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Blackening Very Small Pieces

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I have Birchwood Casey blackening for cannons, etc., but wonder what is the best way to blacken the many very small pieces that come on 0.5mm and 0.9mm brass sheets.  I suppose they could be spray painted, but suspect the paint might crack when the piece is bent.  Is it best to treat the sheets with Casey Brass Black in some sort of nearly flat dish before detaching the pieces?

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I have just used Birchwood Casey to blacken the photo etched dead eye straps for my HM Supply. I gave them a rub back with some fine emery paper first then soaked them briefly in the lid of a plastic take away container. They came out fine. Much easier than painting.


Thanks for reminding me David!!!! I also soaked in white vinegar after rubbing them back - before soaking in Birchwood Casey :)

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The parts have to be squeeky clean for the effect to work.  Sometime during the etching process a layer of chemicals is left on the parts.  Rinsing in white vinegar should clean off the residue.

David B

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For very small parts I place them into a fine plastic tea strainer then swirl them through acetone, then thoroughly rinse off. Then, still in the strainer I swirl through Carrs blackening chemical.


Hope this helps


Derek the man from Kent, UK


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