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  1. I think it's resin. Here is a close up. It would be very good with tips on painting and sanding because I have no experience with resin.
  2. These are details for my kit by the steamer Bohuslän. To Mariefred from the same manufacturer, it was white metal castings. But these look good, but think a little about the color.
  3. What sails did a ship like Vasa have set in severe weather?
  4. If I am going to show a modelship in a stand, in this case Vasa from 1628, should one show the starboard or port side?
  5. _One idea, just plank one side of the ship.
  6. Hi I have both Billings and DiAgostinis Vasa and the difference is hugh, I think its not right to compare them. DiAgostini-kit price is twice that of Billings, ofcourse the most is better in DiAgostini. I am a beginner myself so I cant tell if all is ok in DiAgostini kit. I think its the same kit you could buy from Artesania Latina https://artesanialatina.net/en/ships-elite/62091-wooden-model-ship-kit-swedish-warship-vasa-1-65-8437021128031.html One thing I like with the 1/65-kit is the basic construction of the ship. Much more stable than Billings. The wood I think is better in the 1/65-kit, its really bad in Billings.
  7. Good to hear that I´m not alone in my hullbuilding. As someone said, ¨when you buy a kit, you buy a dream¨.
  8. I should have written a smile beside the statement of simple. I thought about the qualty of the material. But I think that its mostly the size of the build that makes its a experience rate. Otherwise its like every other ship, just more planks, more cannons and a lot of rigging. I´m absolutely still a beginner in this hobby, even if I have built some hulls I have never completed a build. I have built the hulls of Norden, Billing boats, Swedish gun boat, Amati, Spray, Bluejacket, Lilla Dan, Billing boats (my first ship, bought and started 1976!), Phoenix, Master Korabel. Some of them have stopped on a problem in the build and Lilla Dan needs wood that I cant get because Covid. Phoenix is on hold because I need more training in building in wood, it is a very good kit but you must be very precise in building it, no tolerances. Maybe I just like planking a lot. I have now started Vasa because that was the ship I wanted to build from the beginning. Because of the pandemi I think that I maybe not have so much time left and I should use it as good as possible.
  9. With two persons in this thread that have built Billings Vasa I try to ask a question about the construction in the beginning. Billings suggest that I shall glue two lists 4x8 mm between frames 4 - 13. If I do so I have to force the lists approx 15 mm down on the frame in the middle. I dont like that to bend it so much, did you do that and how ? Or did you do it another way? I have glued all the frames to the keel.
  10. Luckily I bought an old Vasa-kit for 50 euro at a market, so I can replace the unusable parts. The old things were not lasercut but straight and of better quality than in the new kit, says a lot I think. I also like Master Korabel and now I understand what a big difference it is between different manufacturers. I have at least 10 Billing kits on the shelf, no one to blaim but myself. But they are cheap so if I buy new good wood I think I could make boats of them.
  11. Yes, maybe I shall throw everything in this box away. Really bad material, even if i only payed 400 I think its worth 100. Thats the worst thing about kits, the material is really bad. Maybe its a european thing, no one sells US kits in Sweden, apart från Eskader who sells Bluejacket, and what a difference compared to Billing boats.
  12. After reading the answers here, I have to ask if I break any rule if I do not build the model in the ¨correct¨ way? I was going to start a construction log, but now I doubt if this is the right forum.
  13. Billings Vasa is a fairly simple model, for example, the sculptures are greatly simplified. After I bought it, there was a much better one in scale 1:65 which I also bought. So my idea is to put Billings together first and then make a smaller effort. One thing I have thought of myself is to either simplify the rigging or to build the model with masts cut 5 cm above the deck. Thought there might be more ideas on what can be made easier.
  14. I'm thinking about how to most easily build this model, Vasa from Billing boats. Here on the forum, there are a lot of great constructions where the builders have probably spent hundreds of hours on their models. But I want to build the model in a simpler way, I just want something that looks ok for someone who is not a specialist in ship models. I am looking for tips on how I can simplify construction.
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