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  1. I glued together all the parts of the keel and put the keel into the building board. Now remains to make a rabbet and I will start preparing for the frame construction.
  2. So, the remaining parts of the keel are completed. Without a milling machine, this work would be very problematic.
  3. Thank you guys. This construction will be much more complicated than Pandora, a lot of POF techniques are new to me, but I hope I can handle it. The first few parts of the keel are done. First little complication was making some parts from two different kind of wood.
  4. Thank you guys to all for very kind comments😉. I would like to invite all my followers to watch my new building log:
  5. After a long creative vacuum, I started a new project. This is the so-called "gabare" Le Gros Ventre at 1:48 scale, the model will be realized using the POF method (plank on frame) according to a monograph by Gerard Delacroix. I will use cherry, pear, black hornbeam and maple wood for the building, without painting. Gabare is a cargo ship used by the French Royal Navy during the 18th and 19th centuries. For this reason, there is no orlop deck. The first phase of the construction was the making of a building board necessary for the installation of frames on the keel. Great attention must
  6. Thank you to all for very nice and kind comments🙂. Last week I took part in the C-class World Championship and here is the result:
  7. So finally, after about 3750 hours, I got to the finish. Thanks to everyone for watching my log and I would like to invite you to watch my next building log - Le Gros Ventre POF.
  8. Thank you guys. The boats are finally completed. It is now still to finish the oars, masts and spars and install everything on the model.
  9. Dirk, thanks for your comment. I agree, the flags could be better. But - the flags are printed with laser printer on thin batist (two times from each side) and this was one of the best attempt after a long time spent. The last part of Pandora constuction - two boats. Some pictures from hull making.
  10. Thank you montaňes. I installed the flags on the model and now only boats remain to do. The Pandora included 5 boats which all are placed in central part of the ship. To see equipment on the board I decide to make only two boats.
  11. Thank you guys. Mike Y: I's tempting, but two shows in September are enough, maybe next time. Little progress - anchor´s installation.
  12. Thank you very much guys! To dvm27 - this model will be installed in my living room together with my other models. To wyz - some people will be have the possibility to see this model in September 2018 in Romania (Naviga´s World Championship) and in Czech Republik (Czech Championship). Some pictures from lanterns production.
  13. Thank you guys, the sails and riggings are finally completed. It remains now to make back lanterns, fix the anchors and the last part - the boats.
  14. Thank you guys for all comments and likes. I am very happy because number of followers reached 100. To druxey: I have tried the metod of making ropes you describe, but the result was not good for me. If you unwind the thread and rewind it left handed before spinning resulting rope is not the same quality as the ropes without unwinding (my opinion). From this reason I decided to make the left handed ropes. To cabrapente: I dont undestand the word " cabuyeria ", but all knots are fixed with diluted white PVA glue. To Ryzuhr: Most information is taken form Anatomy of the ship PANDO
  15. The running rigging should have right direction, but it is difficult to make right-handed rigging from the right-handed threads. I tried it, but the results was not acceptable. So I decided to make all rigging as left-handed. Next part - cross jack yard and mizzen course installation.
  16. Thank you guys for so many nice responses. To aviaamator: I have found no informations about it, but there are many pictures in the Lees book (The masting and rigging of english ships of war), where can you see that direction of leech rope was the same on both sides of the sail. I continue with the fore and main course. Only these two sails will be partially furled.
  17. I started to install yards and sails. I wanted to furl the spritsail course and spritsai topsail, but I was not satisfied with the result, so I changed my mind and decided to leave these sails without furling. From this reason I had to make additionally the water holes in the spritsail course (Druxey - you were right). It was somewhat complicated because the yard with sail has already been installed on the bowsprit.
  18. To Druxey - some sails will be partially furled - fore and main course, sprit sail and sprit topsail - from this reason I saved little bit time and made no water holes - they will not be visible. To Ilhan Gokcay - there are only two folds at the edge. The edges are reinforced with diluted PVA ( 3 (water):1 (PVA) ratio). After drying is posiible tu cut the cloth without fraying.The belts are made from the same reinforced cloth - without folds. Mike R - bolt rope is attached with glue for textile. Now all the sails are attached to their yards.
  19. Many thanks. All about 600 pcs reef points are in place. Now the only thing left is to attach the sails on the yards.
  20. Thank you guys for very nice comments and likes. I added all strenghtening belts and bolt ropes with cringles. For the finishing of the sails, it is only necessary to add the reef points.
  21. Thank you guys. After a short break I started to sewing the sails. I managed to get a nice soft batiste with a slight beige touch, so I did not have to work with a dye. At this moment, I have sewn all the sails on which "only" is left to add different reinforcement and reef bands, add a bolt rope and fasten the reef points. And then, of course, bending the sails to the yards - that´s enough work.
  22. Hi druxey, I know about this problem. This situation describes David Antscherl in his book of Swan model (the picture from your post is propably from this book). But on the other hand, I have no reason to disbelive informations which was published by Lees and Petersson (both books I own). Standing rigging is finished, the rudder is in place. Now is the time to prepare the sails.
  23. The topmast level is done, it remains only topgallant level and the standing rigging will be completed.
  24. Tops are now installed on the masts, completed futtock shrouds and crowsfeets. The "first floor" is finished and I can start with "second floor" - the topmasts.
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