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  1. I finally have had time to start on the Longboat. I found that this is a good re-starter kit for me - the last one was over 45-50 years ago and was never completed due to a whole bunch of things - mainly life. I did spend some of that time building flying models and some small furniture so i have some experience with wood. I am not a great craftsman by any means, but I try and a I enjoy it. To date I have built both versions of the keel just to see what I can do. I did build 2 versions of the half lap keel - the first not so good - the second is what I selected and I am now on my
  2. An indigenous American name. Like Cuyahoga, Tuscararous, Erie as in lake Erie, Ohio as in the US state and river - it seems like both countries like to keep some of the original names for places and things. I think ours might be easier to pronounce 🙂
  3. Allan, My dad and I fished in Pymatuning when i was a kid. Most of my fishing has been done in the Akron, Kent area (West Branch, Mogadore, Wingfoot, Portage Lakes, and Nimisila reservour), and also our family yearly trip to the land of lakes in Ontario, Canada. I haven't done any fishing for the past 9-10 years. I hope to change that next year.
  4. Thanks Louie - I probably won't be starting any projects till next February when I retire. I have been spending a lot of time reading other's build logs. There are some beautiful ships that folks have built. I'm learning a lot just from reading the logs and seeing what tricks folks have used to make things go smoother. This site is amazing!
  5. Thank you all for your kind welcomes - they are appreciated.
  6. I just got the bug to start building model ships again. I started out about 50 years ago with a Scientific Constitution that never got finished - almost did though - just needed the rigging completed. Between moving numerous times, getting married, having kids and life - it never got completed. And, somewhere along the way the box with the plans/instructions and the rest of what was needed disappeared. So, now I am getting ready to retire in January and I thought it was time to do ships again. After all I will need something to keep me busy. I have had forays into wooden flying mo
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