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  1. Hello Richard - I do plan on bringing a frame in later on. Just didn't want to do that while we were getting going on the club build of the longboat.
  2. Hello all, I have finished the frames for the PH kit. While it has taken me the better part of two months to do this, I know of a number of other modelers that have completed this step in about half that time. Yup, I'm slow but modeling is about the journey for me. The photo below shows all of the frames assembled with the upper left of the picture being the forward frames and, like reading a book, the lower right frames are the aft frames. At this point the frames are still pretty rough. The next step is to bevel the edges in preparation for putting the frames in the construction
  3. Still working on assembling the frames for the aft half of the boat. Have a couple of other projects going so it is taking longer then most would take to do this work. Should be done with the frame assembly in the next 10 days or so... Enjoying the journey. Assembling the frames has been fun.
  4. The first reference to this type of stylized frame I know of is by Harold Hahn as part of his upside down hull construction approach. The Patrick Henry kit changes things up a little. While retaining the stylized frames of Harold Hahn, the assembly jig is right side up. This is nice because you do not have the wasted wood that an upside down construction has. The Patrick Henry as an AVS (Armed Virginia Sloop) is armed with swivel guns and cannons. A gun ship she is!
  5. Hey Richard, This is one cool kit. I am having a lot of fun building it and would recommend it as a great kit to build....
  6. I continue to make progress. The photos show the assembled frames from the dead flat forward. I use price tags as labels for each frame. My writing is barely legible and trying to write on in the notch at the base of the frames is not so easy. Plenty of room on the price tags. Each full frame is made up of 9 pieces while the half frames are made of 10 (5 per side). I have multiple projects going that I rotate through. I always look forward to working on the PH as it is really a fun build! Really enjoying this journey...
  7. All of the frames are stylized in a manner similar to what Harold Hahn used in his upside down framing approach. BTW - the PH uses an upright jig for framing. There are 9 pieces to most frames with the exception of half and cant frames. Included in the kit are plans that show the layout of the parts on the billets. In the first picture you can see a cherry billet placed on top of the plan. The #13 razor saw I use for cutting the parts out is also included in the picture. Each part has two tabs holding it into the billet. Once the part is removed from the billet the two tabs need to b
  8. Hello all - I have begun to build the Patrick Henry kit and will be updating this build log as I go along. The Patrick Henry is a hypothetical Armed Virginia Sloop (AVS) name after a well know son from Virginia. My initial thoughts on this kit start and end with the words quality. While there are multiple options for the frame wood, I selected the cherry wood option. The cherry billets included in this kit are outstanding as is all of the wood planks. All of the billets are CNC milled instead of laser cut and as a result do not have any laser burn (yah!) and the cuts are straight instead
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