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  1. Thank you guys. Toms10 - I'm very glad that my log serves as an inspiration for other modellers. And now a few more pictures - installation of blocks on the lower masts.
  2. Thank you guys for compliments. Before installing the masts on the model, they must be fitted with different blocks. I started with installing the blocks under the tops.
  3. Hi Johann, thanks for the link. Your method is much better as mine. I have to find time and thoroughly read your log because it is GREAT!! So finally I finished al mast parts and now is time to prepare for rigging.
  4. Albert, Dirk - thank you for comments. Dirk, I spend most of my time building a Pandora and I do not have much time to watch other posts, but I must say that your work on USS Confederacy is also wonderful. Lower masts are finished with colouring, tops are completed by deadeyes and railings.
  5. Thank you aviaamator. The top masts are ready and I'm starting to slowly compose masts together.
  6. First of all I would like thank you all for very very nice comments - I am very happy for that. And now the answer for Greg´s (dvm27) qustion: the wooden woolding hoops are made from very thin pear plank - dimesions are 0,4 x 1,0 mm. This plankmust be thoroughly moistened in water and then it can be carefully wrapped around the corresponding round rod. Both end of the planks are fixed and after drying (preferably overnight) you get a wooden spiral from which the individual rings are then cutted - see picture. And now a few new photos - lower mast tops. It remains to add rail, deadeyes and blocks - it will be made after coloring.
  7. Some other pictures of lower masts (woolding hoops and wooldings, iron hoops).
  8. Thank you guys, the answer to the jdbondy question: See the picture in my post dated 4 August. There is an aid tool which I use to make networks. After thread stretching is important thoroughly to overlap the netting with diluted PVA glue. After drying is possible to cut the netting into the required shape. Work is now slower, thanks to my own stupidity, I often have to make some parts agani and again. Some pictures from lower mast production for today.
  9. Thank you guys for kind words and likes. After some week I finished with yards production. Now is time for masts and tops.
  10. To Ilhan: Parts of hammock cranec are made from different messing tubes and profiles. Individual parts are then soldered together with silver soldering paste. Installation of hammock nettings and swivel guns - the last part of the hull at this moment. Now I am going making the masts, tops, yards etc.
  11. Thank you guys. I made and installed all hammock cranes, now remains to make the nettings.
  12. Anchors and anchor buyos - the anchors are made from three parts soldered together.
  13. To gorington: The caulking is simulated with black paper glued to the planks. Steering whell - the quarter deck is finished.
  14. Thank you Nils. I added some small items on the qurter deck, now remains the last item which will be placed on the quarter deck - stering wheels.
  15. I forgot to answer the Tigersteve´s question - brass blackening is made with blackening agent for Tiffany technology (http://www.vensy.cz/vensy/eshop/12-1-Tiffany-technika-cinovani/31-2-Chemie-pro-cinovani/5/345-Patina-cerna-tiffany-technika), warm solution 2:50 (water). The next one is binnacle.
  16. Thank you guys for your nice comments and all likes. Carronades are completed and mounted on the deck. The quarter deck is starting to fill up nicely.
  17. Thank you guys for all the likes and nice comments. To Ondras71: You are not right, there are many other builders much better as me on this forum. Swivel guns and carronades - it remains to make the carriages for carronades, the swivel guns are ready for the mounting (will be done later).
  18. Quarter deck breastwork with hammock cranes and netting. I spend the next few days at the lathe - I have to make swivel guns and carronades.
  19. Thanks Greg . Cat blocks, fish davits, cavel blocks, forecastle breastwork and belfry - the forecastle deck is more or less completed.
  20. Sorry guys, due failure in MSW I was able to post only some pictures in the last post, no text. Now is all OK and I continue with installation of gangboards and ladders.
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