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  1. The kit came with the pictures eye bolt and block. I used very thin wire to attach the two. Is there a place to purchase the eye hook in the picture?
  2. Interested in how many of you attach blocks to an eye hook. I used very thin wire but wondering if there is a better way. Thanks.
  3. Not quite done. Need to clean up some of the lines. Used the thin wire to attach the blocks. Also used the thin wire on the aft end of the boom and gaff. The thin black thread kept coming off during the rigging. It’s been an interesting experience. I found the intricate process of attaching the blocks and running the line through challenging. After I’m finished I’ll post a few more pictures and summarize what I learned.
  4. Progress being made. Got some CA glue on hull and deck while gluing toe rails. Little bit of paint took care of hull but not sure how to minimize impact on deck. Suggestions appreciated. I had a dickens of a time taking backing off of boottop tape but finally had success.
  5. I’m working on putting doe the toe rail on the Yankee Hero. My plan is to use CA glue about 2” at a time. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. I’m a newbie and still finding my way. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Mike. I contacted Nick from Bluejacket. He thinks I may have “bad tape.” When I take the backing off, a sliver of the paper backing remains on the back of the vinyl tape. I’ll be giving it another try. If I can’t get the backing to come completely off, Nick will send me another roll. I appreciate the encouragement. 😊
  7. Still having issues taking backing off of boottop tape. When I “tease” the tape with any exacto knife, only a thin layer of the paper comes off the back. Additional hints would be appreciated.
  8. Do you find the acrylics are better to work with? I also do woodworking and I have slowly moved to water based stains and topcoats. I’m currently using the paint that came with the kit.
  9. Started painting the hull. Keeping fingers crossed that when I take off the white boottop tape, it comes off cleanly. I did thin the paint. First coat of red went on too thick.
  10. Working on the Yankee Hero and using the paint that came with the kit. Been getting brush lines. Paint appears thick. Would thinner help? Thanks.
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