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  1. Bill, I am still learning as well, but I have decided that anything I can't do authentically, I will find another way to do it and still making the ship look as authentic as I can without anything being shabby or poor. Sometimes we need to cut our cloth accordingly to what we can and cannot do in all aspects of life. I too love building these ships, the architecture, the rigging, the sails and of course the historical aspect attached to each one, bringing history to life is a labour of love for me. I have my late father to thank for that, as we always watched the old swashbuckler films when I was child, and that's when I started to build these kits albeit with a lot less patience then lol..
  2. No probs Bill, that's kinda why I done my sails before I actually started the kit, to see whether I could do them well enough or if I would need to fork out money for them, as the plastic ones just wouldn't do it justice.
  3. Hi Bill, Firstly I must say that this set of sails I bought, but they were expensive thus my decision to make my own. Secondly I can see from your instructions your kit does have blocks with it regards to the bowsprit sails etc.. so it may just depend whether you want to swap them for wooden ones or just paint them, I would just paint them like you have decided mate, saves a lot of unnecessary spending as I have used the plastic ones with this kit. Normally sails will be attached to the running rigging which should be of a tan or brown colour thread, not the standing rigging which is usually black thread, so if you have not started your running rigging you may need to check bk on your rigging instructions to when to do it stage by stage. P.s. Just send me over your private jet and I will happily come over to help you out ✈😉
  4. Hi Bill, Very similar to my own, being a Revell Kit. In mine I have followed the instructions and have blocks rigged to the yards, but I have also still to rigg the blocks to the sails. In most cases I think it's more down to the individual preference whether sails are just rigged with thread or if you want to add rigging blocks for mor authenticity. Here's a pic of my instructions albeit the blocks that come with this kit are clearly I identified. And another pic of blocks I bought and tied to my Golden Hind kit I finished 3 months or so ago. Myself I prefer to rigg blocks to the sails and take it from there.
  5. Hi Bill, Yes only sew the modelling wire into the sides, top and bottom get sowed as normal, as top will be rigged to yards, and the two bottom corners will probably have blocks sowed onto them to be able to have them rigged, depending on your preference or the instructions in from your kit.
  6. Nice on Bill, yes I have heard of the Kentucky Derby albeit I am not a horse racing fan. Haven't been to Dornoch myself but have been to John o'groats and wick many years ago. Did you spot Nessie at all 😉 and have ever been looking for "The Haggis" 😉
  7. Yes it definitely is. Although I have never tried the Pva glue way, I have watched at least half a dozen videos on YouTube, and i thought to myself that there had to be a less messy time consuming way to billow sails. I've known how to measure and sew since I was 7years old and that's why I decided to do it that way with modelling wire.
  8. Hi Bill Another cracker in that USS Consitution. On the Sails part I would suggest also when you use the plastic ones as templates, add an extra 1cm or so all round, this will act as the flaps which you fold over and sew thus keeping the Sails to scale size, also it gives you the space to insert the 3mm modelling wire to billow the sails before sewing up and finishing them off.
  9. Enjoy Bill, that's the main thing. Just wondered have you ever made your own sails before?
  10. That looks Fantastic Bill, what make and scale is it? Don't fancy doing all those sails lol.. I've heard a lot of good things about the Heller Victory and Soleil Royal 1/100 kits, I would love to have one of those preferably the Soleil Royal but my budget just now doesnt reach that far and I do have a lot of Galleons in my stash waiting to get built. Also heard that both of those kits usually take between 1-3yrs to complete, obviously depending on how much time you can spend on them, but with both having over 2000 parts it's not surprising I guess.
  11. Nice one Bill, key is just to take your time, no rush mate. Any more questions don't hesitate to ask. Btw The Cutty Sark and I think the Victory are two kits I haven't built. I kinda prefer more period Elizabethan galleons, even Carracks and some of the Heller kits are cracking.
  12. Enamels all the time, while Acrylics are to a certain extent easier to work with, they are brittle and easily scratched unless you want to double or triple your work by putting a clear gloss or lacquer finish o top. To me Enamels incorporate all of this in one go, ok slightly longer drying time, but long term made to last. I try and use Matt enamels all the time as gloss ones are the worst for drying and mixing sometimes, so where I can, i try and substitute one for the other as long as it doesn't take away that original look. Hope this helps Bill 👍
  13. Hi Bill, That's ok, i don't mind you asking questions. Yes the sails in my first log is the same ones I will be rigging up for this kit. I also inserted 3mm modelling/jewelry wire in the sides only before sewing them up, so I can bend/mould them so that it makes the sails billow out. A lot less time consuming and less messier that pva glue on cloth etc.. The Kit is all hand painted, it's all I have ever done, as usually Galleons is all i ever build and with these kits you can't really airbrush much, the time you do take to set up paint &airbrush then mask pieces off, you could have painted by hand. I also don't own an airbrush, which is kinda weird as I was a spray painter for 10yrs. Everyone has their own opinion on airbrushing regard finish etc.. but for me i think its lazy. I guess it just depends on what Kit and size your making too. Hope this helps Bill 👍
  14. Hi Bill I made my own sails using a cream coloured pillow case, just a mix betwee cotton and linen, using the plastic sails with the kit as templates, then hand sowed everything. Also the paint colour scheme I thought long and hard about as I definitely thought it needed changing from the kit instructions, took me a lot longer than I thought. I knew what I wanted to do with the hull, and a little of the galleries but most decisions were done stage by stage per the instructions. Sometimes you can have a vision in your head but it's not till it's in front of you that you can decide for definite sometimes. I also done a little rengraving of the architecture on the galleries too. Like any model though you can paint it whatever way you think suits.

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