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  1. To PeteB: I used the black translucent paper for the caulking. The last stem decorations are added. All carvings are made with CNC milling maschine with small manual corrections.
  2. To Hubac´s Historian - Thanks for compliment. I still have some rest at the stern - decorations.
  3. Thank you Alex M, I have to say I learned many things from you. Forecastle and quarter deck beams preparation - hatchway openings, capstan steps and mast wedges.
  4. Thank you guys for all likes and nice comments. The next task on the gundeck were trunks (or chests?).
  5. Thank you guys🙂. Completion of the interior of the cabins.
  6. To the learner - The basis is a wooden plate into which depressions are milled and holes for nails are drilled. A cotton pad (a make-up cotton pad that I borrowed from my wife) is glued to the plate prepared in this way. Push the cotton into the recess with the end of the brush nozzle. Glue any suitable cloth and push the material into the recess again. Finally, thread the nails with small heads through the cloth and cotton into the holes in the wooden board, glue and cut. Glue the ends of the fabric over the edges of the wooden board and you're done. Inner bulkheads - continuation part two.
  7. Thank you guys for all your comments and likes. To scrubbyj427: I am using CNC maschine made by China, these maschines are avaiable worldwide (see the picture). I started works on inner bulkheads.
  8. To isalbert: Yes, I am using the cnc milling maschine for some works. "Side windows".
  9. Scrubbyj427 - I am using pear wood (steamed and not steamed - different color) and black hornbeam. Completion of the quarter gallery.
  10. Thank you guys🙂. I continue with rudder´s well and lockers.
  11. Ceiling in the wardroom and quarter gallery´s access door.
  12. To Oliver1973 - The holder for Proxxon vice is selfmade (not my production). I continue with rear windows (lights?).
  13. Tnak you guys. To No Idea: I have one Proxxon milling maschine, I only added electronic control to the x-axis. As for accuracy I agree with Derek. Some stern improvements.
  14. Thank you guys for your feedback. My experience with hand carving is minimal and not very good. Therefore, the use of CNC milling maschne for carvings seemed to be the only possible solution. But even the actual production of cnc carvings requires knowledge of several computer programs to create a 3D model and prepare data for the CNC milling machine. So it's not just about turning on cnc and waiting. Answer to scrubbyj427 - CNC maschine is small maschine made in China, but so far I'm satisfied. Now some new pictures - stem.
  15. Thank you guys for nice comments. Scrollwork and moldings are done with CNC milling maschine. The same situation is for the parts on next pictures. All carvings are made with CNC. It is likely that some of you will condemn this process, but you will not stop technical progress. I would be quite interested in your opinion on the use of modern techniques for creating carvings.
  16. Thank you guys. Answer to Glenn: The groove is made so that you only have to push the plank into the groove. For sure, however, it is still glued with double-sided tape. I started work on stern - moulding rails.
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