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  1. Matt, thank you many times over! Your Winnie looks awesome! That pic really helps get me on track again, especially with your confirmation of the tapering. A person can't beat a build-group when it comes to getting and giving support.
  2. Silly questions plaguing this fragile mind..... I've finished the first 2 strakes below the wales and am going forth to plank off the rest of the hull. The tick strips seem pretty self explanatory except for the strip that sits along the lower counter. The first and second strake are 1/4inch wide pretty much the whole length right to the counter. The 3rd strake *appears* to me (if I have it right) to terminate at approx. 4mm width with a gentle taper from around mid ship . The 4th strake again gently tapers from 1/4" mid ship to 5mm at bulkhead 27. This then appears to widen up again to 5.5mm at the counter. Is this correct? Perhaps I'm messing up the counter tick strip position? Sorry about the convoluted problem description. I just need to know if i'm barking up the right tree....
  3. JJ, Absolutely stunning work! What did you use for nails? You probably mentioned it already but these days I feel like I'm hiding my own Easter eggs The ports look great and look like they will match up perfectly. Can't wait to see how you deal with the hinges. Ron
  4. Hi everyone! First thing, Thank you for the encouragement and likes. It feels good Minor little update. First 2 strakes below the wales are in. Chuck, your pre-made drop planks stole the show! They actually went in with very little refinement needed at all. Planking up to the counter brought out my Temporary Acquired Tourettes in a big way. My wife was making 'wash my mouth out with soap' cracks for a little while there but all ended up working out (even though I borrowed from Carlin's 7 dirty words). I imagine the tight bends will be less obnoxious as they are getting larger. Please excuse the photos. I'm stuck with the cell camera today. Next stop, tick strips!
  5. I have a confession....I did exactly the same thing (only using *very* fine paper) and again when applying the W.O.P. It left a really nice burnished sheen if that can be a description. Now seeing yours and Chuck's in red, I think I will have to make another or paint over that finish. Beautiful capstan Greg! I'm assuming we'll be making the bars to go with it... Ron
  6. It is exactly what I used for my build board and it has held up really well so far. You can't beat them for being factory straight and flat. I'm at the point (finally) where I have flipped her over and have Winnie resting on some great chunks of pink construction styrofoam. I used the same stuff after I had all of the bulkheads glued into place in order to fair the girl. Next stop will be removing those wonderful support brackets and replacing them with a cradle. Nice job so far! Good call on using the ply factory edges as your straight edge Ron
  7. Hi everyone, Just another post to say we're still afloat The new saw made things so much easier. This time around I didn't have to look so closely at plank thickness and just grabbed one and kept going. I must say that when I first saw Chuck's Winchelsea, my mind's eye said 'Hell yeah,I can do that! Well, one is never too old to A: be humbled and B: learn a whack of new tricks. Thank the Lord and you guys for all of your build logs because without them, I would have been screwed! Now it's time to flip her over and get going on the rest of the hull. I hope I don't regret not placing the first two strakes and drop plank prior to adding the second layer of the wales. I was out of 1/4 inch stock when I had done it as I wanted to keep going. Crossing my fingers! Please forgive my terrible photography skills!
  8. I'm lifting my Pepsi to you and your amazing planking job! I wish I could raise a glass of the real stuff but it would P.O my docs and my wife Next to Chuck's planking videos, your log will see me through. Thanks again Greg for documenting it all. Simply brilliant Ron
  9. Vlad, you cut those planks by hand? I'm so far away from where you are so I don't have any idea how to treat the deck. Perhaps making a small trial deck with a few planks glued to some stiff card. I like the idea of scraping as it doesn't lift up the fuzz. I love the look of your Winnie and really enjoy following along! Ron
  10. Gosh, was my guess wrong! Just looking, it resembles a 1/4 inch plug but like life, looks are deceiving I'm glad you got it solved Roger. I looked around a bit and found a DIY site that had a guy re-wiring his own secondary windings on a transformer to supply his device. 8 wraps of #6 AWG! The connectors were huge! Again I apologize for sending you down the wrong path Ron
  11. That's awesome In regard to the plug, you're right, it's not a coaxial connector. Have a peek here..It's a standard 1/4 inch phone plug called such as a similar plug and jack was in use by the tel. co. for aeons!
  12. I have a 12V DC supply rated for up to 15 amperes still sitting in it's box. Was wondering what I might do with it...
  13. Looks like the same male plug that is referred to as a 'mono phone plug' . The center connector will be the tip or + and the barrel would be ground. Hope this helps keeping in mind that it's an experienced guess. Ron
  14. Hi Dave, Perhaps this might help Chromebook file manager help. For one used to operating system ways it's not so bad but for those that don't use them every day it can be difficult. Hope this helps you Ron
  15. Thanks JJ I picked up the blade at the same time as the saw. It's the 3 inch 90t .03 blade. First thing I learned was to touch the blade with the candle every 2-3 planks and it cuts like butter and smooth as satin. Than you Vlad My little Chinese saw was making great cuts but the stupid fence on it was always trouble to make square. Getting the same distance from the blade after doing some other job was a real pain and I would waste at least 5 planks just getting it close. We all know that close only counts with horseshoes hand grenades and poop fights...not ship models! Surprisingly, it had enough power but was pretty sloppy. You wouldn't envy my wife's reaction when I told her how much it was after shipping, duty and converting US dollars to Canadian. So much for NAFTA and free trade! I don't regret a thing though!
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