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  1. I have ordered the kit and will start a construction log when I get it home.
  2. Here is a link https://www.amazon.co.uk/MINI-MAMOLI-GENZIANELLA-MINIMAMOLI-DUS_MM62/dp/B073XQTZ69 I havent found any building log or pictures of the kit other than Mamolis.
  3. Hi Is it possible to do something good with that kit, Genzianella?
  4. Is there any guide for scratchbuilding in card? Or maybe a building thread about scratchbuilding in card?
  5. I add that I have tools to cut plywood etc. I don't have to buy readymade list etc. I think that the wood material would cost 100 usd?
  6. Hi If I build a huge kit, example Danmark from Billing boats, and after five years I want to rebuild it because I then think I could build it better. How much of the material could I reuse if I tear it down? And how much would the new material cost, approx?
  7. Hi, I´m Urban and this is what my little(?) boatyard looks like: Corel, Sloop, the first build, the planking needs to be redone from the beginning. Sergal, Sciabecco, planked once and started a second lap, scrap? Mantua, Viking boat, worth building? Dumas, motorboat, very simple construction, worth building? Nordic atlast, Mariefred, made new keel and new ribs in 4 mm plywood. Nordic atlast, Vega, glued keel and ribs. Build it even in scale 1:45. Billing boats, Norden, planked. Billing boats, Phantom not started. Billing boats, Vasa, not started. Billing boats, Arnanes, set up the ribs. Billing boats, Gothenburg, not started. Bluejacket, Swampscott dory, rebuild? Bluejacket, Smuggler, the hull needs to be built on to the bottom. Bluejacket, Friendship sloop, once planked. Bluejacket, Spray, not started. Amati, Swedish gunboat, made the hull and parts of the deck. Artesania Latina, Vasa, not started. Occre, Santisima Trinidad, cross-section, built two decks approx. Ongoing construction, Swedish gunboat, Santisima Trinidad, Vega. What I have built clearly are three planed hulls. When I started this hobby, the idea was to build a model of the Vasa ship and I quickly realized that I had to learn by building other boats. It is very easy to buy a boat model and unfortunately quite easy to start it too but then it becomes more difficult. A question, should I start building logs even if I´m not sure that I will finish the build?
  8. Sorry, my english is not good, I like the buildingtechnic in Master Korabels kits but I would like other ships. I have seen a kit from a german manufacturer, but dont remember the name of the boat or the manufacturer.
  9. Hi I wonder if there is other manufacturers who make kits like Master Korabel?
  10. Hi The link to small craft points to plastic and resin models, I cant find a link to small craft.
  11. I think that Corels Le Mirage not have a role model. But is it ok as a typical french ship of the 17th century?

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