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  1. I guess what I'm asking is how do the Main Topgallant, Mizzen Topmast, and the Fore Topgallant stays attach to the masts ? All I can see from my blueprint is that it is wrapped around the mast is it a spliced eye at the top or some other method to hold the rope in place? Please advise.
  2. I'm rigging the solid hull version of the Rattlesnake by Model Shipways. The rigging blueprint does not say anything about how you attach both the standing and running ringing at the top of all three masts and the instruction manual is 4 pages long with very few illustrations. I've had the kit for over 35 years.
  3. I've been looking at my rigging plans and it says nothing about how you tie the rigging to the top of the mast. The blueprint seems to show the rigging just being attached to the top of the mast but that doesn't seem right. Also on my blueprint the drawings show some kind of a cap on top of all the masts I don't see any instructions that say what that is. Is it something you make out of wood or is it a metal fitting? I'm doing the rigging as yards lowered. By the way the hint to pin the yards to the mast before attaching the rigging was a great idea it helped a lot and when I attached the yards to the mast it made life a lot easier for me.
  4. There is nothing in the instructions its only a 4 page typed list. My understanding is that the plank on frame version has more blueprints and a better instruction manual. I did print out the instruction manual on the Model Shipways site and on page 39 and on Fig. 67 it does show the detail at the Main Mast Top it does show two single blocks that get tied to the top mast and the blocks get wrapped around the yard in two places. then the lines from the blocks look like they go down to the deck the question is where does it get attached my blueprints do not show that. Sorry for all the questions but this is the first ship that I have ever built.
  5. I am looking for instructions on how to attach yards to the masts of the Solid Hull kit the Rattlesnake. All that is supplied with the kit is a blueprint that shows a drawing of the yard attached to the mast. I checked with a few model ship suppliers and they only have full sets of drawings for a plank on frame version. Does anyone have instructions on how this is done?
  6. After over 35 years I decided that I would attempt to complete the solid hull kit that I had started back then being I am stuck in the house due to the coronavirus. luckily I still had the original box with most of the parts and two drawings and a 5 page instruction manual. most of the work to the hull had been completed but I still had to do the rigging and mount the yards to the masts. One of the things I am missing is the longboat that came with the kit. Can anyone tell me what scale the sold hull version of the Rattlesnake is so I can see if I can get a longboat in the right scale? If not there is a drawing on it on the rigging plan put I'm not sure I have the skill to make one from scratch. One last question I have most of the standing rigging done and I am almost ready to attach the yards to the mast but the rigging plan does show were a lot of the lines on the running rigging go what do you recommend that would help me figure this out? Thanks for your help in advance.

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