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I would imagine it is a piece of Ramin some 6mm x 5mm x 750mm long but as I am not familiar with this particular kit (?), so please don't quote me! In the meantime perhaps you could look on the kit build logs here to find your particular model.

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Ramin is a yellow coloured wood, which is medium grained. This is an image I pulled off a Google search, and is a reasonable approximation of what AL typically supplies in their kits: 




As for 6mm x 5mm x 730mm, time to get your ruler out. That is an almost square dowel. Pull out all the long yellow squarish dowels from your kit and measure them. 


(EDIT) I should note that 6mm x 5mm x 730mm seems like a very odd shape. If it is for planking, are you sure that the instructions don't say ... 6mm x 0.5mm x 730mm? 

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Greetings J...


At that length (730mm = 28.74in.) I would think that it is a major structural element such as the keel that attaches to the keel former after the planking is done. Dowels are usually round in cross section.



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Please be careful seeking supplies of this timber as some are endangered species and heavily protected through the Lacey Act in the US.


Sumatra’s peat swamp forests are important habitat for ramin trees. The Sumatran ramin tree species are CITES protected species. The logging and trade in ramin has been illegal in Indonesia since 2001. Internationally, any illegal trade in Indonesian ramin is prohibited under the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Indonesian government maps show that 800,000ha (28%) of Sumatra’s peat swamp forest was cleared between 2003 and 2009. Some 22% of this clearance was in areas currently allocated to APP’s log suppliers.[4]

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