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  1. Hello. Been a while since I have been able to post any updates, but this is how things look at the moment. Most of the superstructure is complete now, but not yet permanently fixed in place. Currently working on the boat deck. A few things I am not happy with but the result still looks pretty good.
  2. Hello Stern section is complete, well for now anyway. Not happy with several things, mostly PE and lighting bits, but it will do for this one. This felt like I just did an entire kit from end to end just in itself. Back soon...
  3. Thanks Lou. I'd personally not use fairy lights, especially chinese ones. They tend to get warm and, well this is plastic and all that. The foil is actually aluminium tape. It doubles up as increasing the light and also to light proof the plastic, especially the white and tan parts, as even with layers of paint and the wooden deck, under light they become very transparent. This is also acting as a trial run for the Trumpy 1/200 version, and what I have learned so far on this I will be able to add so much to the larger scale.
  4. This is very slow going. But some progress made on the stern section and the bulkhead lamps. I need to tidy up those windows. It's not actually the plastic part, but the aluminium tape I used for light proofing.
  5. I have that being bought for my Christmas this year, along with the Addon set. Looks an amazing kit. The LED's are a little lacking OOB, a bit like this one, so I will probably add to it as well when I do get it. Might even see about getting a steam generator too...
  6. Starting to get somewhere now with this. Fo'castle deck fitted into place, managed to get a good seal with little or no light bleed, the well deck section isn't yet sealed though. I added the lamp to the look out post. Really it should have been a warm white led rather than a bright white but it still looks fine. I disguised the wire for the LED as rigging, and then connected it inside to the contact points between the LEDs on the strips. Fibre optic cables for the porthole lamps on the well deck cranes worked well, as did the ones for the forward potholes that weren't pre dr
  7. Very slow progress on this. I've got the forecastle about half done so far. A lot of it doesn't get completed until later in the build, but so far so good. I have a few areas I need to touch up on the PE parts. Back soon...
  8. Good morning. It's been quite some time since I posted on here. I have taken a long break from ship builds, focussing mainly on cars/bikes. However my partner wanted a Titanic built, and has been nagging me for about 2 years now. So I snagged Academy's 1/400 Premium Limited Edition, c/w PE, wooden deck and lighting. If you can call it lighting. It's just 4 LED strips, but it does come with a nifty touch sensitive switch, and the contacts between LED's are conductive so I can, and plan on, adding to them. Came in a nice double sleeved box: The first thing I wanted t
  9. Apologies for a very late reply, I have taken an extended break from the hobby. If I remember rightly, I used the Admiralty paints, thinned down and piped through an airbrush. Certainly for the red ochre anyway. The black would have been rattle can and the white brushed on (also Admiralty paints).
  10. It certainly makes life easier! If I am understanding you correctly, you are writing the construction manual for this? That being the case, any chance you could dumb it down some what? For those of us that aren't sailing buffs. I love the look and styling of sailing ships, but I don't know the first thing about them. I couldn't tell the difference between a Stuncel or a yard arm. TIA
  11. It's the porthole frames that do it for me. If I was in two minds, this is what sold it. I can't believe that hasn't been done before now. So simple, yet such ingenuity.
  12. I've taken an extended sabbatical from building wooden ships, favouring instead the quick fix of plastic. But seeing this, has given me the excuse I need to get back into this field. Looking forward to this being released.
  13. Helloooo. Now that I've had to halt on my Bluenose II, I decided to do a few small bits on this. I've this time added the lower gun deck dummy gun support beams, after cutting to fit and pre-painting matt black. I've also done a few bits on the launch, the deck and duck boards. Not really much to report on this as I am still wanting to gather a few months worth of parts before I crack on with the planking...
  14. Thanks. Construction has ground to a halt as I have just noticed that the 194x19x1.5 Walnut fret with part numbers "53" is missing from the set. (Gunwhale covers). I've emailed AL for a replacement...no idea how long it will take though. Bugger I wanted to build this while stocking up on my SotS packs...still, I have AL's Cutty Sark coming tomorrow...but I am reluctant to have another build on the go...
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