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  1. My greetings, Harry , You are an outstanding Master , your work is an example of the highest level possible, for many unattainable.Alwats being the source of inspiration and admiration , wishing You inspiration in work , With profound respect , Alexander .
  2. Valeriy, as always, your work is of an outstanding mastery , my best regards .
  3. This is an outstanding masterpiece of mastery level and the culture of work. My best regards.

    Dear Johann I wish you and your family Happy New Year! My best wishes – health, optimism, inspiration and all the best! I wish You happiness!

    Happy holidays and nice celebration!

    My best regards Alexander.

  5. Dear Gary, Your work doesn't cease to amaze with its mastery and quality. Its with enormous pleasure that i follow Your posts. Merry holidays, my best regards.
  6. I would like to thank you , my dear colleagues and friends , for your attention and evaluation of my work. It's very pleasant to hear kind words on the work that has been done. With deep respect , Alexander.
  7. Dear Greg, I'd be very glad if my experience would be helpful to anyone. My best regards.
  8. Congratulations on the end of the work! Beautiful and impressive work, of a truly high quality. Wishing you inspiration in the future works. My best regards, Alexander.
  9. In conclusion, my dear friends, I would like to show you the showcase in which "SPERWER" will be stored. I ordered it from Sergei Fedorenko, who has made it in the best possible way, everything is according to the drawing and the quality is excellent. As agreed, he sent it to me in disassembled boards. I assembled it in place. The showcase was made from 3 parts. The base was made from DSP, the hull, the supporting fixture and the removable cover. The base is covered with green cloth. LED lighting on adhesive tape. Wiring is in one of the racks and under the batten of the cover. My best regards Alexander.
  10. At this point my work on the “SPERWER” has come to an end. I really like this ship, and I have to say that I have really enjoyed working on it. I would like to express my gratitude to my friends and colleagues, who showed interest in my work, for your reviews and comments and advices, that helped me a lot in my work. My best regards, Alexander.
  11. Greetings, my dear colleagues. I have finished rigging installation. A few final photos.
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