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I need some help on ships boats for the Hms Victory scale 1.98

what size in mm and what sort.

the best i can fine is 1x launch 1x barge 1x pinnace 3x cutters 1@25ft & 2@18ft.

tried scaling from AOTS but the sizes don't work out!



Current Build: HMS Victory



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My recollection (from reading AOTS notes (I think the drawings were slightly out from the notes) and I think the AOTS notes are supported by Longridge, though I'm away from home at the moment and can't check):


Launch - 34ft

Barge - 32ft

Pinnace - 28ft

Jolly Boat - 18ft

Cutters (x2) - 25ft (these being the ones carried on the quarter davits and clinker planked).


As for scaling, the math is fairly straight forward.


If "X" is the actual size in feet, then to convert to mm at 1:98 scale:


"X"ft x 12 (inches per foot) x 25.4 (mm per inch) / 98


or, more simply:


"X" ft at 1:98 scale = "X" x 3.11 mm




34ft = 105.74mm

32ft = 99.52mm

28ft = 87.08mm

25ft = 77.75mm

18ft = 55.98mm


Hope that is helpful.

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Thank you so so much for the help

In the AOTS book

On the quarter davits it shows sea cutters 2 @30ft, and on the skid beams it shows 34ft launch - 28ft pinnace - 32ft barge and 18ft cutter,

but on the plan view of the ships boats I think the pinnace and cutter are the wrong way round!

I think I have got my head around what i will do. In the book the quarter deck cutters go from the back stay channels to the fire buckets measure the distance on my ship and blow up the image until I get the right size. will let you know if this looks right.

Thanks again for your time.



Current Build: HMS Victory



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Hi Harvey,


Glad to have been of help.


You're right about the drawings being the wrong way around in the AOTS book.  I'm pretty certain that the Sea Cutters are 25ft though.  Not sure of my source - I'm still away from home.

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