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  1. Hi Dave, Perhaps this might help Chromebook file manager help. For one used to operating system ways it's not so bad but for those that don't use them every day it can be difficult. Hope this helps you Ron
  2. Thanks JJ I picked up the blade at the same time as the saw. It's the 3 inch 90t .03 blade. First thing I learned was to touch the blade with the candle every 2-3 planks and it cuts like butter and smooth as satin. Than you Vlad My little Chinese saw was making great cuts but the stupid fence on it was always trouble to make square. Getting the same distance from the blade after doing some other job was a real pain and I would waste at least 5 planks just getting it close. We all know that close only counts with horseshoes hand grenades and poop fights...not ship models! Surp
  3. Hi everyone Back in business! My Byrnes saw arrived Wednesday and I am one happy camper! This saw is everything good that has ever been written or spoken about it. In all honesty it took a bit to become accustomed to its ways but it was minimal. What a difference from what I was using. Once again I should have listened and saved my pennies instead of trying to get away with cheap. Anyways, Winnie is back on track, some new planks are cut and I'll start building again tomorrow. Having consistent results from the saw should make a world of difference!
  4. Hey guys, Although I don't have a large table saw and a Byrnes saw literally coming in 4 days from now (thanks Jim and Donna!), I watched a video that was rather intriguing. Kevin Kenny of Maximum Guitar Works is a luthier that first got my attention with his Byrnes saw review. He does a pretty good video on resawing and micro kerf large blades. Have a look here Maximum Guitar Works. The blade he is using is pricey. I think it was a 12 inch however, smaller ones are available. Looks to me that if one was to invest in a good blade it would last years and do all you need. I can only imagin
  5. Greg, You have no idea how many times I end up doing things. You at least have the courage to post your mistakes to let folks learn from. Me, I kinda bury the mistakes and admit to many but rarely show them. It's how we learn and you must admit, we get so much better after each foul-up. I'm about 2-3 days away from starting the bottom of my hull. For sure I will be following yours! Ron
  6. Hi Jan, I'm happy your first chapters arrived Just a word of advice from someone who didn't get Chuck's bulkhead set...pay particular attention to the placement of the markings on the bulkheads. A millimeter off here or there will mess things up later on. I learned this from experience. Looking forward to pictures! Ron
  7. Looks like I would have been trading fecal matter of one sort in for a whole pile of freshly stepped in fecal matter Thank you for the warning and I'm so happy the company never responded to my last email! I did however buy a Byrnes Model Machines saw and will forever be done with Chinese made saws. Expro, I'm sorry you have to wade through so much of it. I hope you can sort it out. If you do, maybe you could post your adventures here? Thanks again Ron
  8. JJ, that floor looks awesome! I agree with keeping the light segments AYC whole heartedly. I'm curious how you did such a bang up job painting the black so cleanly. Your hints with the panels will be stored in this aging bean for later as well. Always a pleasure to watch your work Ron
  9. I really wish I could have ordered it but I had to get my small Syren order in as well. I'm gonna get crucified!
  10. Well, I did it. I ordered the Model Machines saw. I figured the Hyuda was just a copy of a good saw and I would be replacing my junk with more stuff that I would be unsatisfied with early on or down the road. I don't think there is any comparison really to the horsepower (or fraction thereof) of the Jim Saw and the small DC motor and I really liked the idea of having someone right here on MSW that will, should it be needed, support his product. From what everyone has written, the Model Machines saw will be working still when my bones are dust. The other thing that threw me was that I was
  11. Thank you for all that Chuck. I can't get over your attention to the finest details. You must have Winnie so dis-assembled and reassembled in your mind that it would blow us normal mortals away just thinking about these things Personally I like the the way she is displayed without them visible but for Winnie II it will be great to have the option.
  12. Fred, What a beautiful, beautiful ship you have here with your Winnie II! I agree with you, all of those gratings and ladders would cry out if painted. They look stunning!
  13. Oh how I regret not following that advice! Poplar as Chuck and everyone suggests. Birch will cause you no end of sanding and filing and expended muscle power.
  14. What an astounding comeback! You don't play around do you Tom? Truly fascinating watching you do your thing. I can't wait to see your Winnie II come together. I get heck just cutting a few planks from the other half...I can only imagine the amount of dust you are going to kick up! Ron
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