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  1. Finally got my top head rail and timbers installed on the starboard side. I made a bad cut and had to redo the top rails. I don't think I've done a very good job on this area but I've got to much on my plate at the moment to want to change it out and start over. I'm calling it as a learning experience and will hopefully do better on future builds with head rails and timbers. Heading off to Newfoundland end of next week also for a couple of weeks and looking forward to that Cheers ~
  2. I have a friend who makes his treenails this way. It is a really good way to do it. Nice work if I had a drill press I would be doing it this way over toothpics too.
  3. Thank you all for the comments and likes helps keep the build juices flowing. Took the Admiral to Lunenburg for her bday. Of coarse we went down to the wharf and saw the Bluenose II, had a great chat with some of the crew and grabbed a few pics. No one is allowed on board as the crew are all self isolating together. They are in the process of getting her ship shape to head out around the Maritimes for the season. The plan is to sail around most of Nova Scotia from Yarmouth to Meat Cove, as well as parts of New Brunswick and PEI. Season schedule: Here
  4. Yes that was an amusing story thanks for sharing. I can see why those little dory's were so popular too. Here is a pic I took yesterday down on the wharf in Lunenburg. The design hasn't really changed over the years. Cheers ~
  5. Judging by where you are now you will have no problem doing the tiles no comparison to the castings! I am not sure why they even put them in the kit? You will be caught up to me soon at the rate your going and thanks for doing the quarters ahead of me It is one item I have been putting off.
  6. Wally thanks for the great comment bud. I think I made each one of them timbers about five times to get one I was even remotely happy with lol. Cheers
  7. OMG! THE LOWER HEAD RAIL TIMBERS ARE IN!!! man that would drive a sailor to drink Btw in the first pic you will notice I did not sand the starboard inboard planking! I left it natural on purpose because I wanted to see the difference with the port side which was sanded lightly. PHEW!!!
  8. Not a lot of time in the last couple of weeks but I have all my headrail parts cut out of pear and the catheads with little working sheaves. Started assembly and began adding the headrail timbers oh is that fun.
  9. She is a beauty Technically you should switch the way you have your flags. You did exactly what I did before doing my research lol. In fact the NS flag off the gaff is the most important flag position on the ship and reserved for the ships country of origin. If the ship was visiting another country and decided to fly that countries flag as a courtesy or to honor them then they would fly the other countries flag in any position below there own. The NS flag or any other sign or signal flags that the ship uses can go higher or lower than the country flag. The NS flag usually went where you have the CA flag. You have done such an awesome job making your flags. The signal flags are really going to add a nice touch to the end effect. Cheers Robin ~
  10. You should still be able to drill it the same way as in the instructions Matt. The only difference will be in the thickness of the decking. From what I have seen in some logs a block is drilled with the correct angle for the mast. The block is held down on on the deck surface and the drill inserted into the hole which acts as a guide. Your hole does not have to be the thickness of the mast base remember so it shouldn't be to hard to do. Check out Thomas Gahm's build Page 8 Here
  11. That is looking really good, way better than before. You will be in the swing of it in no time now I have left mine to age lol naturally. I can see it change almost by the week. I only used one roll to do my whole hull so glad you have two if I had known I would have experimented more. You will get better and better at peeling the backing off too... Cheers ~
  12. Any slight bends or folds will come out again with the burnishing so they don't all have to lay out perfectly clean. I used tweezers to hold the piece in position for sticking down I can't imagine wearing rubber gloves. First impressions (pun intended) are very important! Can you post a pic of the stamped impressions before you stick them to the hull. Are you planning on sealing the hull ( I used a couple coats of primer) most use wood sealer. I am not sure how well the glue will work being stuck to raw wood and you don't want it falling off after a year or two. I tried Dirks salt and vinegar to tarnish them on a test piece and it wasn't for me. There are other methods out there including using fire which I found recently. Left shinny new in another year or two it will naturally tarnish up and look great also. I think you will be on the right track with using an eraser to burnish. There is lots of copper in the kit if you have two rolls as I did, so do experiment to come up with what works best for you. Hope this helps it is a tricky and tedious process until you find the knack that works for you. Cheers ~

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