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  1. Thanks Lou Most interesting particularly the link to you build log of the Atholl Star I think if you don't mind I will be copying a lot of the detail you have used. geo
  2. Thanks Kurt Most of the mechanical servos /switches are are seized up, haven't tried the old motor yet don't even know what voltage/power it is Will be installing new electrics. more interested in getting the super structure right for the model. I know its not a true scale of anything but it needs to look reasonable. Thanks for your interest.
  3. Hi i'm brand new to the Forum from Scotland , also a novice at wood although have years of carpenter experience with most of the tools I need to make a reasonable go of it. Currently started building the St Elme a french fishing boat which was given to me from an old relative ( mind you i'm not young myself at 71!!) Probably not the best model to begin with,as all the plans/ instructions are in french which is not a great start but have my trusty google translator so I'm muddling through. Got great help from Downeaster who's done a blog on the St Elme. I hope to s
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