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  1. Eric - I started sailing Hobie Cat catamarans when I was much younger. I had a 23' Compac for many years. I currently have a 1978 25' Cape Dory sail boat. It's an older boat and I probably take about as much time caring for her as I do sailing it - but that's fine by me. Here is me at the tiller last fall - it might have even been late October.
  2. Looks great! I have the swampscott dory on my shelf as well. I think the Pauline is on my short list of boats. I am learning plenty by watching your build.
  3. I finished fitting and gluing the starboard toe rail - gluing with CA as I went along. I then cut and fit a small piece near the bow to make up for the short rail. I cut a 45 degree angle in the existing toe rail and cut a corresponding angle on the piece to be fitted. I then fit the other end of the small piece to fit against the stem. I have a little touch up to do both to the toe rail and where I had a little glue outflow on the hull. Thanks to Nic at BlueJacket I have another, and longer length of toe rail to fit to the port side. The next step is to shape that rail and paint it whit
  4. HELP! My toe rails are too short! I sanded the deck to fit the hull. I did not cut the toe rails at all. I beveled one end to fit at the stern and was gluing as I went along and took a quick look and the toe rails are two short! The two toe rails are the same length. What did I do wrong?? Anyone have this problem? I may have to splice a piece in at the end, but I'm worried that will look like ....well.....not good. I don't have any other wood that size.
  5. Thanks Nic. I did that when I built the Red Baron. I don't know why I did not follow that plan for this boat. Making some progress while the snow falls. We received another 8 inches of snow; so, I went to painting the hull. I carefully masked the bottom of the hull and painted the top part green. I purchased thin masking tape (orange) from Hobby Lobby, which worked very well at the water line. I waited about 20 minutes between the coats. The tape at the water line performed very well. Unfortunately, the guy in charge of masking the bottom part of the hull missed a small ga
  6. I don't know about the copyright restrictions, but I'm looking forward to photos of your build.
  7. Beautiful craftsmanship - great work. I am wondering....will the gimbaled stove boil water for tea?
  8. Wow, the recent photos of the completed HM Alert are just inspiring. Well, back to my Yankee Hero. With snow and work I missed a few hobby days. I was able to put the first color on the hull and rudder. I painted the red first - I seem to remember a suggestion that one should paint lighter colors first because dark always cover lighter colors. I think the green to be applied up the hull is darker than the red. I carefully masked the water line and put two coats of paint on the bottom. Unfortunately my masking job wasn't perfect and some overspray worked its way up the hull. I do not l
  9. Beautifully done! Did you make the case or buy it?
  10. Thank you Bill! Still making a little progress mid-week. I put what I hope is the last coat of primer on the hull. The next steps for that are re-finding the water line, then painting the final colors. In the meantime, I made the samson post. I used the plans to find the correct height of the post. I then chamfered the top and let in the sides. Picking up on a technique I saw on this site, I made a bend board to pre-bend the toe rails. Using the board was much more effective than trying to use rubber bands on the curved sides of the hull. Unfortunately, due to an accident
  11. Not much progress, but I a still moving forward. This build blog and the great modelers here are keeping me motivated! I sanded down the contour putty at the deck line and put another coat of primer on the hull. The instructions call for the rub rail to be installed 3/16 of an inch below the top of the deck. That seemed a little close to the bottom of the toe rail for me; so I added another 1/16 of an inch and put tick marks around the hull 1/4 of an inch below the deck. I then carefully glued the rub rail to the hull using CA. I moved in increments - putting glue down along the tick mar
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