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  1. Thank you Kevin. I am sorry that I haven't posted anything in a while but this is because I rebuilding my basement so all energy goes in to that project at the moment. I only build little on airplanes from time to time at the moment. But I will continue as soon as I am finished with the rebuilding. And good luck with your build. Don't hesitate to try our own things on it
  2. Hello Kent. No no I am rebuilding my basement so have not so much time over for model buildnig at the moment. Have done little bit more on Sherbourne and build some 1:72 airplanes. Need to do little bit more for next update though.
  3. Agree with Tony! Nice to have another one Good work so far.
  4. You can also use perfect putty from Deluxe. You just take away the rests with water.
  5. You can do as I did, use the brass letters in the kit (or buy smaller) and use these as templates and paint the name instead.
  6. Looks very good and now you are ahead of me... The varnish should protect it better. I also have little bit cloth attached to the stand for further protection. I just tilt the ship on the stand so I can work with it.
  7. Tack så mycket Yes it is that book. I use it lot of making the parts to Sherbourne. I have no idea of sailing and the name on things I can also recommend Lennart Pettersons Rigging books.
  8. I use the Alert book to name the things. And I have no idea what it is in Swedish:) Good job.
  9. Hi all. Here is another build log from me...again. I did a rethinking at home. Until now I have always had the idea to build what I am currently working on before I start a new build. This actually only result on pressure on me because often when I new kit is released or I find some kit that I am rally exiting on I buy them. But with the thinking that I need to build the old ones first this result in that they end up on the shelf and becomes "old ones" because the initial excitement is lost. So from now on, when I buy a new kit (this don't correspond to the wooden ships because this i another matter) so will I build it directly. And then work my way backward in my collection instead. So here is my new build log over the new Supermarine Spitfire from Tamiya that I received at my birthday in June. I also want to have some easy builds at the side of Sherbourne. The Tamiya kits are wonderful and are always relaxing builds with minimal sanding and because the fitting is so good. Here is the content in the box: Here are the main tools that I am using when building plastic kits: So lets begin. I start with the cockpit and here was it some ejector pins that were needed to fix. Shame on you Tamiya... I don't know if I did some mistake but there was a step on both sides between the upper and lower part of the fuselage. And also my often repeated problem with using to much Tamiya extra thin glue... But this was easily fixed with some sanding. I use masking tape to protect details when I am sanding. The cockpit is really good but some touches are needed to improve it. A 0.6 mm drill in this case. Here is the assembled parts of the cockpit so you can see the high degree of detail. And dry assembled After this I primed the parts. I use a mix of Mr paint primer and Mr hobby primer. I mixed them because my bottle of Mr paint primer was broken... All the details come to life when primer is applied. This is all for now.
  10. Looks good. For the second planking I only used superglue in combination with wood glue. In the beginning I used pins at the sides but they did marks on the edge of the wood. The superglue is doing the same work as a pin and you can press it in place with your fingers. Then the superglue will keep it in place until the wood glue sets.

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