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  1. I find it amazing what a thin little plate of steel holds that huge carronade onto the sled. Amazing job you are doing Wally! Looking forward to seeing more
  2. I've just found your fantastic build, thank you for sharing your weathering techniques I really appreciate seeing how they are done. Cheers ~
  3. Thomas your to kind and I thank you for giving me that kick in the back side. It encouraged me to replace the kit rope and I am sure glad of that. The carronades have been a bit of a struggle to sort out, my eyes are not what they use to be and I keep making silly mistakes. I will get though it eventually
  4. Rigged my test carronade using rope purchased from Chuck. What a difference to work with some quality rope over the kit material. Night and Day. Couple pics again using my worst carronade and sled, which has taken a beating from all my experimenting. Breach ropes, this time I have not draped the rope down to the deck surface. It looked to long to me, I did that with the kit material in the earlier post. I think it looks the right length now for it's purpose. I'm thinking of going a little smaller on the rope coils to. They are not glued at all, the coil is being held togeth
  5. In awe of the striking level of detail you insist on. It inspires me to do better.
  6. Nice concise directions you are giving and a fantastic job you have done. It is really looking good
  7. Not sure i totally follow how you have achieved the .5mm pencil treenails. Are you drilling a tiny hole and inserting a small piece of lead, sorry if this is a dumb question. The results with the pencil look great the eye effect makes it look aged and weathered especially with the stain you are using. Nice going ~
  8. Mustafa, thank you my friend. It is good to hear from you, take care and be safe Thank you Steven ~ Hope this helps with you wit yours.
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