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  1. The second planking was pretty straightforward. Following Bob Hunt's practicum, I bought some 1/4" striping tape from the local auto parts store and used the tape as battens to define each planking zone. The tape was moved as each area was planked. I tried to stagger joints and was successful in that attempt, but I lost control of plank shapes as I turned the bilge and had to 'cheat' a bit to keep strakes running reasonably fair.
  2. After reacclimating myself with the practicum and the kit materials, I picked up where I left off 14 years earlier and glued the rest of the black strake in place. I had the planks cut to length and the scuppers had been shaped, so all that was left was 2 coats of black paint and glue the pieces in place. I've found on other construction and woodworking projects, that a coat or two of paint before assembly usually eliminates the need to cut a painting line too close to the next color. I'm not worried about the major field, but only about keeping the edges crisp between colors. The upper
  3. This is the state of the AVS when I resurrected the project on 1-January-2021.
  4. I purchased the Model Shipways' Armed Virginia Sloop kit in 2006. Since this is my first build and I have no experience with boats, ships, or shipbuilding and terminology, I also purchased the Lauck Street Shipyard practicum for this kit. Actually, I stumbled upon Bob Hunt's website while googling "Wooden Model Ships", and upon discovering the concept of practicums being available to me, a rank beginner, I instantly gained the boost of confidence I needed. I had worked through the first 2 1/2 chapters of the practicum when life got in the way, and I packed everything away for "another day"
  5. Darn it, Brian! I saw your reply this morning and spent all of my spare time today going through your build log for the AVS. I accomplished nothing on mine! On a serious note, I'm really glad I took the time to go through your log. I found it both encouraging and intimidating. I'll be following your lead on a few techniques and taking a more amateurish approach on others. Thank you for taking the time along the way to leave a detailed roadmap for others.
  6. Some 14 years ago, I began my first build, Model Shipways' Armed Virginia Sloop, 1768 with the aid of Bob Hunt's practicum. At that time, I was a member here, but under what handle and password has long faded from memory. Life took a few turns and the whole kit and caboodle was packed up for another day. That "other" day came 'round just about 4 or 5 weeks ago when I dusted off the box, brushed up on the lessons in the practicum binder, and took a second, hard look at the hull, finished only through the first planking. After much stalling and procrastination I once again began cutting
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