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  1. Hi, some new updates: Final gun deck. Some planks not mounted to show whats beneath. I will have fake vertical bars and after looking in the Backer linked Wasa dream pictures I decided to show a bit of the lower part and diversify the bars a bit. I will also show the upper sides of the bars sticking up above the weather deck. I think I will only have one of the cannon holes on upper deck - not both.
  2. Hi, I found this page about making cannons for the Wasa museum 1:10 ship. Cannons It fits what Michael suggests, main artillery of 24 pounds guns (48 in all) whereas some heavy 4m (I guess for bottom gun deck) and a shorter (3m) light version for upper gun deck. On upper weather deck there was some 1 pound falconers (<1m), some 3 pound culverins (3m) and 6 Howitzers [stormstycken] of caliber 20, 42 and 82 pounds (1.7m, 2m and 2.7m length). Swedish war ships 1600-1649 Ooops!
  3. Regarding were I found the gun: I found it in my parents garage - like the "pickers" on Discovery channel. I have an idea of making one more gun out of clay for the main deck. I put some oak stain on the bright wood and tried to get a different nuance on the horizontal bars. I will have some planking on the "floor" put gaps so the structure underneath is visible. had problem getting the right angles on this part - in the lower picture. The vertical beams are a little convex.
  4. Wow, that was a fine collection of pictures. I will need them. Thanks!
  5. You are so right, It keep coming saw dust every were even when using the vacuum cleaner insert connected to the saw. The saw was nice but on the small-side for the Walnut - it so much nicer to use the Japanise hand saw - and the mini carpenter's plane I have.
  6. Hi, slow progress but some new: I found some fresh wood that I used but soon realized I had to buy some dried from store. So I bought Walnut and linden wood. And then I needed a electric saw too.. Yes, as the fresh wood got drier it got hard as (apple tree) - not so easy to cut and work with. The linden was so much easier.
  7. Finished the paper model and thinking about going forward with using wood. Have not yet decided the width - or keeping the deck round cannon holes or not. The section is now from the main mast area. I have found at least two kit that has a similar design - I think this was Corel: This below is not a Wasa kit but the above is, but one idea could be to skip upper cannon deck. I have run into some issues though. - The cannon (my) is a lower cannon deck type. It seems that the ship had a similar on upper cannon deck, but slightly lowe
  8. Before getting starting with the Sovereign of the seas and after finding a Wasa cannon in scale 1:15, i decided to try to build a section with a upper cannon deck port. The cannon is missing some details. I have the Wasa book with nice drawings and first I will try to do a cardboard model to get an idea of the size required and wood needed. I think it will be quite big - and heavy. I am wondering about what parts will be visible or not. I have cut some wood and dried but now I think I have to re-think the amount of wood and
  9. Some final pictures of the build - only acrylic showcase left to build - seem every other facility bought plexiglas for Covid-19 protection nowadays.
  10. With the experience from doing all the mast I removed the old bowsprit mast and created a new with a small brass wire to stiffen up the mast to correlate the force pulling it backwards. New nicer hemp yarn - Amati rigging thread (bought all from Cornwall model boats) instead of Billing boat kits cotton. Made the plaque out of modelling clay. As well as the weapon shield held by the lion figure head together with an extra lion at the very front of the bowsprit. Could not resist
  11. Added only the upper rope and skipped the sometime used lower rope (for closing the port). Maybe I should have reduced the thickness (plastic part of the lids). The rope and hinges - to bad they are only seen when the port is closed. Finally all ports done. Time to glue the balcony platforms. All flags mounted and only some small things left - add some deck fillers - barrels, bags and cannon balls - redo the whole bowsprit (the mast is leaning backwards) - add a "Vasa 1628" plate to the stand
  12. Decided to skip the lantern at the rear and only have a flagpole (with the big flag): The mizzen mast with multiple ropes. A bit clay for the anchor float ball
  13. I made some mini-blocks that was not included in the kit: It was tricky to get tension on all wires even using a template and lots of wall paper glue: I hid all remaining wires under the crow´s nest. The mistake I made on the front mast keeping the shrouds connected to the blocks below getting it hard to work on the deck - this was avoided on the main mast and the whole shroud could be loosened to get access on working on the deck details.
  14. Thank you Kirill - I wish I could paint like you on the Galleon ship of yours. Like a icon painting in 3D.
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