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  1. "Santa Catarina Do Monte Sinai" Pyro 1:144 scale. Starting to take shape... Everything has came to a halt these past 6weeks due 12hr shifts and of course Christmas. Standing rigging & blocks done, next started rigging the deadeyes for ratlines and running rigging for each corresponding Mast. Looking forward to getting on with this and to finish her off with hand sewn sails, long way to go, but thankfully off work till the 7th January. Hope Everyone had a Merry Christmas, and Happy New year to you all when it comes. Happy Modelling ⚓⚓⚓🤺🤺🤺
  2. Hi Bill, Still working on my Pyro 1:144 "Santa Catarina Do Monte Sinai" Everything ground to a halt these last 6 weeks with Christmas and 12hr shifts at work. Just finished the standing rigging, now onto the running rigging and ratlines per mast mate.
  3. Great additions Bill, 1 I've built obviously the other 2 are in my stash too. Which kit will you be starting next ?
  4. Well done Bill, a beautiful finish, she stands tall and proud, great work my friend. 🤺🤺🤺⚓⚓⚓ What's up next on your bench ?
  5. Next stage being the rigging, this is not looking good, as I only have these 2 b&w photos at the end of the instructions to go with, I guess this could be a bit make shift, but will try and make it authentic looking as best I can, especially on this size of kit, as I am not used to working on fine detail on this scale without proper instructions, but I have to persevere and see this through the on coming storm. Happy modelling everyone Rob. ⚓⚓🤺🤺
  6. Oh, I understand that, but I would also like to point out, that I to, have the same drawing in a book I have called Galleons and Galleys, but this is a modern drawing and not from the time period, that's why I preferred to go with paintings from a similar time period, not to say they are right or wrong, but there must be something in it. I guess in the end we will never know truly whether this carrack and many others used spritsails for definite or whether drawings or artists impressions were added to or taken away during the course of history.
  7. Hi Ron, I will be following this build with much interest, I have built this model twice in my lifetime the last one being finished 5 months ago, and I must say it is my Favourite Airfix kit of all time. Happy modelling 🤺⚓👍
  8. A little bit more progress. Have cut dowels and doubled the yards for the Fore and Main sails as with Carracks from this period. These are all now fitted and painted, the masts are now complete. After some research I will not be including a bowsprit sail or yard as original paintings seem to depict the Santa Catarina do Monte Sinai with none and various other carracks from this period, albeit some do, so I guess it begs the question why did some and some not use them ? My personal opion I prefer a carrack without one, as another identification of the type of vess
  9. That's what happens when your nearing the end of a build you have loved doing, I was the same with my kit Bill. The comfort I have though when I finished it, was that I was really proud of it, and don't think I could have done better. She now sits tall and proud on display where I see her everday. I'm not normally so ott about anything I do, but I am with this for some reason.
  10. No probs mate, you done a great job on the rigging too certainly coming together, well done! 👍
  11. Hi Bill, You could try this company, I know they do Spanish and English pirates think the scale is 1/72. I didn't use the figures for mine as I thought they weren't good enough quality compared to Aifix figures on the Golden Hind. Here's the link to Drum and Flag mate. https://www.drumandflag.co.uk/
  12. Thank you for those kind words, I completely overhauled the paintwork and added architectural features as well as hand sewing my own sail, as I just didnt like Revell's finish.
  13. Thanks Ron and Louie for your kind words. A reason for the fast process of late Louie is just that I have a bit more time off work atm. Also I paint all my parts before dry fitting then final assembly, so a lot of what you see may well have been painted a while ago, but not having time or just taking a break comes to the fore sometimes, don't get me wrong the masts and and cannons were done the past 2 days as I found myself with extra some welcome time to spend.
  14. All Cannons and decking now painted and fitted. Mizzen and Bonaventure masts fitted. Life boat and Awning built, painted and Fitted, the Awning is only dry fitted as per instructions obviously to help with rigging later and to show life boat when required. Now Making and doubling the Yards as was with these Carracks in the 15th-16th centuries, for my own hand made Sails which will follow later. First time I have ever made my own yards so hoping this turns out ok. The Sails will also be altered from the normal(hopefully) with a Double billowing effect from the middle as well as
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