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  1. A real shame something that beautiful was put on a reef!! Are you familiar with the story?? Beautiful job on the model!! 1600's were interesting times, good looking ships!
  2. Did you show where the box for the mutineers of the Bounty was placed?? Since the Pandora was only a 28 there couldn't be much room for it even on the quarterdeck! Do you have any info on that?? Real nice bit o' work there!!! I have a soft spot for the little guys!! Tom
  3. I see I am not alone out here.....I have been working ship models since I was 9 ...Lets see now that's 10 carry the 9 divide by 4 add 6 .. oh yeah something like that anyway and the shakes have finally caught up with me. ...I really love to see the builds going on here...its fun just watching over your shoulders at what you are accomplishing ..you guys and gals do some great work........I'll be watching from the rear!!! Tom
  4. This is quite interesting.... I use a rock tumbler for my blocks, a few minutes and presto great blocks ...weird huh. I do prefer the lighter bass wood fittings to the darker stuff.....depends I guess. Looks like a fine kit you've got there. I hope you don't mind my following along with you as you go forward with this build. Tom
  5. You are starting to get me interested in the newer sailing vessels. My usual bill of fare ends at about 1920 and fishing schooners! Go figure! Very nice start ... I'm looking to see how you approach the small parts you are going to have to make on this one!! Tom
  6. I am going to have to add this to my "wish list" at Amazon! Sounds like a good read! Tom
  7. Definitely all around wonderful job Ollie. I'm overjoyed with how well she came out ... LOVELY!!! Tom
  8. Very nice!! ... Is this a model of the one they sank a couple of years ago in a storm? Or is this of the real Bounty that was about 90 feet long? The one they sank was more of a facsimily as it was 125 feet long. Model is great work ... I like that ship!! Tom
  9. I can see that I have got to figure out how to put in a pic or two!!!!!!!! I have been blissfully ignorant shame on me!!!! Tom
  10. Very, very nice and a firstie too! Outstanding work! I'd give you an A for it! Tom
  11. This looks cool ... Now it's time to build Bligh's launch to add to the case ha ha though I think you'd like that one!?!? I'm thinking of doing that one myself. Tom
  12. Yes that looks about right on the gaff ... much better!! I don't know about you but I prefer to go with what looks right than do all the math that you have to on a real sail boat. I have and don't like to spend 4 days in calculations....you can probably get a program to do it in a couple of minutes now a days rats! Tom
  13. Yes ... The throat halyard maby could be tighter and the peak should rightly be quite a bit higher, I'd call about 40 - 45 deg ...check it out w/aliluke Very nice at this time Ollie! I'll keep my mouth shut on the flag other than to say the size is proper. Tom
  14. Ollie ... Looks like it is almost time to think about a case. I throw that idea out there because all that work is sooooo nice and it would be a shame to break something when you dust it or if you have children about the place at any time. And believe me dust will come from America and it will bring all it's relatives just because you have one of those sailing ship models. I know it sounds crazy but ask the rest of the boys and girls!! You are doing some great work there Ollie and I would like to see it last! Tom

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