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  1. ROYAL LOUIS - 1/200 HELLER WIP UPDATE. Improvised on poor kit Rigging instructions, Standing rigging now done, finished with all Walnut Heart blocks, Deadeyes, single and double blocks. Next stage will be the Running rigging, again which I will need to improvise on. I will also work as I have done before per mast, regards to Running rigging then Shrouds and ratlines for that particular mast then move on to the next mast and so forth. Happy modelling everyone 🤺🤺⚓⚓
  2. Imho Rigging Period ship models is Excellent and a definite must have. 120 pages, Each rigging procedure with detailed large drawings. An absolutely superb book.
  3. These are the New books on my shelf so far after looking at reviews and after a pre overview of them on Google.
  4. Thanks for those kind words, yes the plastic ones that came with the kit were really poor, to thin, and soft and weak, they would never have stood up to any rigging whatsoever. I will need to develop both Standing and running rigging by myself, as the rigging instructions in the kit are pretty simplified if not basic, such is the way with a lot of kits. Thanks again and hope you are keeping well, #staysafe. Happy modelling 👍🤺🤺⚓⚓
  5. ROYAL LOUIS - 1/200 Heller WIP update. All Masts,Yards,Bowsprit and Flagstaff measured, cut, built, painted, weathered and mounted. Deadeye platforms mounted with supports. Fighting Canopies/Crowsnests altered for rigging. Next stage Standing rigging.....
  6. ROYAL LOUIS ARMED & READY update - HELLER 1/200 Decks all fitted and weathered along with Capstan, Stairs, Rudder and fittings. 120 Cannons now mounted with tiebacks on all 5 Decks. 74 Cannon port Arches mounted as is 66 Cannon Hatches. Royal Louis Figurehead and architecture fitted and weathered. Transom and side Galleries all fitted and Weathered. Bowsprit cut and mounted, modified from Dowels. Next stage will be to Measure, cut and modify dowels for All Masts Yards and Flagstaff.
  7. Update on my ROYAL LOUIS 1:200 Heller kit. 32x 36 pounder Cannons (Main Battery) 34 x 32 pounder Cannons (2nd Battery) All loaded. Main Deck weathered and installed. 60 Deadeye straps installed. Next stage assembling 32x 24 pounder Cannons with tiebacks and installing onto the main deck. All in all coming together slowly, reading between the French and English(Download) instructions, as of yet no real problems at all apart from having to wash every part due to mould release so as to give proper paint application first time around. Still swithering wh
  8. Starting my New Build of 2021.... The "ROYAL LOUIS" 1/200 - Heller. The Drawing of the Hull, the distribution of the artillery and rigging were drawn from a description of the ship's lines by Comte d'ESTAING dated 25 September 1772. The building plans were prepared by the famous Naval architect MR, OLLIVIER. The ROYAL LOUIS was a first rate ship, it was armed with 120 cannons, including 32 x 36 calibre guns each weighing nearly 5 Tonnes. In 1779-1780, ROYAL LOUIS was a lead ship of the Blue-White Squadron, which was part of the so-called "Comte d'ESTAING" America Squadron.
  9. It's been another Labour of Love... The "Santa Catarina Do Monte Sinai" Pyro:1/144 Scale FINISHED My depiction of the "Santa Catarina do Monte Sinai" in full Royal Regalia while saluting the marriage party of Beatrice, Portuguese Infantas marriage to CharlesIII, Duke of Savoy on the April 8th 1521. Adapted from the painting by Joachim Patinir. Happy modelling everyone ⚓⚓⚓🤺🤺🤺
  10. Tbh, it was more out of curiosity regards different Manufacturers across the board, be it Lindberg, Revell, Airfix etc... Guess I just wondered if there was or should be one standard levels of skill ratings across all Plastic model ship building or should it stay the same regards different Manufacturers interpretations. At the moment I am nearing the completion of my First Pyro Kit: The Santa Catarina Do Monte Sinai, to which you can find a log on here. I also have a couple of other finished logs in Revell's 1:96 English Man O'war and Airfix 1:72 Golden Hind. These really a
  11. Question: Regards Lindberg kits. I know they issue theirs with a skill level, I have only seen levels 1-3, is there a higher level with lindberg kits? If not how would their skill levels compare to say Revell who have a level of 1-5? Just curious as i couldn't find any real information on Lindbergs Skill level ratings. Maybe some of our American modellers could shed light on this? Thanks in advance Robert
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