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  1. Hi All 👋. Since last post been experimenting with sails (just didn't like the kit ones -too thick and bad looking sewing imo) Wasn't sure i want them😕 cuz i don't have sewing machine, hand sewing ? Hmm tried , is not for me 😅 So i took cloth double the size of a sail and mark exactly half on it then stained one of them Next pulled stained strand through . they looks not bad i think-not perfect but i am happy with , i will add rope on every edge later after shaping them and some more details on them but not sure yet what kind of🤔 not 100%sure how they should
  2. But this time wasn't able to make that tracks out of wood ,i used 22 awg wire sleeve brown...
  3. Hi all. Had to resize parrel bead, was to big imo... just did smaller. 1 picture is way too big. Last picture smaller one But i think this block will be to big as well 🤔
  4. Just have read exactly the same page ha ha... is fig 309 can be applied to my case 🤔when i have only 2 rows of tracks ?
  5. After few attempts finally make mizzen mast parrel made of walnut and pine. Just hope they where used in that era 🙏if not please don't tell me 🤐🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. So here it is. Heights of this block will be adjusted later when yards done,but i think just like now is quite good (i am satisfied with 😌) 1 more to go. Also did some work with mizzen boom?(if boom is correct still Learning ,apologies) 😃
  7. Also will replace ropes supplied with kit to my own ones made it yesterday
  8. Good morning sir. Yes first left sheave will be free(as mentioned earlier those ropes are not glued yet they are like that just for now)this halliard picture is from GH London i will follow...
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