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Pilot Boat Elsa by Cricket - Model Shipways Phantom - 1:96 scale

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Greetings, one and all.  We have visitors here for the summer, including my grand daughter Cricket (aka Kimber, but Cricket will suffice).  Some of you may remember her from a couple of years back assisting with my Harriet Lane build (see the post here for a "then" view http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/48-harriet-lane-by-trippwj-model-shipways-1144-scale/?p=747).


Well, after landing here in Maine late last night, then driving the 2.5 hours to our home, she asked if she could help build a ship model.  Well, since none of the ones I am working on are at a stage where she could dig in, I offered her the opportunity to build her own ship model.  She accepted, and has begun work on a Phantom that has already had the hull shaped by her uncle.  Rechristened the Elsa, she is now underway!  So, here is where we are as of just now:


Hull faired, she has sanded it thoroughly and just applying the primer.








I am hoping to keep her interested and moving along on this build - we have 6 weeks to get some good progress done!

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First layer of paint on the hull (all painting done by Cricket, though I did the masking for her).


Next step is a light sanding and then another coat of black.  Will then re-mask and Tiger (her 10 year old brother) has asked if he can do the lower hull.  Not period accurate, but will go with a hull red bottom painting rather than copper sheathing for this one.



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