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  1. So I've made a few changes and some progress since I last made an entry. The deadeyes still confound me, and these will be just short of embarrassing (or maybe crossed the line). I've looked for all the tips I can find, and they still look awful. Need to practice. Otherwise, 2nd try at silkspan sails looks much better. I also learned that poly lines suck, so I'll be sticking to more natural material...
  2. It's been a while since last posting. I wish I had progressed more, but I do remind myself that this is not my "job" (already have two of those and don't need another thank you!) But that said, there has been progress. much of it invisible, quite a few changes. Change the color scheme again, made a couple of sails out of silkspan, and like the look v. cloth sails. Proceeding on the rigging, some of which will have to be replaced, but basically making it up as I go along since there are quite a few steps no mentioned or illustrated in the plans. I do find the rigging plan very unusual (to me - a newbie to model ships - not to seeing other sailboats), because there are only two booms for all the sails.
  3. I've made even more changes from my original plans, still feeling my way forward in the face of the lack of information from the plans. And I've made changes to the look of the deck hatches and equipment. I've changed the rigging method to one that more suits my current skill level. I did the rigging on a "loom" and like the result, but everything is so tiny against my fat fingers! The line supplied seems way to big, but I'm using it anyway. Next time thread!
  4. Hey! So with time out for reflection, I'm continuing and putting my frustration about the kit's imperfections in a box and not look inside it. I changed the color scheme again, started building the masts - which so far has gone a lot smoother than the hull.
  5. Thanks! Your work has been an inspiration to me, and I'm going to keep on the project. I have found a couple of work-arounds, and try to lose the frustration.
  6. Thanks for your support! I'm still mulling it over. I think I found a rod size to substitute for the wire. That would help!
  7. I've had to pause for a bit. Two reasons, or maybe they're the same reason... The vague instructions drove me to distraction, the use of parts that don't exist, using wire instead of a rod or tube - crazy - making deck fittings that there are no parts for and no place to put it reflected in the plans! Just too frustrating for my skill level. So I'm on the fence as to putting it back on the shelf until I have improved my skills, and looking for a yet simpler build, or at least one with complete instructions and less improv. Any suggestions?
  8. Taking a change in direction, I'm going to repaint the hull. It's starting to look to "frilly" to me. I'll keep the bottom most white stripe, and go for a solid blue for the rest.
  9. So every time I put my hands on this thing there's a new challenge, and something that I should have done differently. But as long as I remember the lessons, it will be worth it. Note to self: try sanding and painting those hard to reach bits BEFORE gluing. But I do like the dark blue contrasting with the stained deck.
  10. Much of my choice to build Will was inspired by your build! Alas, since this is my first build, it's probably going to be more for the experience, display!
  11. Had to redo a few places on the borders of the stripes since the paint seeped under the masking tape. Maybe the tapes a little old- about 8 years... then weathered the decking.
  12. Glued the two halves of the hull together, plenty of gaps on the keel, but otherwise OK. On a whim... AND to gain the experience, I decided to plank the deck. And I learned a lot - like how not to do it! Very important lessons. I'm also continually unimpressed with the "dark side of the moon" instructions. And missing pieces. It's almost as if an entire sheet of parts is missing. And why number pieces that don't exist, pieces that I have to fabricate from stock? I also used some small strips to cover the gaps in the planking. Then I pirmed the hull, and continued sanding and filling. and another bright idea. I know the Will is a steel-hulled boat. But since I've gone through the trouble of planking, why not let it remain a wooden boat? So that's my plan right now. Added some masking tape for the plimsoll line, after "eyeballing" it and marking its location.
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