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  1. Now I’ve gotten the black for the starboard side done from the top of the gun ports. The white racing stripe is next and the white trim!
  2. Had a little time today to finish my starboard gun ports and start the paint for the sides to the waterline!
  3. I used a hack saw to get close and thin I used a circular sanding wheel to finish off the shape.
  4. Ok I’m a little late starting my build log for this one. After doing a lot of research and comparing, I chose the Model Shipways kit of the USS Constitution for my first large scale all wood kit. In my research I came across JSGerson’s build log for the same kit and I got a lot of inspiration from his build! Just like JSGerson’s build I’m building a complete scratch gun deck for my kit. I’ve currently have a lot of my hull done and I just need to finish cleaning up my starboard gun ports and thin I’ll start working on a lot of my finer details.
  5. If you are looking for good gun carriage design I sent all of my gear to henriy. He was going to make a 3D program to make the jig for the carriage construction.
  6. Unfortunately at this time my build log is on an R/C group site! When I have some down time from work and our 10month old I’ll see if I can get everything transferred to this site.
  7. I’ve been loving your build log and I have even started my own Conny. I’ve used a lot of your concepts and some of my own ideas!
  8. I’ve been following you for a wile now and I’ve used you for some inspiration in building my gun deck on my Model Shipways USS Constitution.
  9. I’m not sure if it’ll help but, my frames A & B I left the bow sprit supports and cut the extra in the bulkhead to accommodate the gun deck.
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