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  1. Hi Patrick, thanks for your compliments but it's not really woodcarving. I used some dentist drills on a little Dremel-thing and making one fish takes about an hour to 'carve'. It took some more time and effort to design and build the whole beakhead bulkhead while this is no part of the original model. I hope it looks okay... Cheers, Jack
  2. Thanks again! But that is too much honnor for my average level... Continuing That means woodcarving again pfff, this won't be an easy part Let's try something with wood from the appletree They're really small Finally...
  3. Many respect for your work Karl, just went through your build. Excellent! I think the ropes you mentioned are simular to the 'kardeelbloks' as they appear on the Dutch 7-provinces and the Hohenzollern model for example. I had to make them too lately. Cheers, Jack
  4. "kardeelblocks" More of the smaller stuf including 26 canons for the "verdek" - deck I didn't want the captain to stare at his maps in the dark, so I brought him some lights And finaly, I decided to make this piece (don't know the English word for it) which is absent in Winter's model. But, I didn't like the open version. I will keep you up to date more often, that's a promise... Jack
  5. Hmm, last updated in october 2013? oops! Here we go, lots of pics with few words. I propably forgot this topic... Some small parts Deckbeams Continued....
  6. Hi Cees! This is an interesting project. Do you know the name of the ship? I thought they are building a replica in Harlingen but that you'll know better for sure. I asume that it is the ship he used to sail to Nova Zembla? Good luck and have fun. Cheers, Jack (Sittard - NL)
  7. Thanks mates. Tjerk has discovered the internetshopping, the fool is decorating his room View from the back window View from the 'zij-galerij' The chest will have steel bands, they will be delivered later, as Tjerk said Jack
  8. That's another good way to imitate, I have also a tip from Michiel to print the lead on a tranparant sheet with a laserprinter and I think that is the easiest way to do it. But your methode looks great as well. Cheers, Jack
  9. Thanks Matti. The Captains room (Kajuit) Tjerk ordered himself a package from a well known 17th century furniture shop, that will keep him busy for a few hours: I'm proud of him, he even used all of the screws.... (or they ended up at the bottom of the sea ) Jack
  10. Struggling with the moveable windows, I just can't get it right. The windows are too heavy in my opinion. Alternatively I decided to close the 2 center windows en let the outside windows just open. (this is what Dik (7-prov) also assumes. I'm still not sure if I leave it this way but I have to go on with the 'Kajuit' Still a lot of work to be done. Jack

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