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  1. Grats for finish the Bounty. You've done a marvelous job Dave. It really look nice. Looking forward to follow your next project.
  2. Been going forth and back on the aft railing. Started marking up the suport for the railing and though there where something wrong with the supplied railing. When I compered it with the book I can easaly see the differnce. So I decided to mark all up as in the book and make new aft railing. So the arrows show where the support will stand and then I will need to make planks for the aft railing. The larger patches indicate where the canons will be. I had to improvise where the "last" support will be since the long tape show where the outside stares will be and that shall be parallell to the mast. The problem is that the kit is not in scale with regards to total length, so I have to improvise a little and reduce the distance between the two last railing staind to make it look acceptable. Does anybody else here on the forum have the problem that the total length of the ship is not correct, in accordance to Armed Transporter Bounty?
  3. I found a varnish for when painting soldiers that is water based and I whent with that. It gave the look I wanted. 3 layers of varnish. Know I'm moving onto the aft "railing" and here there are some differences between drawings and parts. Parts larger that other parts. Again I'm turning back to Armed Transporter Bounty for facts. I did some comparisent to the canons so see how they fit in here. And it turns out they are to high on the deck. Did some converting and drew up the canon base so see and they should be smaller. So I need to do some adjustment to the aft railing, find out what material I should use for the railing and than finish of the railings. Canons I will do later.
  4. This is what it's all about, rigging. Keep up the good work. I'm both looking forward to it and also worrying about it 😉
  5. Have done some more test. From left to right: nothing, varnish with some red, dark deck stain thinned out with methylated spirit (not good at all), mat varnish. The second one has a more "glow/worming" color comapred to the mat varnish. I'm very unsure what to pick.
  6. Finally finished the deck planking, scraped and lightly sanded. The 4 plank configuration with 120mm long planks turned out ok. It is great to have other here on the forum to use as references. Thanks all 🙂 So now is the time to decide what to do with it? varnish, deck stain... I've glued up some mini deck for doing some testing. Couldn't it before since I wasn't sure I had enough planking. The one to the right has mat varnish and the other ones are untreated yet. Since it is holiday today and all shop are close I need to wait until tomorrow. Any suggestions on who the deck should look like with regards to color?
  7. Very nice touch. I see the hatches in the book Armed Transporter Bounty, but it is very easy to miss, since it is not focus on them. I will defiantly see if I can put them on my Bounty (it might not fit due to technical problems/early mistake from my part)
  8. Nice picture Keith and yes there is no visible nails. I'm glad I listen to you guys. Thanks
  9. The planking is very nice. Your second time doing the stern was much better. Keep up the good work
  10. This is a lot of work. I started with using a marker, but then I went over to pencil. It is much faster and forgiving. So I'm mixing between marker and pencil plank and it looks not to bad. I need to do some scraping of the plank to get it even. It suppose to be highest in the middle and then out to the side, but not here. Should have compensated in the beginning, but when one is total green in shipbuilding and building an advance ship kit.... It is difficult to see on the picture, but I marked the left side with a blue line to show where I'm at. So I'm getting close. The two lose pieces are example on varnish; one with clear mat (right) and the other one with some redish color in it. I also mad some pencil "hole" to see how it would look and it I should use it.
  11. I've started cutting the deck plank while the tests (test1:black marker on one side, test2:black on both sides) are drying up after been some varnish on them. After going through different tips & tricks it was mention that it was not uncommon to have plank length of approx. 6m. So that convert to approx. 120mm in scale 1:50. So I'm cutting all my planks to 120mm.
  12. Great job Dave. I totally agree with the proportion. In the Armed Transporter Bounty the Main mast Ratlines are 1 1/2" circ. => 0.2mm in diameter in scale 1:60, so perfect. Keep up the good work.
  13. Thank AJohnson, I will test out different solution and I'll come back with pictures.
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