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  1. Hi Rick and welcome to MSW. I've had to pause building as I am currently working very long shifts. There are other Polaris builds here, one of which is finished and came out very well. You will find everything you need to get started here on MSW, happy building!
  2. Every pic of the deck the way the instructions show seemed too busy for me. As I am using this kit to learn new skills, I did some research on deck planking and decided to use the 3 Butt Shift system. Yeh, I think it looks a lot better than the instructions.
  3. I'm testing different methods of simulating treenails on scrap. I tried a colored pencil but not all were round. I will try drilling and filling with thinned paint or woodfiller.
  4. Deck planking is finished. I'm very happy with the way the caulking between planks came out, but disappointed in how simulating the butt joints with a pencil looks. If I had to do it again I would cut 24 foot planks and pencil the ends the same way I did the edges. Now on the treenails. I ordered a drawplate from Byrnes but it wont ship for 3 weeks. I'm considering using the drill and fill method. Should I shellac the deck first? I'm thinking this would help prevent filler from filling the surrounding woodgrain and make sanding/scraping neater. FYI, my schedule changed to where I'm home 1 day
  5. Havelock is building the Polaris as well and is further along in his build.
  6. I read somewhere here about how to unglue titebond. Do you think reinstalling the deck would correct the alignment at the bow and stern? The actual keel glues to the false keel and may look off center.
  7. Those look too soft, I'd be concerned about maintaining a flat surface. I found a set of plans online for sanding blocks, looks like I will be making those. Thanks!
  8. I'm looking for a vendor in the US that I can order the OcCre 90001 sanding block set from. A Google search nets a lot in Europe but the shipping is more than the set costs.
  9. The Evergreen white glue I use has a much smaller tip than elmers or titebond. I can lay a pretty small bead than spread it with a toothpick or brush. I put extra on each plank end. I have concerns about using this method on the second hull planking though, will think that through when I get there.
  10. I tried to simulate the caulking by using the pencil on multiple planks clamped together but wasn't happy with the results. Using a pencil along the edge after the glue sets came out much better.
  11. Started on the deck planking. Reading about the negative aspects of using contact cement as recommended by OcCre, I've decided to use a hobby grade white glue. After gluing down the starter plank I'm limited to two at a time, as I wipe the excess glue off. I then wait for the dampness to go away before proceeding. This will take longer but I think it will be the better method. If I was in a hurry I'd build a Lego pirate ship. After all the planks are placed I will let the deck cure for a few days and flex it to ensure good bonding.
  12. Yes, I was able to stock up on blades and things there. I also found some things at the local big box crafting store.
  13. Assembling the bulkheads in order going down the keel, I realized I should have done them in numerical order instead. The small main mast support A12 forced me to reverse the location of the clamps, blocking me from using one to square up stern piece A11. All turned out well in the end.
  14. I've started my first model ship kit. The Polaris seemed a good starter kit, all the build videos OcCre has sold me on this one. I'm building this on my time off, so updating may be slow in posting. The hull is started. Fitting the bulkheads to insure they were flush with the false keel, I put a witness mark on each so when gluing up they went in the same orientation as when fitted. As it turned out this was unnecessary as they were flush either way. Don't know if I got lucky or if this an indication as to the quality of the laser cutting. I will be using Titebond II on all non-vis
  15. Hi, my name is Lyle and I found your great site while researching expanding my hobby. I'm a truck driver and a lot of my weekends are spent at truckstops. I've been thinking of ways to spend this time creating something. I have been building plastic kits for many years, but didn't want those paints or glues in the cab. I knew I wanted to work in wood, as most materials are water-based. In my mind model ships always seemed a daunting task, what with all those sails and rigging. Browsing the internet I discovered there were companies that offered beginner level kits that were much less complex t
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