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  1. Thank you guys🙂. I continue with rudder´s well and lockers.
  2. Ceiling in the wardroom and quarter gallery´s access door.
  3. To Oliver1973 - The holder for Proxxon vice is selfmade (not my production). I continue with rear windows (lights?).
  4. Tnak you guys. To No Idea: I have one Proxxon milling maschine, I only added electronic control to the x-axis. As for accuracy I agree with Derek. Some stern improvements.
  5. Thank you guys for your feedback. My experience with hand carving is minimal and not very good. Therefore, the use of CNC milling maschne for carvings seemed to be the only possible solution. But even the actual production of cnc carvings requires knowledge of several computer programs to create a 3D model and prepare data for the CNC milling machine. So it's not just about turning on cnc and waiting. Answer to scrubbyj427 - CNC maschine is small maschine made in China, but so far I'm satisfied. Now some new pictures - stem.
  6. Thank you guys for nice comments. Scrollwork and moldings are done with CNC milling maschine. The same situation is for the parts on next pictures. All carvings are made with CNC. It is likely that some of you will condemn this process, but you will not stop technical progress. I would be quite interested in your opinion on the use of modern techniques for creating carvings.
  7. Thank you guys. Answer to Glenn: The groove is made so that you only have to push the plank into the groove. For sure, however, it is still glued with double-sided tape. I started work on stern - moulding rails.
  8. Thank you druxey🙂. Main topsail sheet bitts and the deck is completed.
  9. To dowmer - this time I used brass, which is then tinned, and tin foil, which is glued to the deck with double-sided adhesive tape. To glbarlow - the maximum length I can do on a milling maschine is 28 cm, for longer plank I use "special jig" - see picture. I insert the plank into the groove in the jig, perform the milling of the first part, remove the plank and move it forward and continue milling. I continue with breast hook, collar beam and bowsprit partner.
  10. Hi Michael, moldings are made on CNC milling maschine. I am using VCarve software for this purpose. You have to create only curve (cross section) of molding and maschine does the work itself🙂. You can see in this example that my workmanship is not so superb as you noted🙂. Preparation of deck beams for forecastle and quarter deck.
  11. Thank you guys for all likes and very nice comments🙂. To archjofo: why that modesty, your work on La Creole is amazing. To JpR62: the moldings are done with milling maschine. I continue with planking the outer parts of the hull.
  12. To Druxey - thanks for informations, I discussed this situation with my friend who had the same problem. I cover these lead items with clear varnish and the whole hull is then preserved with the wax. I hope that it will be OK. To Alexandru - I am using the french Sajou thread for the ropes (https://sajou.fr/en/339-fil-au-chinois-gloving-thread-1000m-cones). Unfortunately this thread is only in one thicknesess. Completed ceiling.
  13. Thank you James H🙂. Forecastle and quaterdeck deck clamps, scuppers -made of lead foil.
  14. Various openings are cut into the framing - gun ports, windows and double sheaved fairleads.
  15. Some deck details - inner waterways, binding strake, carlings and ledges.
  16. To No Idea - I mostly use the two flute router bits (https://cnc-plus.de/en/End-Mills-266/2-Flute-281/Carbide-Two-Flute-Router-bits--2-Flute-End-Mills--CNC-Cutter-Bits-2983.html). Waterway.
  17. Thank you guys for all comments and likes. To No Idea: tilting base is specially designed and "home made" for existing Proxxon vice. To dvm27: I have visited Sherline web - this maschine is fantastic, I´ve never seen anything like it before. After about one week all ropes are finished, cca 190 ropes in 14 thickness. Lenght of one ropes is approximately 180 cm.
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