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  1. Probably not.. so Shhhhh... let's not tell him, it will be an adventure!
  2. Hey Steven! thanks for the welcome. I will start a build log, to be honest I haven’t started anything yet. It’s still all looking pretty in the box! I am in Busselton in the South West
  3. Hi everyone, I have been on this forum for a week or two now and thought I would get brave and introduce myself. It’s clear from what I have read that this is a great community with a wealth of knowledge and I love the way everyone is encouraging and supportive. I live in regional Western Australia, and as I stated in the topic, I am brand new to this hobby. I have always been a closet model train lover and also love model muscle cars. But I have to admit that the craftsmanship involved in model ship building makes this seem far more personal and each piece is a work of a
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