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  1. I can send you a picture of the decoration from my model... I haven't installed or modified it yet. Let me know if you're interested.
  2. I use Jax Blackener... It does an ok job but it does wipe off pretty easy. I tried putting a clear coat over it but it makes it shiny. Not good! Patience is definitely being taught in all aspects of this hobby!
  3. Wasn't planning to use it for anything more than just practicing... Reading others comments (and yours), it sounds like Gutermann is the way to go... Thanks for the advise!
  4. I too, just purchased the Rope Rocket and the Serving machines from Chuck and Syren. Haven't assembled them yet but will over the weekend. Looking forward to experimenting with both machines. I have plenty of time since I'm just planking the hull on my current build (HMS Bounty). Still deciding on what thread to buy or maybe just experiment with what came in the kit.
  5. Maybe take it to a print shop and have them blow up some of the shots?
  6. Hi Trond, Your build is looking great! I have an electronic copy of the Armed Transport: Bounty. Been a huge help for me too. I recently finished reading a book about the HMS Bounty. It's based on the logs, diaries and letters of Bligh and the crew. It's call Mutiny on the Bounty and was written about 3 years ago by Peter FitzSimmons. Might be of interest to you... I found it an excellent read! I'll be keeping an eye on your progress. Keep up the great work!
  7. Hey Trond, Appreciate the compliment! The walnut is looking really good but no, there is zero love between us! I can't imagine how far along I would be if I was using basswood (or something similar). However, I think the experience will make planking easier the next time. The entire starboard side is open! See the pics below, the last one is obviously, not mine!: Thanks for stopping by! I'm headed over to your log next!
  8. First planking belt completed! Slow but sure! Have I mentioned how much fun walnut is to work with???
  9. Once I had the planking belts worked out, I went in and marked every frame with the plank locations: Each belt has 6 planks evenly distributed, at least in theory! The next step for me was to map out the plank butt pattern. I decided on a 3 shift pattern. I used a piece of paper and laid out the entire side of the ship: Not perfect but most ships weren't built perfect! Let the planking begin: Walnut is a real challenge but I'm working through it... slowly! Next post when I've made some progress!
  10. So, I’d like some input... How do the planking belts look? pretty even? Not too much bow rise? Stern look spaced properly? Appreciate any input!
  11. Chuck, The sizes in your "recipe", I presume are in inches? I know there are different sizes of line all over a particular model, is there a standard set of sizes for the different scales? EDIT: Never mind! I found your Rope size chart! I would like to purchase one of your Rope Rockets. Please let me know when you have one in stock or can reserve one for me. I'm a ways off from needing it but would like to get and practice! Thanks!
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