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  1. Its great to have found someone else working on the REL from scientific. I bought this kit from someone that ever started it. Wondering if you have any updates? JB
  2. I am curious if anyone have carved or created a solid hull ship out of a block of wood? This would be similar to what you find in some of the MS kits like the Phantom or Sultana. What are the best power tools and steps to be able to accomplish this? Thanks JB
  3. Hi Mike, I too have the Phantom currently shelved along with other more advanced kits like the MS Fair American and the 18th Century Longboat. My approach is to start off simple while building up my skill level. I have started out with the Midwest boats because I found them to be a great set of kits to learn from. In fact, I am close to completing the Maine Peapod and I have found it to be enjoyable to work with. As Alde has mentioned, the only tricky part is the planking around the bilge. But everything after that is straightforward. JB
  4. Hi grsjax, I am also currently build this same boat and looking forward to your progress. I just finished the planking. One of my struggles was the planking as I was getting to the boat's keel due to the curvature. The instruction did not help much either.
  5. Hi Kenny, I just completed tis kit about a month ago. I really enjoyed the build........have fun.
  6. I was also looking at the Iwata Eclipse but I was concerned that it would be for the more experienced user.
  7. Thank you Frank for the great link......Andy sounds like a great option. I will consider it. JB
  8. Hello, I am considering purchasing an airbrush for painting those larger scale hulls. Currently I only use acrylic paints and prefer them due to the fumes and overall clean up. My question is - is there a particular brand of airbrush that works best with acrylics? Or should I even be considering purchasing an airbrush at all? Thanks, JB
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