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  1. I finished the prep work today, built my cradle and started shaping the bow line. The hull was shaped well but around the bow was a big "bulb" of wood that is taking a lot of time to sand off and make the front of the boat taper correctly. I keep getting it uneven. Everyone's photos on the build site are helping me see that I still have more shaping and sanding to get it to a point around the bow. I should be able to finish it tomorrow. I forgot to take a before photo but will be happy to post the after photo when I get it shaped.
  2. Thank you for posting your pictures of shaping the bow and finding the center line. This is my very first build and seeing your photos helped. My hull is mostly shaped but had a lot of extra wood around the bow. All of your photos are helping me figure out how to get it shaped along with the templates.
  3. First time model builder here. Just got back from Maine and visited the BlueJacket model store where I picked up the Red Baron lobster boat. My idea of beginner is a little more basic but after studying the instructions and looking up ship/boat parts terminology, I think I've figured out which side faces which part of the boat. The blueprints are very useful as well. I was concerned about the side I primed in the bottom left section of my photo because I lost all the detail, but after looking through finished photos of the same build it seems okay. If not, the kit contained a second cutout that I think was a duplicate sent by mistake so I can redo if needed. I am only on step 2 so any comments/critiques along the way are much appreciated.
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