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  1. Tried something new, made a copy of the middle section onto paper and cut out a piece from some left over pieces in the kit. Then it was back to cutting, filing and sanding. and some paint. This was first part. Know I need to figure out the rest of the decoration. Maybe some lilies or tulips. When one work with this, one understand the amount of time, practice and skill it takes to be good and amazing to look at the ones here in the forum that has this skill.
  2. Thanks Blue Ensign. I have gone forth and back between the pages in the book, but did not see that one. I guess that is the challenge of being new to the game. I even had to look up cleats to know what it was. Well I'm learning.
  3. I put the question regarding interpretation of the table in a separate question under the Book forum, so hopefully someone can answer. Since the weather here was fantastic this weekend and all my time was outside I didn't get much done, but started trying to carve for the aft decoration. Started make a piece to carve in. The intention is to glue it on existing aft structure. Than I started to draw on the piece. Then started caving, but not easy. It is very small. I think I need to change tactic. Trial and error 🤨
  4. I bough the book The Armed Transport Bounty which has a lot of good detail for building the Bounty including a table over all rope sizes and blocks. In the table there are detail describing block size and type, but it is confusing to understand which type of block to use. In the beginning I thought H=heart (as you have picture of) and B=blocks, but then there was C, D? Also thought B9=9" block, but that was not correct. Hope someone with more understanding of ship building could explain how this works and what it means, so that I can try to build my Bounty as accur
  5. Yes it does. In the beginning I that the Letter was H=heart (as you have picture of) and B=blocks, but then there was C, D? Also thought B9=9" block, but that was not correct. So, I'm trying to understand.
  6. I'm doing some reading in the Armed transporter Bounty looking at details. When I'm reading the list on 108-112 and looking at blocks it list up size which I understand and need to convert to 1:50 scale. The one I'm having problem is type of blocks. It list up B9, B12, C, D1, H. Can anybody tell what these codes mean? I will hopefully start drawing the carving for the aft during the weekend and try carving. We have nice weather outside and the wife expect a lot of work in the garden.
  7. I would really appreciate if you guys could do that. Then I can print it out and use it as a template for the carving. I feel that the Bounty is missing something without some kind of decoration on the aft and I've been looking at some of the discussion on the forum on how to do carving. Love a new challenge
  8. I see on picture/drawing of the Bounty there are carvings on the back. I tried to copy from the book, but it was no use. Does anybody know where it is possible to get drawing for carving that I can put on aft decoration?
  9. What are you using for blackening? I that if one uses gunmetal it was something of an acid base(ish) chemical that changed the copper color over to black/dark blue color, or am I way of?
  10. Been a week with little progress on the model after my blunder with the wales. And it does not help with tons of stuff to do at work. Well, last evening I went to my work office (got home office) and did some copying from my Bounty book. The kit is a combination of bad/missing instructions, wrong size on part or just missing parts. So i need to make a lot of the items on deck my self. I'll use the drawing from the book and calculate everything over to mm and a scale of 1/50, and write everything over onto the drawing. It is a lot of work, but do it in steps.
  11. Thanks guys, Many good point. It is only a little confusion/what to do when one read all these tables with all those "20" rope sizes and one is 7mm and next i 7.89mm. So I will do some scale converting and see what is practical possible out from what is available and what I have.
  12. Hi, Since I'm very green to ship building I've bought books on rigging and have been read forth and back on scale and sizes of blocks, deadeyes and rope. I'm building the Bounty and I have a book on Bounty where McKay list up many sizes of block, dead eyes and rope, which give me a very detailed information on rigging of the ship. My problem is there is a lot of different sizes and a lot of sizes have small difference between them. I haven't seen many finished ship and have little knowledge (so far) on correct sizes of blocks and deadeyes for the different ropes. I can ea
  13. After cutting, scraping, sanding, gluing and painting I think I'm a little in forward since last time. It is way from perfect, but I'm happy. I have also changed some of the painting color. I made the top wale gold same as décor in the aft. I know it is a little difference from what McKay has in his book, but I was looking at a lot of different color combination on different models on the web and though this was a somethin I liked and hopefully not to far off. And also there are many other part of the model that is not according to McKay. I also received my blocks
  14. It is fantastic that more knowledge people here in the forums help us new to ship building (like me) with understanding ship/sailing terminology. Here is the link to Steel https://www.thenrg.org/resources/Documents/articles/TheArtOfRigging-Steel.pdf book with a lot of rig tables as Allanyed mentioned. What I found is that it is possible to get good books for building ship at low cost, by choosing electroical version ($8-15). Just need to check the different web pages (Ebay, Amazon, Biblio, Abebooks...).
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