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  1. I'm going to pick up were I left off. I got discouraged because the rear benches are off as far as the measurements go. I think I might be able to alter things a little, but I should be able to complete this model.
  2. I got some more work done on the rear bench. It was a little tricky getting this to square up but so far I think I'll be alright. I'm also using chuck's method of painting which is to apply many light coats rather than applying one or two heavy coats. when you slowly build it up it looks much better.
  3. It's summertime and it's hard to stay in the house to build models. Since it's extremely hot out I found some time to stay in the cool house and continue my build. It's slowly coming along.
  4. I'm going to follow your progress. I have a servomatic machine also that I need to put together.
  5. Thank you. My next build is going to be the Mayflower. On Saturday I want to buy all the rigging and blocks from you to replace the supplies given in the kit. What did you use for pedestals and are both the same height rather that off set?
  6. I completed the task of inserting the nails (fishing line). Unfortunately I'm not going to have this model anywhere near presentable for the model show on Saturday. I regret not starting this model last year maybe around June. That might of given me enough time to complete it. With that said, overall I'm pleased with the build up to this point.
  7. I've got the cap rail installed and sanded down. Not a perfect job by any means. I took a little to much off on the forward starboard side. I don't think it's a deal breaker but I wish I could do it over again. It's a learning experience to say the least. I only have 23 days left before the model show. I will need to work on it everyday until the show.
  8. I'm moving along, I have completed the planking. I'll need to do some sanding of course but now I have a stable structure. I have six weeks left before the show.
  9. I got the first level planking done on both sides. There where a few unexpected challenges but I'm moving along. I have seven weeks left before the Connecticut show. even if I don't make the dead line completely I will bring the model to the show as is, unless I meet with a complete disaster before hand.
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