wood but that was no succes. Cutting the balsa in the direction of the grain is easy but as soon as you go vertically or diagonally the edges of the plank look like rats have been knibbeling on them. Then I took 1 mm foamboard and transparant plastic sheeting (about 0,5 mm thick), and cut out the shape of the windows. I tested with the (coloured) transparant sheet over the white foamboard but the white came through too much so I decided to paint the 1 mm thick window cutouts blue and then glued them on the 4 mm balsa wood in the slots made in the 2 mm foamboard. This way the windows lay a bit lower than the surrounding structure and so I would have room to create windowframes. In order to give the structure a wood look, I planked the whole thing, I used half width planks for the window frames. There is a picture below of this structure but it doesn’t really show how sloppy the windows (transparant sheeting) looked after spilling too much glue from the planking. So, since I am just experimenting, I decided to paint the windows grey. And then I painted the structure black as shown below. The final result looks pretty rough but it’s just a prototype. The mockup is way too high and a bit too wide. I also think it looks like a piece of a “medieval-torture-barn”. I do like the macabre vibe tho. I assume that life at sea in those days was more often miserable than jolly and so I am going for an overall darker vibe. But not as medieval as the mockup. After trying to make the windowframes myself I now realise that I am not going to be able to achieve the look I want that way. May plan is to make them look more like church-windows. I will try once more by scratching the plastic sheet and coloring the grooves with thinned paint (as suggested by Backer), but I also ordered some laser cut windowframes from a hobby-shop just in case. On top of the structure I will add a roof, like the one shown on the picture above of the stern of the black pearl. That’s way the mockup is too high, there is no more place to add the roof. It’s nowhere near what I want it to look like but I’ll get there. Thnx for reading!
  3. Very nice job Bob! I like your helpers and captain too 😺 The part with the captain and the doorhandle was really funny. I can tell you’re enjoying your build. keep up the good work, 🤙🏻
  4. Hi Bob Thanks for your tips, I will definitely keep them in mind. The thing with going “freestyle” is that suddenly everthing is possible. I will have to test a lot with different materials tho... It’ll take me a bit longer but I don’t care. I’m enjoying the process. I was thinking about using coloured (greyish) transparant sheeting to use for the windows. I’ll see whether I can create the illusion of depth that way. And if it doesn’t I can always ad a colour wash. Tomorrow I’m going to hobbyshop and I plan to buy enough stuff for testing. I’m going to read your build log of the Mississippi cause I’m sure I can learn a thing or two from you 😉
  5. That looks very nice Backer, you really have a keen eye for detail! Thanks a lot for sharing 👍🏻And it seems a very doable solution too.
  6. Hi everyone I have been contemplating about whether or not to stick to the instructions and materials provided with the kit, or to start “freestyling”. I am not at all happy with the look, quality and measurements of the messing decorations provided with het kit. At first I was planning to use them anyway, but I might as well just take my time, get creative and build them myself. The first “ornament” I will be focussing on is the structure/windows of the captains cabin at the stern. The last few days I have been looking at photographs of 18th century sail ships to get some inspiration. But the ones I found are way too intricate for my skill-level. I am searching for a design with simple and clean lines. The example I like the most, so far, is the one on the Black Pearl (see pic below). This one has a “simple” structure and few frills and seems managable to build. It won’t be an exact copy, but I will use it as a starting point. I plan to use a mix of styrene and wood. I do have a question about the window frames; I don’t want to use the ones from the kit because they do not have the right shape and size, so I’ll try and make them myself as well. But I’m a bit lost at how to do this and what materials to use. Therefore I am asking whether anyone has experience with this and if it would be possible to share how they made windowframes? Thanks a lot!
  7. Today I tested dark oak varnish, this is the one I’m going to use. I’m glad I found the color I was looking for. First time I tested with varnish, seems way easier to get it right. All previous attempts were done with stain and with none of those I achieved a satisfying result. I also made the windows that’ll go on the sides of the model.
