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  1. I naively tried to use piano wire. It’s almost impossible to work with. Ugh.
  2. I find myself daydreaming all the time on a way to workout some problem I’m having with a build. It’s good because as an anxious person it gives me something good to focus on.
  3. I have patience issues. Used to putting models together as a kid and having everything provided ready to be plugged in. I look forward to my next model as I will have more skills to do the things I struggled with this build. I also get frustrated when I take my time and the finished product doesn’t look perfect. There are so many imperfections in my chainplate but don’t have the heart to do it all over again. Im hoping when I’m done and I do all the touching up and cleanup i will feel better about the whole thing.
  4. And blood? There’s been a lot of bandages being used.
  5. I just spent an hour making two chain plates with deadeyes. That is all.
  6. I’ve never been able to blacken brass. Paint is the best I could do but that inevitably scrapes off.
  7. I’m new too and to be honest never quite understood the rabbet. No amount of videos really made it clear what the purpose was and how to do it.
  8. Thanks all. I can paint the brass but find that the paint peels off too easily.
  9. Any parts you will buy now instead of building from scratch? For instance, I will never again try to create a chain plate with deadeye. just curious.
  10. This may be the dumbest question ever but here goes. I can’t get this to blacken brass. I’ve tried room temperature water, I’ve tried scalding water. I’ve left copper pieces in there 10 minutes and overnight. Nothing. I’ve even tried different ratios of water to sulfur. Thanks!
  11. Oh I know. This damn ADD makes this stuff difficult. Thanks.
  12. Sorry if this doesn’t belong here or is irrelevant to most. Kit Craft in Studio City is going out of sale after roughly 100 years of business. Everything is 40% off. I got this for $100 They have several Model Shipways kits from at least the late fifties. I have no affiliation with this shop.
  13. So much to learn, y’all. I first need to get a grasp on the terminology. Stropping, seizing, beckets, etc!!! Crazy 😛
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