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  1. Thanks, Mike. And if you were wondering why the number of views on your Morgan build log has probably doubled over the past week, it's me!
  2. Based on the pictures I’ve seen of the Morgan, it looks like there is a little quarter deck on the bow. Not sure what it’s called but I added one.
  3. Here’s the little deck planks cut and then installed. The planks are leftover timber from the Mamoli Alabama build.
  4. Rather than do a rabbet cut to fit the bulwark in, I just cut top layer smaller.
  5. First things first – build the hull. Rather than try and carve from a solid block of wood, I took a page from the Amati Hannah kit and laminated strips before carving. I used of 4 layers of basswood (two 1” x 1/8”, one 1” x 3/32”, one 1” x 1 1/16”) along with a slew of 1/32” thick deck planks leftover from the Mamoli Alabama. For the bulwarks, I used coffee stirrers from the Corner Bakery that are 3/16” wide. The stirrers are a bit thick but I’m ok with that since want them to be sturdy. The hull will be 1/8” less depth than my plans and will have no keel on the bottom since the ship will be afloat in fake water inside the bottle.
  6. I don’t have the Morgan plans but I think ship in a bottle projects are more about an impression than an exact scale replica build, so I am figuring out basic dimensions based on pictures. I grabbed some pics off a few build logs, plopped them in powerpoint, drew some lines and made my measurements. Thank you to @Landlubber Mike, @John Ruy, and @David Lester for posting great build logs on this forum for the Morgan. Also, I found an incredible build log by a gentleman in Willis, Texas at https://www.charleswmorganmodel.com/. These will be my reference points for figuring out how to build this thing from scratch.
  7. Below is the peach cider bottle next to the recently completed Amati Hannah. The good news is that the bottle opening is 1 3/16” vs 7/8” so I’ve got a little more wiggle room.
  8. After finishing the Mamoli CSS Alabama and the Amati Hannah ship in a bottle, I have decided to dip my toe in the “dark side” as @Bob Cleek put it - the dark side being a scratch build. I don’t think I’m ready or skillful enough to do a large scratch model so I’m trying another ship in the bottle. The Hannah kit was a lot of fun. Hopefully this scratch effort will be even more so. After I finished the Hannah, a friend gave me a bottle for another ship in the bottle build. It’s a peach cider bottle that came from Fredericksburg, Texas (which is famous for its peaches). Fredericksburg is also the birthplace of Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz so it’s got some nautical ties. My friend’s name is Morgan so I thought I’d try to build the Charles W. Morgan whaler and float it on an ocean in the bottle. 3 tall masts, 9 yards, and 19 sails! Oh boy. This is either going to be an amazing build or an epic fail. Only 1 way to find out which. Here we go!
  9. @Ras Ambrioso Ras, thank you for the kind words! I could not agree more with what you said about this forum. I have learned so much from so many amazing craftsmen in the short time I've been a member here. Plus the encouragement from everyone really helps you get thru the inevitable, difficult moments of the build.
  10. My first effort at a ship in bottle project. The Amati kit was relatively easy to work with. This was a lot of fun!
  11. Thanks, Mike! Your build log was a HUGE help. Plus, I can't thank you enough for your thoughtful answers to my questions. You get half the credit for this!
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