  8. I actually thought about that. The only problem is the scale, the details on the figurehead are so small that I would need some serious practice before attempting that. For now I’m just going to finish this ship with premade decorations. I’m considering a scratch build for my next project, then I’ll focus on how to make all those details myself. As this is my first build there is already enough to learn about as it is. But great advice, I’ll get there in due time 😉
  9. Hi Bob, that’s the one indeed! What a piece of art. With a lot of imagination I can kind of see that’s the figurehead it should be. Very nice picture, thanks for posting it 👍🏻 I’m sure I’ll find one on te web that looks the way it’s supposed to. cheers, Halfdan
  10. Here's a pic of the figurehead provided in the kit, I seriously have no idea what this is supposed to be. But if I where to put this on my vessel I should call it the hms Goldnugget. I will buy a replacement for that.
  11. Hello all, another update : Progress has been slow but steady. As this build is going on I tend to follow the instructions less and less. To be completely honest, I haven’t really looked at them since I started planking the hull. I just put all the wood strips and bars on a big pile and take what I need as I go along and if it’s not there I go and buy it. I’m sure I’ll need the instructions again to get a general idea but I will be using materials as I see fit and will work with my own measurements as those in the instructions often make no sense. The manual also prescribes some working methods that I find completely absurd so I approach them differently. (For example; in the instructions, the plank on top of the railing on the foredeck, which is curved, should be made out of little pieces of wood that you puzzle together into “one” piece as you glue them on. I have no idea how long this would have taken me and how frustrating it would have been to put in that amount of work and end up with a mosaic of sloppiness but instead I bought a 1,5 by 100 mm mahogany plank and glued two pieces on, large enhough to cover the top surface the railing. I still had to sand and cut a lot of excess wood but it I’m sure it didn’t take me any longer than it would have taken to make said mosaic) I opted for 4 gunports on each side of the vessel. I left out the middle one as that would have only caused problems further down the road. (The middle gunport is right in front of where the shrouds and ratlines need to come, so in order to not shoot those into pieces when that middle cannon would be fired, I left them out.) I used the kit’s provided planks for the planking of the hull, which is basswood, and for all the other parts I used mahogany that I bought extra. (at €0,65/m it’s not a big cost). I have been testing different finishes as well. The stain options were disastrous, I tried middle oak, light oak, mahogany and walnut. I test-applied them on some (super clean surfaced) left over basswood planks that I glued onto a surface but they all looked crappy as hell. Blotched up and colors were very inconsistent. (I will post a picture of it later, I don’t have it on my phone) So I am probably going to use varnish (dark oak) instead, I still have to test it of course. I also have to test the paint I bought (mat and satin finish) and figure out in what order I’ll apply the different finishes. All tips are welcome of course. Tl;dr : - not really following the instructions of the kit - finishing is still a ? - see pics for progress
  12. Looking good 👍 I really like the voc fleet models. I’m considering one for my next project, but I think I’ll buy one from Kolderstok as those kits come with more bulkheads. You are managing just fine but as a beginner I’d feel more comfortable with that. Anyway, I like your progress so far and will be following your log with great interest.
  13. That’s awesome, thanks for sharing! The black walnut stain looks spot on, I think I’ll be using that as well. And the the lighter tone on the wales makes a fine contrast. I think I’ll paint the areas inbetween the wales tho, probably black, as I plan to add extra messing decorations I hope the black makes them stand out more. Anyway, thanks again for posting those pictures. The small mistakes only add character to your beautiful ship. Cheers to you !
  14. Alright, the walnut seems like a good option. I'm looking forward to viewing it on your ship.
  15. She looks very good Jonathan, you did an amazing job on your first build. I’m sure ADM Buchanan would have liked her in his fleet! I’ll be putting her under another flag as well, not sure which one yet. Time enough to figure that out tho. It’s very interesting to see the different approaches to this kit. Would it be possible to post a picture of the side of the model please? In a not to distant future I will install the wales and chose a painting/staining scheme. On your pictures above I can’t really see what colors you decided on and I’m curious to know. From what I can make out you used a darkish stain which is what I lean to as well. Thanx in advance

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