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  1. Hello Dieter! There is no shortage of help available here!! Looking forward to following this build of the Victory. Thanks, Mark
  2. Hi Daniel, I guess that makes complete sense, given the boats hanging off the quarter davits could be a hindrance to firing the cannons in that area. The good thing for me is the model is not an accurate representation of a specific time, so I figure that gives me a little bit of license to personalize it. I don't want to go crazy with it, but I just love the look of small boats on a larger model. Model Ship World also has the greatest participants, with the best information! 🙂 Thanks for the information! Mark
  3. Hi Allan, I am actually doing a restoration of a Victory model my Uncle completed back in the late 1970's, early 1980's. I have already added the life boats on the quarters, which my Uncles original build did not have, but was curious about the mid-ship boats. Based on the plans I was able to acquire, I honestly cannot tell which boats are called for. On one of my rigging plans, there is an outline of a small boat, but I do not see anything calling for a specific size/type of small boat. For me, I love the extra level of detail small boats provide, so figured I would reach out here to
  4. Hi Allan, Excellent information thanks. Actually that makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Sounds like it really comes down to how I want to configure the lifeboats for my model and tastes. Thanks, Mark
  5. Perfect, thank you B.E.! I have seen stacked, then side by side and wondered which configuration was considered more accurate. Thanks again, Mark
  6. Hello, Can someone tell me what the "proper" mid-ship small boat stowage configuration is for the HMS Victory? I see many different configurations for stowing the small boats mid-ship, but was wondering what the "real" set up was. Thanks, Mark
  7. Hello David! Thank you for your support! Yes, now the rigging begins. Should be interesting because I am going by the old Sergal rigging plans and they are presenting quite the puzzle!! 🤣 Funny you should mention the small boats............I was thinking yesterday that I may start to think about building and installing the small boats mid-ship. I think before I do that though, I want to get the rigging done, put the gun port lids back on, get the deck cannons back in place, and take care of quite a few other deck details as you mentioned. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless!!
  8. First time in over 20 years the ship has had yards on the foremast!! Now the rigging fun begins! Thanks, Mark
  9. Start to finish with the foremast lower yard. Had to make it from scratch so took a little longer than I anticipated, but happy with how it turned out. The picture with the two yards is a comparison with one of the originals I was able to salvage from the "wreck"! 🙂
  10. Hello, Refurbished yard is now on the foremast and rigged. Just need to make final tension adjustments and tie off the lines. 7 more to go!! 😁 Thanks, Mark
  11. Hello, Here is the final product after being refurbished. The tackle is not correct based on other build logs I have seen, but matches up to the Sergal instructions I have. This is one of the original yards that I was able to salvage from the "wreck". Worked hard to try and get added pieces to match the patina of the overall model. I can work with it, and hope to have this yard installed shortly. Thanks, Mark
  12. Hello David, Right now I am trying to restore them and get them looking close to the patina on the rest of the ship. So far so good I think. How is the Diana coppering coming along? Thanks, Mark
  13. Hello, It is a brass bending day! Installed the missing stunsail mounts for the middle yard on the foremast (can't remember the technical name for it). Thanks, Mark
  14. Hello, Milestone complete! First yard is on the old girl!! Tie off the lines, then 8 more to go!! 🤣 Thanks, Mark
  15. Hello, Now I am back to rigging! Here is the start point for running rigging. I was able to salvage a number of spars, but as you can see, some fabrication will be required. Thanks, Mark
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