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  1. Steven, Thomas thank you for the kind words Carved the timberheads for a couple pics. I haven't glued them as i want to make sure they are not over done. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!
  2. Hey thanks guys really appreciate you comments and thanks to all for the likes as well. Well honestly I haven`t reached that part in the instructions yet. A lot of my build lately has actually been without following the instructions per say and just going off the plans. First I heard of 3 boats was when Thomas mentioned it. I still need to have a go at the transom decorations and quarter badges too. I started the kit boat a while back but have no idea weather I will use it somehow yet. I picked up the master korabell boat kit with the intension of maybe using it also. I may even have
  3. What you have done looks really good Justin. The gun port openings look really well done and I found them extremely hard to do well. Have a great holiday with the family. Stay safe and enjoy upgrading the kitchen and den for a change of pace
  4. Cleaned up my deck a bit. Glued the last of the rope coils and glued the ladders, coamings with grates, companionway and capstan. Added the cannon shot racks and cannon balls. I used Caldercraft 2.5mm cannon balls to fit in with the upgraded cannons and carronades. I also added the eyebolts and rings that run across the deck behind each gun.
  5. Those are looking really good. You would be brave to drill into the main rail partway. I glued my stanchions onto the main rail then drilled and wire pinned through the main rail down into the stanchion. Yours are thinner than mine by the look so I may be giving bad advice.
  6. I decided to ruff in the bowsprit and bitts today. It is a little tricky as you have to do a square tenon to fit into the bitts and the 1/4 inch dowel that came with the kit was smaller than the 1/4" called for in the instructions. I ended with it sitting a good 1/8th inch above the mermaids head. With the undersize dowel I think this is as good as it will get. Nothing is sanded yet just ruffed in...
  7. That looks a lot better Justin, I can see a big difference. ME paint is excellent in mho. It is good for airbrushing as well when thinned down properly. I also find it has a long storage life.
  8. Oh were having fun now Mr. Bill, Christmas, your gonna think you've died and gone to heaven Enjoy ~
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