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  1. A nice little vacation and some other little projects are keeping me away from the Bounty... but Fall approaches! I finished the planking on the port side: I've done a lot of sanding but there is still a lot left. Still have a few seams that need some attention too. I haven't finished the starboard side. It's just a few rows along the main deck and at the bow and stern. Also need to start on some experiments with weathering/aging the hull along with a paint scheme. I think I will follow the scheme taken from a couple of pictures that I've seen on a couple other build logs. Looks appropriate for the time period: Below the waterline was copper sheathed. I don't plan to do that on this model. I will leave it as an aged and weathered walnut. And finally, the question of using treenails or not... I've done a few experiments and am torn on whether to do them or avoid the "chickenpox" look. At this scale, they would be difficult to see and would be of similar color of the planks... Sounds like I'm talking myself out of them... Any thoughts?? More soon.
  2. Planking to the wales, DONE! I've got the first piece above the wales being shaped. A ton of sanding to get started on. I noticed some teeny gaps in a few spots and decided to work on filling those up. I use a glue-sanding dust mixture. Glue can be used full strength or slightly watered down: This actually turned out to be too thin and I ended up redoing a few spots but the process remains the same. I use the paint brush to apply the mixture, ensuring it gets into the seam you want to fill. Let sit for about 3-5 minutes until tacky and using a piece of sandpaper, sand the area down. Here is a before and after shot, super close-up: And another before and after: Sometimes you'll need to use this method a couple times if the gap is a bit too wide to fill. As can be seen in my super close-ups, rough sanding has begun... when I get tired of sanding, I'll do a few planks and so on! It sure looks a lot rougher close-up! More in a few days.
  3. Just to add... Shellac will cover the wood and hide the CA glue completely. I used it recently on a build that used CA glue exclusively. You cannot tell once the Shellac is applied:
  4. I thought I would note a few processes that I'm using for the final few planks. Firstly, I have no room for clamps anymore. My experience with my previous build (Sea of Galilee boat) taught me to trust the CA glue a little more for certain circumstances... this is one of those! I'm still using the wood glue along the seam between planks but because I cannot use clamps, I decided to try CA glue on the frames to hold the piece in place. Here is a picture of that process: As shown, I've applied wood glue to the seam and a dot of CA glue on the frames. Works perfectly! Now that I've reached the area that stealer and drop planks are needed, here is the process for shaping them. Here is the location of a stealer plank: I use a piece of tape and cover the area. Using a pencil, I trace the outline of the space onto the tape and attached the tape to a piece of Walnut: And then cut the piece out with my X-acto knife: After some sanding and shaping, I begin to work the areas that need a bit more attention: Finally, glue the piece into place as described above. A perfect fit! Here is another glued into place using the same process: I really thought I could finish everything below the wales today... but came up short. As the old saying goes, "It ain't a hobby if you gotta hurry"! Not much left... will finish the planking below the wales later this week. Going to visit my dad next weekend and deliver his Sea of Galilee boat! Looking forward to that! Next update comes when the planking is done!
  5. Thanks Tom... watching the videos now! Looks a lot like the washes I use but in alcohol form... interesting stuff.
  6. Thanks Dave. This particular kit is a POF, single layer. The Walnut is 5mmX2mm... tough stuff to work. I've done the double layer before (on my HMS Terror) and it is a lot more forgiving. Especially that first layer!
  7. The little hiatus almost made me forget about the trials and tribulations of working with walnut... Almost! I'm nearing the end of the planking. A couple more rows and I'll be up to the wales: The bow is a little more curved than I wanted but turned out good: The stern was tough, it took those particular planks longer due to the bend and twist in many of them. I had to soak the pieces multiple times and used my hands to shape the planks: Once I complete the last couple rows to the wales, there are 5-6 rows above the wales and the planking will be done! I've done some sanding but have a lot more to do. Especially around the stern and bow areas. Such a struggle to get this very hard wood to conform! Gotta start experimenting on how to age this wood too.
  8. Chuck, Looking good! I like the AYC too. With the taper at both ends, you have a much more pronounced "arch" at the center of the boat. So, I'm wondering, will the center of the planks meet the keel sooner than either end? And if so, how will you reconcile it? The light can be so unforgiving but as you stated, it will look great once sanded! Hate to say it, because I wasn't a fan of CA glue before this build, but you're gonna need to use it with all the twisting and bending! I have a new found respect for the glue if used in the right situations. It can make life easier. You just need to be aware that it does stain the wood... easily covered with the right products though! Let the fun begin! You are at the toughest part of the build... at least it was for me! Good luck!
  9. It took 7 weeks to complete but it's ready and in time for my dad's birthday in a couple weeks! Couple pictures: A really fun build too! I put my first hour into the Bounty today after 7 weeks away! I've got vacation and a remodel going on but plan to get time in to her... so, stand-by, more coming soon.
  10. Thanks Chuck, Steven, Moab and Tom. Appreciate your stopping in from time to time and your comments. Looking forward to dad's birthday! Stop by my Bounty log!
  11. I made it! With a couple weeks to spare! Below are pictures of the final product. This has been a fun build and I've really enjoyed it. Once I give it to my dad, I'll post a few more pictures! Until then... Thanks to all for your encouragement, ideas and for tagging along! I'll be taking a few weeks off and then... back to HMS Bounty!
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