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  1. Just catching up as I am on a bit of a sabbatical. You haven't slowed down a bit and the work you are doing is just wonderful. Love the photos too they really make it shine.
  2. I've settled on the paper for the iron bands. Only because I have the materials and the effect is quite good. I am sure glad you read the instructions better than I did and have pointed out to me that I only need one seive per block, geez I didn't catch that at all. Also I wouldn't worry to much about your ability to pull off carving decorations. I haven't seen anything you take on that you don't do well and I am sure they would be as great as everything else you are working on. Cheers and thanks for such a great comment and help!
  3. This one looks pretty good when just viewing the ship, but over size still in the photo. I may stick with it and continue on or try a different design. I am leaving off the side pieces as they make it to busy looking.
  4. Greetings Thomas and thank you for your input . I will work on seeing how small I can get the carving down . I am really in no rush and all the good advice I am getting is giving me something to work towards. Stay tuned as I work my way through the learning curve.
  5. Definitely smaller is better. Here is another go at getting it smaller. It is not easy with this design to get it small enough without it breaking
  6. Steven appreciate your advice and agree with the size being to large it throws the scale off. I did up a quick smaller version this evening and it looks a lot better. Will try and post something tomorrow as I did it rather quickly
  7. I actually had the lettering done quite a while ago Justin. I mounted it on a board so it is easy to install and I also found it makes it stand out better which I liked. I left it off while I was working on the port lids etc. but other than that it could go on. Wally convinced me that the carvings should be a bit more slender so I am now carving and reworking at an attempt to get them right. It is going to look a lot better they are just to bold as they stand now. Appreciate your feedback. I think I'm on the right track it is just a matter of scale. Your build might be the farthest along of the lot of us at the moment.
  8. Wow all caught up. You've been busy and it is looking good Pat. Can't wait to see the boxwood decking complete.
  9. Wow great pics just love what you've done. So it is almost good in a way, you found and were able to enlarge the holes early (ier) Cheers, Robin ~
  10. Yes I got the admiral an easel and all the painting stuff to go with it for xmas so while she was playing with that ... Love the job you did on the scratch one you did. I am still planning to do the same also. My pear wood is getting pretty low so I am trying to decide if I should find some more or if I will have enough. I am also looking at maybe picking up the Byrnes Thickness Sander decisions, decisions ~
  11. Mustafa, is good to hear from you Happy New Year back to you and yours! Wally I think I will do what you are suggesting. I will have another go and try and get it going smaller as it goes out from the center and down the sides so to speak. The new micro chisels I just got from Flexcut are great and I haven't even cut myself yet
  12. Well I took a nice break from the shipyard over Xmas and New Years. Waited patiently for my micro chisels to finally arrive and yesterday had another go at carving. Would appreciate your opinion on the carvings. Do you think they are to large or do they look ok to you? I have gone with my own design as I don't think it should matter and it tends to make it more satisfying on a personal level. The carving was done in three pieces and can be cleaned up a bit more.
  13. Well done Will. Those will make an awesome addition to the carronades. You and Pat pull out all the stops Cheers, Robin ~
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