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  1. To me this is a real testament from someone who I trust more than a amazon reviewer who I have no contact with other than reading there review. I can tell you that the DA-5's are really very good, so I am happy for the price! When it comes to my eyes I do not fool around. My eye glasses cost $600 for that reason, I worked in the arts most of my life and needed the best that I could get. My computer monitor cost $900, that is the part I look at! Could I get any of these items in this quality for less, I doubt it. Bottom line and the reason I posted this topic, If I am going to spend hours looking at or through something I want the best that I can get for what I can afford, for the job that I want it for. Thanks for all the input!
  2. Y.T. my experience in life to date has taught me that you get what you pay for. Good luck with the ones you bought for $17 I am sure you got your moneys worth. If you are basing your suggestion that what you got is as good as the Donegan DA-5 because of the particulate review that you cite perhaps you should have noticed that the reviewer does not have the verified purchase next to his review. Which I looked for only after reading his review because a lot of what he had to say was obviously made up by someone who did not know what they were talking about. Not sure if you read the verified purchase reviews for the ones you bought but if you did then again I say you get what you pay for. BTW amazon is amazing I ordered the DA-5 yesterday and have them in my hand errr on my head today Cheers ~
  3. Thanks Kurt, my bad I tried under mageyes with no results. Just ordered the Donegan DA-5. Cheers ~
  4. Planning on doing some carving and thought a good pair of mageyes might be helpful. Do you use them and what make or brand would you recommend. What magnification works best for 1/64 scale...
  5. Yes I've had a good look at yours Svein it is really coming along nicely Dubz is going to take me a while to get through because I am a picture kind of person lol. I've ordered up cannon's and cannon "balls" thanks for that tip in your log! Probably be mid November before I start mine...
  6. 👍 Those look great Svein, love the wheel too. Very nice. Hope your log is on here I will look for it...
  7. Thanks Svein, yes I suspected the 18lb for the long guns would be the way to go. At least they should fit without any issue. Cheers ~
  8. Good evening er morning or afternoon, I am in the process of doing my Syren MS2260 kit inventory. I am planning on bashing this kit which will be my second model ship build to date and have a couple questions hopefully you can help me with. I found a few (what I think are) large discrepancies between the plans and kit provided parts. The carronades are often replaced using these from Cauldercraft. The kit cannonades are the correct length but the width is lacking giving them a very skinny appearance. The long guns kit provided are just shy of 37mm's but on the plans are 43.19mm a fair difference. Cauldercraft have two that I think would work these at 41.6mm or these at 45.5mm. I am leaning toward the 45.5 18lb'er but haven't been able to find what others have used for these two long guns off the stern. Your thoughts would be appreciated. The ships wheel on the plans is 36.94mm but the kit supplied wheel is 26.75mm quite a difference in scale. So I think I will change out the cast one with a real wood wheel while doing the cannons and carronades. My other question is in relation to the figurehead. It is my understanding from what I have read that the figurehead of the mermaid was put on the Syren by the British shortly after her capture in 1813 but please correct me if I am wrong. Was the Mermaid used because the original figurehead was not recorded? Your thoughts and or suggestions would be appreciated as I am still quite new to this hobby but loved doing my first build of the MS Bluenose 1/64. Cheers Nova aka Robin ~ Couple Pics:
  9. ahhh cheers Peter, I've renamed the numbered file. Good work
  10. Peter I don't think it is the Danmark, I've been through the six harddrives on this system and the attached is the largest pick I could find. The original is probably on DVD somewhere lol.

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