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  1. Looks good! I assume you are using the sails that came in the kit? Did you do anything to them prior to mounting? I’ll take a look at Landblubber Mike’s post too.
  2. So, before I finish the main deck, I'm going to do the fairing of the frames for hull planking. I think there will be less chance of damaging the deck now. Additionally, I'll be installing the keel, keel stem and stern post. These will be notched for the rabbet line and, eventually, I'll begin planking from the keel to the main deck. I'm using this method due to the historical accuracy and the techniques I learned doing NRG's Half Hull Project: As the above picture shows, I'll be using similar methods but with the kits supplied wood. I have purchased some additional walnut for the g
  3. Another week has gone by and I have finished the main deck planking! Since I failed to mention it in my previous update, I thought I would briefly go over the procedure I used for each plank. I measured and cut each plank individually and used a No. 2 pencil to darken the 4 edges. I doubled checked the fit and then used Elmer's wood glue to adhere them to the false deck. The glue was applied and then smoothed out with my finger to ensure that the entire surface was coated with a thin coat... too much glue and you get glue stains, too little glue and you don't get good adhesion.
  4. Just checked it out... Definitely not attractive! Lots of good info... If only it was for the previous version! Thanks Jaager.
  5. Agreed... I was looking at the Winchelsea group project as a potential candidate to increase my experience and have the ability to work with a lot of good build logs well under way or done. I should mention that I am working on the A.L HMS Bounty. I have a long ways to go! And I'm in no hurry... Just thinking about my next project! As noted above, I'm working on a model with the interior open and am having a good bit of fun filling out the interior. Not looking to do it again for awhile. Your comments on the Discovery and the Chatham are well noted and reflect w
  6. I'm interested in the Discovery and Chatham as well. Any updates for those to ships?
  7. Interesting posts. I too, am very interested in building the 1789 version of the Discovery and the HMS Chatham. Both of were involved in the exploration of the PNW waters. I am in the middle of building the HMS Bounty right now but am starting to look into the next build... a scratch build is in my future. My first attempt. So, obviously, research and access to good materials may be an issue when picking the next build.
  8. Nice work, Tim. The rigging is always so tedious... but if done correctly (like you are doing) it will make the model standout! Keep the pictures coming!
  9. Another week has passed... rather an eventful one at my house. A bad windstorm knocked over a large section of fence in my yard and I spent part of the week working on a full size fence line! Oh well... I did some fairing of the bow and the frames between the bow and stern... mostly just some shaping. Much more to come. Also, sanded down the frames on the port side (still a little more to do) that were protruding out more than they should... upon closer inspection, I found one frame that got out of whack somehow... way too late to fix it now but unless you know where it is (like me!
  10. Just a quick update... The Main deck glued down fine. I'm a little unhappy with the alignment of some of the frames. I was extremely meticulous when installing them on the false keel, yet: The starboard side is easy cause I planned to veneer the frames at some point to hide the "plywood" look. I think that will work even with some minimal fairing on this side. The port side will require quite a bit of sanding... disappointing but a fact of life! The bow will also need a lot of fairing work but was expected since everything is squared off: ...and
  11. Thanks for the kind words, Tim. Your build log has been an inspiration and a big help at times. You work is beautiful. Thanks for dropping in!
  12. I neglected to mention that although my kit bashing is done on the lower decks, there is some details that I have not done yet. There are several barrels to be painted and added, a stove and its associated duct work and anchor lines. These will be done when I get frustrated with planking or the rigging! I always need a diversion of some sort when things aren't going well or you just need a break. On to the Main deck! As noted in a previous post, the foremast pinrack stanchions were not properly aligned. I kinda took the easy road for a fix. Even though the side is open, you re
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