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  1. Thank you so much David!! I just wish the photos could truly capture how she looks. Unfortunately they don't. Excellent point about the davits and other sticky out bits! I have almost knocked them off a few times already!! 🤣 I think once I get the standing rigging done, I am going to take a pause and work on building the small boats to hang off the davits. For some reason I feel the strong need to build the small boats. I appreciate the support and encouragement. Thanks, Mark
  2. Recent progress pics. Port side standing rigging done, now working to finish up the starboard side. Thanks, Mark
  3. I think his Admiral told him to get rid of it. At least he can say he tried! 😉🤣
  4. Port side boat davits rigged. Lots of rigging work completed on the port side, but hard to photograph. Thanks, Mark
  5. Really looking nice Keith! Thank you for the photos as well!
  6. Hello! The overriding theme here is lines, lines and more lines. 🤣 Hard to get good photos, but here is the latest results of quarantine time in the shipyard! Thanks, Mark
  7. Hello David, Thank you very much! Looks like the measurements we discussed a while back were spot on. I purchased two Model Shipways boat kits for the davits. These two will be my first proper "builds". Still need to clean up the davits, get them mounted, stained and rigged. I think the hard part is over though. I hope you and your family are well!! By the way, very much enjoying the Diana build log. Thanks again, Mark
  8. Hello, Completed constructing the boat davits and a test fitting. Clean up, permanent mounting and rigging to follow. Can't wait to build the small boats for these davits! Thanks, Mark
  9. Thank you David!! Yes, these davits were measured to a length developed from our conversation a while ago. Looking forward to seeing how they look mounted on the ship. Thank you too for sending this picture. Mark
  10. Hello, Decided to take a break from rigging and work on the boat davits. Here is the first, three more to go! A bit of finish work needed, but I am happy with the results. Thanks, Mark
  11. Hi Jerry, Thank you very much for your support. So happy to have the ratlines done! Don't zoom in to closely on the pictures though. 🤣🤣 I made the mistake of drinking a fair amount of coffee before trying to finish the last few rows. Would not recommend that approach!! Thanks, Mark
  12. Milestone complete! Ratlines on the upper shrouds done!
  13. Hi Jerry, Great to hear from you! Are you staying healthy? Thanks, Mark
  14. Hello David, Looking forward to seeing the Diana planking and all the effort you have put in on the ship! Yes, I do remember the conversation on the davits. Actually that exchanged helped me to get the correct lengths of davits, or at least what I am going to go with for the davits. Unfortunately the seemingly never ending rigging "black hole" has caught me, and I have yet to work on the davits or small boats!! 🤣 Still, progress is being made and my restoration is actually starting to look like a sailing vessel again. Almost done with the ratlines on the upper shrouds! Pictures to follow. Hope all is well with you and your family! Mark

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