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  1. Finally finished the ratlines on the starboard side. Purists would be able to point out errors, but I am happy with the results. Also added some additional running rigging in the bowsprit area. Now on to the port ratlines!
  2. Greetings! After a long period away from the shipyard, restoration work has resumed. Finishing the standing rigging, boat davits, running rigging...........and all of the associated details that go along with it. Happy to back and look forward to posting more on the restoration progress. Thanks, Mark
  3. David, Great idea!! I will try that tonight and see how it works out. I do have a build log for the restoration and here is the link. I have been at it for quite some time and hope to have new pictures up before too long. Thanks for your help gentlemen! Mark
  4. Thank you so much for the prompt reply Jerry! That measurement is perfect and gets me in the ball park. I needed a starting point and will adjust from there. This measurement helps me do so. Thanks again, Mark
  5. Beautiful model, thank you for sharing! Question for you, can you tell me the approximate length of the boat davits? I am restoring an HMS Victory and have to make mine from scratch. Approximate length would help me tremendously. Thanks, Mark
  6. It has been quite some time since my last post, but as you can see some progress has been made! Clearly some cleaning is in order!!
  7. To keep it simple I would recommend cutting the sprue into small pieces and dilute in liquid cement. You can adjust the consistency and get it to whatever thickness you want. Keep it in a small glass jar and it will last forever.
  8. Good stuff, thanks for the help Antony!!
  9. Hello, Does anyone have a basic diagram they could share on how lines were threaded through the cathead to the anchor hook block? I have seen a number of pictures online showing a rigged cathead, but I can't quite make out the sequence of the line through the cathead, down to the anchor hook and back up to tie-off. I am restoring an old Sergal/Mantua 1/78 HMS Victory so something specific to this ship would be ideal. Thanks, Mark
  10. Adding a few recent pictures of progress. Holy cow are the shrouds time consuming! Then again, maybe working smarter instead of harder would have helped! Thanks for looking, Mark
  11. Hi Gil, I love picture day on this build log!! We all appreciate the valuable reference material you present with your pictures and narratives, thanks!! Thanks, Mark
  12. Hello, Happy New Year to everyone! I found some time to work on rigging over the holidays and here are the results. After looking at some of the other build logs and my plans, I realized the placement of the forestay was not correct on the bowsprit. Decided to go ahead and move them to the appropriate location before getting too far down the road. Thanks, Mark
  13. Hi David, Thanks for sharing the detailed photos. This is going to be helpful in my HMS Victory restoration! Mark
  14. David - Thanks for the encouragement! Since this is a restoration I am sort of making it up as I go, HMS Victory purists would be able to point out a million different things"not quite right", but I absolutely love this old ship and the character it has! I am adding a couple of other pictures that may help you with the bowsprit. Craig - Hello! I am trying to blend the new parts with the old by experimenting with different stains, number of coats, etc. So far it has come pretty close to matching the rest of the hull. You can see where the parts are different, but overall I am very happy with how the new parts blend in. The ship in the background is the USS Perry. This will be another restoration once I get the HMS Victory back in shape.
  15. Finally finished the shrouds on the foremast along with some misc. standing rigging. Moving on to the mainmast next.

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