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  1. Tim, Very impressive work! Can't wait to see the finished product. As I stated in my post in March, I had this queued up... I started it on 9-13-20 and am well underway. I am doing things a bit different in that I am looking for the "weathered or used" look and with the opportunity for some kit bashing, I am making the interior a little more filled out. I've attached a couple of pictures... The lower decks "weathered" and installed, and a prototype to the lanterns I am building to light up the interior some. They still need a little refinement. Especially, the handle. It's a bit out
  2. Wow! You've made some great progress! Love the lighting... something I had planned to do too. I'll be examining your work closely as I like they way it turned out. I finally got started on my kit... staining frames and the keel... funny thing, I numbered my frames but the stain washed the numbers off! Not a big deal but I had a good laugh! Looking forward to your next updates.
  3. Yep... I actually used a permanent marker for mine and it worked... sorta ok. But I got some of the bleeding too and had to be extra careful when I started sanding. Turned out ok. You can see where I got into the ink.
  4. I just started this kit too but am headed out on vacation until late August... will be watching your build as I plan to do a lot of kit bashing too. Looking good! I bought the Hobby Zone building slip and as you can see below, I think it will work quite well... some dry fitting in the works. See you in September!
  5. Just started on the Bounty with my slip... Trying to find the best way to set up for the laying of the bulkheads (shown dry fitting). I haven't gotten the level and square out... but I will just to confirm that it is true, level and square. Sure looks like it. You'll notice the strips under the keel... my bulkheads run right to the bottom of the false keel... I think it will hold fine with the clamps... we'll see. So far, I like it but need to learn how to use it!
  6. A nice little model but not for beginner's... like me! This is my second full build and the directions were non-existent. I was able to find a video with good pictures and I had enough knowledge from my previous build to get through it. Details are minimal at this scale but it was good fun to assemble over the last few months Enjoy!
  7. I highly recommend it! But keep in mind, if you are building from a kit, the planks come pre-cut. You can still use many of the techniques but unless you purchase some matching material, it will be difficult to do some of the things you'll learn... For example the wider planks at the keel... I'm planning to start the HMS Bounty and I will be using many of the things I learned. Good luck and let me know how it goes!
  8. Thanks again, Toni. I hope to take what I've learned and apply it to my next build... I'm finishing up a 1:130 1847 Harvey kit. Should be done in a week or two. My next big project is AL's HMS Bounty! Really looking forward to getting started... Planning on some serious kit bashing!
  9. Toni, Great learning project! I made some mistakes but am happy with the results and knowing how to fix those mistakes next time. Thanks! Here is mine all completed except for mounting... very soon!
  10. Two coats of linseed oil with a light buff with steel wool between the coats. I've removed it from the board and have a plan for mounting it. I'll post the final product in the next few days! I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this little project and I learned a lot... primarily through my mistakes!! They are easy to see for the trained eye but am happy with final product and of what I learned.
  11. Finishing the final planks... Trim and rail caps... I decided to do something a little different but with similar results. Using some wood leftover from a previous build, I made the rail caps and the trim: All done except the linseed oil! Oh... and the mount. That will be a few days. Linseed oil and off the board coming up!
  12. Down to the last 3 planks and planking the counter and transom. Some decorative trim installed... more of that to come. Decided to change the color of the wale too: Should finish this weekend... depends on the sanding and finish. Planning to use Boiled Linseed Oil, 2-3 coats with a little steel wool sanding between coats. More pictures later in the weekend!
  13. So, I was forced to deviate from the plans a little due to my not taking good measurements and keep the planks on a parallel with the wales. I chose not to start over or go back several planks because I got some good practice making dropped or stealer planks! Additionally, this is a teaching tool and I have learned a lot... and I'm not done. The last rows in the middle belt had to be modified to meet the wale properly: Last couple planks below the wale. Lower portion of the hull is done except for lots of sanding and finishing: On to the next pa
  14. Looking good Dan. I'll post more pictures tonight... Be careful to ensure you stay parallel to the wale throughout the process. My BIG mistake was not doing so and I've had to add more dropped/stealer planks near the wale to make it come out right! No gonna start over!
  15. I needed some better clamps... finally got them! The Wale is done! Now to finish the planking to the wale: More to come soon!
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