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  1. Thank you guys for all your likes😉. To hdrinker: CNC milling maschine was used mainly for cutting of frames. But the beveling had to be done manually. Beveling of hawse timbers was somewhat more complicated. Aft, all the bulkheads are now completed.
  2. Thank you guys, little progress. Now I am ready to start the wotk inside the hull.
  3. Hi druxey, all woods will darken after waxing, but there will still be a visible color difference between white, black and brown wood. Deck beams are completed, it remains only the last aft one and the deck level breast hook.
  4. Thank you Johann, I have to say that you have no reason to learn from me becouse your work on La Créole is fantastic. I use "white" hornbeam and the "black" hornbeam for the bolts. Black wood simulates iron bolts and white wood the treenails.
  5. Thanks Johann😊. Planking is finally done. Now I am going to glue about 6500 pcs of "bolts".
  6. To Michel Bérnard: the yellow band is standard masking tape (Revell or Tamiya) - see the picture. Next ten strakes is done, it remains last 10 strakes.
  7. First five strakes are in place, now only the remaining twenty.
  8. Installation of wales which are made from "black" hornbeam.
  9. Thank you guys😉. I added some parts inside the hull - limber strake, sleepers and breast hooks. Now is the right time for wales installation.
  10. Riders - these parts was made in the same way as the frames.
  11. Thank you guys, your words pleased me😉. The ceiling is finally done. I will continue with riders and mast steps.
  12. I started work on ceiling, it will be a long and slow work 😟.
  13. Thank you guys for the kind words😉. Rest of filling frames is added (with the door opening). Because I managed to break one of the counter timbers, I ruther stuck immediately the window battens.
  14. Thank you druxey. I am very happy every time I finish a complicated piece. But then comes another one, no less complicated. And so on. For example next pieces - outer counter timbers.
  15. I made a small but rather complicated part - part 10 from the plate 8, an extension of the building bord for installation of counter timbers.
  16. Hi Dowmer, deck clamps are made from pear wood. I use the old bender (first picture) for wood bending. Not the shaped end, but the heating tube to which I place a water-soaked cloth. Steam from the water heats the wood and makes the bending easier. The deck clamps are attached to the hull. Now I am going to finish the stern.
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