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Video of a serving machine being used

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Good morning,


I am wondering if there is a video of a serving machine being used?  I have seen several that only show how to assemble the thing, but not being used.  I am not at all certain what this machine does (bring me coffee about now?) and being a visual learner to actually see it in use would be very helpful.


Thanks so much



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The point of the machine is to serve (to wind) small rope around a large rope. The point of that is to help protect the rope, and was mostly used on standing rigging. This would have been done in addition to worming and parcelling the rope, though few modellers would do that in addition to serving unless they are very dedicated. A search on these terms should provide you quickly with lots of explanation. There are a several videos on YouTube.


Here's the link to Alexey Domanoff's post in this forum: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/1594-serving-machine-20-not-just-serves-ropes/ which is about the machine that he sells.


There's an interesting 45min version he posted on YouTube in Feb 2012 which is worth watching for his earlier experimentation. It's in Russian, but you don't need to listen as it's all self-evident. It's at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7lZx_Lq2M0.


Here's his latest motorised version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaJ149UMuNY


It's the kind of thing that is very easy to build if you just want a basic machine without a motor.



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I purchased Alexey's motorised serving machine some time ago and made a modification which allows the reel of cotton used in the process to be mounted on a rod at the front of the machine rather than just sitting on the bench top. I have found it to be a useful addition. I also found greasing the shaft where it goes through the supports with fishing reel grease makes the whole machine work more efficiently. Check out the link below if interested.




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As Tony said, they are pretty easy to build. I built mine with gears and tubing from a local RC shop. The only thing I would do differently is gear it so one turn of the handle would produce more turns in the served line. I have it currently set so it is one to one. This makes me do a LOT of turning if fully serving a shroud.



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