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  1. Riders - these parts was made in the same way as the frames.
  2. Thank you guys, your words pleased me😉. The ceiling is finally done. I will continue with riders and mast steps.
  3. I started work on ceiling, it will be a long and slow work 😟.
  4. Thank you guys for the kind words😉. Rest of filling frames is added (with the door opening). Because I managed to break one of the counter timbers, I ruther stuck immediately the window battens.
  5. Thank you druxey. I am very happy every time I finish a complicated piece. But then comes another one, no less complicated. And so on. For example next pieces - outer counter timbers.
  6. I made a small but rather complicated part - part 10 from the plate 8, an extension of the building bord for installation of counter timbers.
  7. Hi Dowmer, deck clamps are made from pear wood. I use the old bender (first picture) for wood bending. Not the shaped end, but the heating tube to which I place a water-soaked cloth. Steam from the water heats the wood and makes the bending easier. The deck clamps are attached to the hull. Now I am going to finish the stern.
  8. Hi Chris, nice to see you here with your Le Gros Ventre log. You decided to built the model in the large scale as me, I will watch with pleasure your progress. Vladimir
  9. Thank you guys. Chris - I will propably build the ship without adding the extra gun ports. So rest of filling keys is added, the groove for bilge water is made, the whole hull is sanded and prepared fot the next task.
  10. The inner part of the hull is sanded, so I started to instal the filling keys between the frames.
  11. All frames are glued to the keel, now is time to sand the inner part of the hull.
  12. Thank you guys😉. I began with bolting of the individual frames, first aft and first front frames are glued now to the keel.
  13. To Dirk - I bought this machine from one Czech company - https://cnc.inshop.cz/cnc-frezky-a-routery/mala-modelarska-cnc-frezka-pro-gravirovani-a-ryti. This company is co-owned with one man from German and milling maschines are made in China under inspection people from German. So I hope the quality of production will also be under tight control. Milling speed is in my case cca 15-20 mm/s, time required for one frame production is aprox. 7 minutes (milling maschine makes 10 passes). Beveling was done in two phases, rough sanding was made with help of Proxxon maschines, fine sanding was ma
  14. I bought a "good helper" for producing of the frames. I have lost more than three months because I have found an untrustworthy supplier and I have had to look for another one but I am still satisfied with the result. The frames are ready for the beveling.
  15. Preparation of parts for frame production - it was necessary to cut approximately 700 pcs of individual parts.
  16. Thanks for comments😉. Hawse timbers and cant frames - The construction of these parts is more complicated because the individual frames are not glued directly to each other but have a small gap between them. Only the second attempt was successful.
  17. Thank you guys.4 After several unsuccessful attempts is stern completed. The lower filling parts I had to make four times😡.
  18. Thank you Albert😉. I continue with making of stern parts - filling transoms, wing transom, fashion pieces.
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